Map Update: Military Situation In Northern Hama After Recent Advance By Militant Groups


On June 6, joint forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Turkish-backed militant groups launched an advance on positions of the Syrian Arab Army in northern Hama. By June 7, militants have captured the villages of Jubain, Tal Malah and Kafr Houd. MORE HERE

Map Update: Military Situation In Northern Hama After Recent Advance By Militant Groups

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  • Lupus

    Already outdated due to SAA counteroffensive.

    • klove and light

      correct here is new Breaking News

      BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:10 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has now retaken almost all of the territory they lost to the jihadist rebels last night, a source from the military told Al-Masdar moments ago.
      The source said the Syrian Arab Army recently just expelled the jihadist rebels from the key hilltop of Tal Malah. Tal Malah overlooks the main road linking the two government strongholds of Mhardeh and Sqaylabiyeh.
      Since they launched their counter-offensive, the Syrian Arab Army has managed to retake the town of Kafr Houd and the large hilltop of Tal Malah. The Syrian Army is now attacking the small town of Jibeen, which was the first site captured by the jihadist forces last night.
      Despite the successful counter-offensive, the Syrian Arab Army still suffered a large number of casualties the night before. According to a source, the death toll from the jihadist attack has exceeded 30.

      • Lupus

        Thx 😎👍

      • Xoli Xoli

        Good news thanks for sharing infor.

  • Rob

    Iran raises concerns on day by day increasing threats of America and Israel on Mideast region with the help of Riyadh, attacking and grabbing lands from Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

    • Lupus

      Yes thats state terrorism from the true axe of evil USA – SA – Israël and the biggest threat to the world.

  • goingbrokes

    Much further south than Kafr Naboudah etc. So this is an attempt to buy time by causing a distraction for SAA. If I understood correctly the jihadist didn’t make much of an effort to hold on to captured territory, and most of it has been re-captured already. It was an opportunity to kill more Syrian government loyalists who will win soon. Desperation is the name of the game now for Free Shithadist Army and Homo Takfiri Sham.

  • straw walker

    Kernaz is the key
    Once Kernaz falls to the rebel force,
    Assad’s assassins can then be encircled by the rebels pushing north