Map Update: Missile And Drone Strikes On Saudi Arabia September 7-14, 2019


Map Update: Missile And Drone Strikes On Saudi Arabia September 7-14, 2019

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The Saudi-led invasion of Yemen is a visual demonstration of the fact that a big military budget [67.6 billion USD in the case of Saudi Arabia] does not mean that it would be easy to wage some short victorious war. Saudi Arabia’s “short victorious invasion of Yemen” has been ongoing since 2015 and it does not seem to be close to any victory. In fact, the Saudi-led coalition is losing the conflcit with Ansar Allah (the Houthis).

Just recently, Ansar Allah carried out a series of drone and missile strikes on Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure:

  • On September 14, Ansar Allah targeted Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia’s Buqayq and Hijrah Khurays with 10 UAVs and a cruise missile;
  • On September 8, Ansar Allah targeted a military position of Saudi-led forces in Khamis Mushait with several Qasef K2 loitering munitions;
  • On September 7, Ansar Allah targetd a Saudi military point in the Khamis Mushait area with several Qasef K2 loitering munitions;
  • On September 7, Ansar Allah targeted Saudi Arabia’s Najran Airport with a Badr-1 missile.



  • Pave Way IV

    Still waiting to see any clear photos of actual damage. Fuzzy night-time video of isolated fires ‘somewhere’ in the plant? Flaring at distant fields and smoke plumes presented as fire/damage, ‘quickly controlled’? A giant smoke plume still being produced from a relatively empty area at edge of the complex?

    Maybe this is all fake. Send a couple of cruise missiles/drones from US bases in Iraq toward the plant for ‘proof’, then ditch them in the Persian Gulf. Torch a giant oil pit at the fenceline of the complex and a few smaller fires inside. Make enough smoke that it’s visible from satellites. Prepare a fake Houthi ‘announcement’. Add iron-fisted Saudi censorship. Hell, Pompeo and his boss, Netanyahu, have all they need to blame those disobedient PMUs/Iranians for the ‘attack on global energy infrastructure’. Roll those F-35s! At least the ones that work.

    False-flagging Iran could have rather disastrous consequences. Saudi Arabia does not have enough SAMs to prevent real destruction of its oil infrastructure.

    • alejandro casalegno

      The smoke of the fire was see from the space…………………

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    The U.S. is presumably providing KSA with an air defence or just ice cream vans?

    Would not want to be parking B-52’s or F-22’s out in the open, if the U.S. gets silly and strikes out at Iran.

    Will be keeping an eye out at the oil prices, Monday.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Update on future Syrian and Iraqi air defense and current Iranian air defense.

    • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

      they’re going to need lots of these Bavar systems to cover SYria and Iraq, and each system will need to be protected by many short range BUK,KUB, pantsir, and electronic warfare/GPS jammers. otherwise they are sitting ducks

  • verner

    considering the billions of bucks the saudis have put into the defense and military forces, the outcome seems to be rather bleak – in fact friggin catastrophic – what a larf and mohammed bin salman, of fake leonardo da vinci purchase fame, might just find himself about a foot shorter all of a sudden.