Map Update: Possible Look Of Demilitarized Zone In Northwestern Syria Agreed By Russia And Turkey

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This map shows a possible look of the Idlib demilitarized zone in northwestern Syria agreed by Russia and Turkey. MORE HERE

Map Update: Possible Look Of Demilitarized Zone In Northwestern Syria Agreed By Russia And Turkey

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This DMZ, like the deescalation zones, will be a temporary containment of regime change terrorists, while resources are transitioned to resolving the SDF and Al-Tanf issues.

svenne svensk

So they got there califat annyway. This Will be a training ground and Free heaven for terrorists and it will bite back to all europe and us when they send out their suiside attackers.

Unbeliveable. They must kill them all to get peace


Qania Must be taken.. Idlib Must be Taken..

You can call me Al

Once even more together; the vermin will turn on themselves. Give it time.

You can call me Al

PS literally just after I wrote the below; the vermin has rejected it, so all systems go again. Clever plan in hindsight, by Russia.




This is the new Turkey, Syria border line.

The Saint

I don’t think the map is correct. According to the Russian MOD statements, the M5 highway between Aleppo and Hama should be within the demilitarised zone.


I didn’t read anything about the SAA having to pull back.
Why should they, it’s their country. So maybe the line will be deeper into Idlib.
I doubt the plan will work anyways, the Jihadist rats will not agree to it. But it would be nice if they where forced to abandon their front lines they have worked so hard fortifying. :)


moscow told!
and what tells nmoscow, that is the saint grale!!!


The terrorists are rejecting the Idlib DMZ deal. Containing them is one thing. They’re already contained. Clearing them out of the Turkish side of the DMZ, and opening the highways through the middle of the province is another. If the Turks are unwilling or unable to deliver on their side of the deal. Then it’s back to square one.

Feudalism Victory

Thats a huge area and some prime defensive positions. Worth the plane? Yes if implemented fully.


Long game: Turkey will have to kill its pet terrorist when they run out of things to loot. Turkey and US/Kurds will be busy looting and killing each other.

Local tribes will learn that they have to start guerrilla wars with both Turkey and Kurds. They will be helped by SAA, Turkey, the US, and Kurds will bleed just like the US did in Vietnam, till they leave.

Meanwhile, all who can escape to SAA held territory will. Any oil wells etc will keep being sabotaged to prevent Turkey/Kurds profits.


Kill everyone, don’t save anyone!!! I think the oil pipeline is too fragile for barel bombing in the region, and that’s why they made a buffer zone. :)