Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Idlib Following Recent Advances By Syrian Army


Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Idlib Following Recent Advances By Syrian Army

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in southern Idlib following the recent advances by the Syrian Army. MORE HERE



  • 1eeripsa

    Go SAA! Heroes!

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    There is no need for Turkish outposts in Idlib or anywhere else in Syria.
    There never was a need in the first place !
    Come on Assad and Putin, WTF !

    Grow some b@lls and kick the scum out of Syria !!!

    • Z.P.

      You Westerners are in majority all the same.
      Fighting your keyboard wars for Assad or against Jews, against terrorists, against Turks almost always through Russians.
      Without thinking what Russians have to say.
      Nobody in NATO ever wanted to negotiate except Turkey.
      And they are one of the key countries that can assure peace in Syria.
      Russia never wanted escalated war in Syria just end of terrorism (10 000 killed ethnic Russians in Donbass are the best proof they don’t seek escalation into regional war and even much less into WW3).
      They are not there to liberate Syria but to ASSIST in killing of all the terrorists.
      So think again before commenting.
      Russians are not Assad’s or your private army.

      Assad can not liberate Syria alone…. let alone “kick the Turks” out !
      And Russian’s being intelligent are pragmatic and adopt to the situation. Syria is hardly worth anything else.
      That is the true reality of the situation.

      • quackery

        That’s okay. Without Russia, the SAA could not have made the progresses it has made. But it better to be allied with Russia than to have Turkish and terrorist Wahhabi scum in Syria. Go SAA and Russia!

        • Z.P.

          I can’t understand why people can’t count?
          Russian military and air force is not in sufficient numbers and in the case of any regional war their lives would be in serious and direct danger.

          If Russia didn’t start regional war and invade Ukraine to prevent killing of so many ethnic Russian than it is sure as hell that they will not do that
          (to start regional war )for Syrian interests!
          Everybody who has brain must understand that and stop attacking Russia for trying to find diplomatic solutions because SAA is not capable to take fight against all their enemies alone!
          And Russia logically refuses to be involved in regional war for Assad.

      • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

        Whoa! Thats a bit of a harsh attack on someone who is actually a fun of Putin and Russia…
        (or used to be but gets increasingly disenchanted by the minute).

        But if you think Turkey is a country that wants peace in the region you are delusional to say the least!
        Only reason Turkey is in Syria is to kill Kurds and steal oil.

        Russia is supposed to be the new number 1 super power isnt it.

        We all see that the US is crumbling as a superpower and not even their friends like them any more.

        The rest of the world was hopping that Russia would be more sensible than the US…but oil makes the world go round it seems…still…

        Putin making friends with Erdogan is no better than the US creating isis-alqaeda.
        Both the US and Russia are as bad as each other.

        • Z.P.

          Losing you as “friend” Russia has only to gain !
          You are one of many who label themselves “supporters” yet you are definitely not supportive of Russia and specially not policy Russia has in Syria.

          I think you are ” delusional to say the least”!
          If you are convinced that Russia should brake diplomatic contacts with Turkey and kick the Turks out of Syria than no doubt that you are totally delusional.
          Russia is not going to start regional war aginst nobody.
          Not to mention that Turks are still in NATO (5th amendment) And they are only NATO country ready to negotiate and capable to ASSURE peace in Syria.
          If one day Turkey closes the border and blocks all the weapons deliveries and all the rest that passes the border terrorists are good as dead.

          Turkey is a country that wants to promote their interest to the maximum(and cheat) but still they are ready grudgingly to accept the facts on the ground as new reality also!

          Since Turks are ready to sit and watch their favorite terrorists get blown to peaces.. Therefore they are ready to accept the FINAL SITUATION with terrorist Idlib reduced to nothing practically!
          And if that is imposed as new reality….they will have nothing else but accept it.
          But they can’t be kicked out of Syria just like total losers either!
          Some agreement has to be done and total losers should be Kurds at the end!
          And only that new situation at the end can produce peace that can be acceptable Assad.
          That is the only way out = thus logically that is called “good” option.
          But obviously not by geniuses like yourself….
          “Only reason Turkey is in Syria is to kill Kurds and steal oil”
          WOW what perspicacity !
          Did you figure that out all alone without any help?!?
          So how didn’t you notice that Turks let their terrorists being defeated also without lifting finger to protect them?
          You didn’t notice because it doesn’t go in the same direction with your stupid theory? Or because you would not be able to badmouth or label Russinas?

          “Russia is supposed to be the new number 1 super power isnt it.”

          Thus logically Russia is to nuke Turkey huh ?
          And start war against NATO and WW3 ?
          And make celebration of liberating Syria on TV in the same time?
          So that retarded simpletons like you can feel pleased with themselves huh?
          Write to Putin Einstein I am sure that he will be more than impressed with your original idea.

          • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

            Whoa! (again) !
            Attacking me again unprovoked … you need to calm down…
            And what a load of baloney you just typed !

            If as you suggest Russia is better off without me as a friend do you think your comments are making Russia look any better ?
            …A delusional Russian you are in deed and you just proved it.

            I didnt say Russia should break diplomatic relations with Turkey or attack them or start the 3rd WW…(do you need glasses?)

            I said Russia should grow some b”lls and show them who is the boss.
            Or is Russia Not the boss maybe ?

            Maybe we over estimated the abilities of mr Putin and of Russia as a state and as a military and diplomatic power…

            Anyway, enough with answering to baloney comments.
            Bottom line is you think Turks are right to be in Syria and Kurds should not have an independent state. Both these views of yours are utter fail and shows you havent got a clue about the situation.
            Turks Will go home inside their borders and Kurdistan Will be independent…sooner or later.
            And thats the only way there will ever be peace in that part of the world.

            Russia is losing a once in a lifetime oportunity to be the good guy ..they chose the genocide prone Turks…and that is now part of Russian history.
            GZ !

          • Z.P.

            Quote your words:
            “Both the US and Russia are as bad as each other”

            So you think that Russia is as bad as US?!!
            If you are capable to say these words than yes I will “attack” you for your perfidy every time.

            Better than say openly that you are against Russia since you are consider them “equal” to US terrorists!
            I honestly believe that “Russia is better off without you” and without people like you.

            I am not Russian. Russia can’t afford to pay bots so as usual you are wrong..

            “I didnt say Russia should break diplomatic relations with Turkey or attack them”
            You are trying to weasel out of your own words!
            Quote your words:
            “Grow some b@lls and kick the scum out of Syria !!!”
            How is Russia suppose to “kick the scum” Turks “out” of Syria if not militarily?!
            “Or is Russia Not the boss maybe ?”
            We all know how much is Russia “boss”.
            They are “boss” to prevent Turks to bomb SAA with their “non fly zone”.
            But they can’t force Assad to make compromise with Turks yet they use Turks against NATO objectives and Kurds objectives. And hope to get Turk support for peace in Syria since endless war is not in Turk interests either.
            But all that is too complicated for you to understand I suppose.
            “Both these views of yours are utter fail ”
            I never have said any of those things you put in my mouth.
            Are you retarded or you simply don’t read my comments?
            “Kurdistan Will be independent…sooner or later.”
            Well that’s what you think genius!
            I can see that you understand jack s*it if you see independent Kurdistan!
            Why I am wasting time with the guy of your cognitive capabilities?

            Good bye!

          • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

            Thats right goodbye
            And here is a tip, do what the cartoon is doing and chuck your brain in the bin, you are carrying excess weight that you don’t need.


          • Z.P.

            Quote your words:
            “Both the US and Russia are as bad as each other”

          • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲
          • Z.P.

            “Talak to the hand” is plagiarism picked up from karate movie.

            Schwarzenegger is neo-NAZI idiot.
            No wonder he is so popular in US.

          • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲
  • JoeAlpha

    Maarat al Numan, Khan al Sobol and Saraqib are key cities that must be controlled to secure the M5 highway. If SAA and its allies have succeeded in seizing the connecting highway between the three cities, then starting from Saraqib cut eastwards to the village of Jazraya which is north of Tal Toqan (the location of the Turkish OP). Then the entire area along with all the villages located east of the M5 highway including the Turkish OP in Tal Toqan will fall into the hands of SAA. The terrorist defense in these areas is weak because most of its members have been drawn to defend important cities on the M5 highway. At this point large-scale operations at Al Ghaab plain can begin.
    And of course all depends on the development and readiness of SAA and its allies. Keep Going SAA!

    • Toni Liu

      Going to saqib will force many exodus from idlib city because how close it is, so it will be got blocked with another politic, from this situation it might be saa just able to be allowed to take territory below m4 ans under saraqib

      • JoeAlpha

        In this case, I only see this from a military point of view, not politics. Of course, we will see how it develops. But whatever happens, sooner or later SAA will reclaim all its territory from these terrorists.

  • John

    Maybe I am off a bit here but, in another month or two, most of this particular map could be colored red. Just a hunch.