Map Update: Syrian Army Besieged Maarat Al-Numan In Southeastern Idlib


Map Update: Syrian Army Besieged Maarat Al-Numan In Southeastern Idlib

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The Syrian Army and its allies besieged the militant stronghold of Maarat Al-Numan cutting off the M5 highway north and south of the city. According to pro-militant sources, government troops are now aiming to outflank the city from the southwestern direction and fully encircle it. MORE HERE



  • Vitex

    Those Turkish observation posts are starting to look a bit silly

    • John Wallace

      Well at least they will feel safer now being surrounded by the SAA and protected by Russian MP’s. The SAA should be friendly and invite them all to a BBQ with Turkish Shish Kebab as the main dish. They don’t have to bring anything other than themselves . Skewers will be provided.

      • The Man

        Yep, but stick the skewers right up their dirty Turkish arses and turn the heat up slowly and watch these f*ckers burn!

        • John Wallace

          What else would the skewers be for, for Turkish shish kebabs on the BBQ.

  • Liberal guy

    Great news

    • Gary Sellars

      Great news for human beings. Not for the Wahabbi shit-stain dog-soldiers.

      • Liberal guy


  • satipera

    I have been watching this war since 2015. My best wishes to the SAA, their allies and anyone involved in the resistance to the Empire and their slaves.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I second that, my friend.

      The SAA and all their allies are an example to us all that raw courage can defeat great wealth with zero courage.

    • Assad must stay

      i have been since early 2017 and i feel the same way :))))

    • Neurasth

      Same here brother. Although i live far away, this war has been a part of my life since the very first shot

    • MeMad Max

      Same here.
      Ever since I heard about the so called BS “arab spring” came to Syria.
      I called BS since day one and also came to the realization that, after learning much about Dr. Assad and that russia had a (fledgling, but still nonetheless) military base in syria. That syria would overcome…

    • goingbrokes

      Me too. But I initially believed that Assad was a bad guy and that Daesh was a genuine Arab movement. Slowly I gathered that something was askew, and then read Tim Anderson’s “Dirty War on Syria” and was gasping. It was then that I realised that I had been fooled, and that much of MSM was complete lies. It became clear that AQ and IS were running harsh extremist agendas against secular and multi-ethnic Syrian state who were protecting everyone, including the Christians. I changed my attitude, but people around me thought I had gone mad. The brainwashing is deep.
      Slowly I understood US was not there to beat IS, it was there to guide them. There were rumours of US supplying IS. Then US attacked SAA in Deir Ezzor to aid IS, it was very clear. Since then I have been wholeheartedly supporting SAA and Assad and ordinary Syrians who are slowly taking their country back. I want to visit one day.
      The zionist/neocon/deep state plan to decimate Syria has failed, and my heart rejoices. Good day to you friend!

  • Tudor Miron

    I see another cauldron is looming very nicely. Good.

  • Black Waters

    Great day for common folk and good people, sad day for pillagers and terrorists.

  • Assad must stay

    great job SAA if you can complete that pincer and fully envelope and reinforce al-numan, you will have completely cut off M5 :)

  • LR captain

    from what i have seen on other sites is that US calls this an unjustifiable attack on the “people of idlib” more annoying is that the US threatening economic sanctions and political pressure.

    however, i consider this be nothing more the US flailing to influence the situation on the ground and they are as paying as much attention to this as they do to Iranian missile attack minimal.

    I must ask how many of Syria are tied up in idlib. How many troops is the SAA using to limit the Turkish and Saudi influence. I must wonder if the SAA take it idilb what is next?

    afrin or north eastern syria.

    These instances of the US blocking Russian patrols are clear sign that US will start risking their own soldiers in order to keep the oil. this also shown in Iraq by US casualties starting to come in.

    once idlib is gone the SAA will have troops to fully garrison the YPG areas and there pool of man power that US can use is only getting smaller and US will be in more and more danger.

  • Great job !!!

    I send more prayers – push forward until you reach Turkey’s border.



    Mopping up those terrorist gangsters and their weapons is going to take some super-duper heavy equipment bucket loaders, to make this region safe for people to return.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Saddam,Assad,Gaddafi and Idi Amin were best friends if France.But were betrayed by USANATO because of gold,oil and gas.

  • Z.P.

    MAJOR: Taliban Shoot Down 2 US Aircraft; 34 US Soldiers Reportedly Killed

    “The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the downing of a US Bombardier Global Express E-11A electronic warfare jet”

    “According to, a transport helicopter dispatched to the site of the downed US Air Force jet was also shot down by the Taliban. It is estimated that 7-11 US Rangers on board were also killed… states there could be as many as 34 US personnel killed in just one day

    • Gary Sellars

      Sympathies to the families of the dead, but these guys are INVADERS and they volunteered for Imperial duty.

      • Z.P.

        Your comment is better than mine.
        Because one should show respect for dead even when considered enemies.
        But since some of them were high CIA officials(whom I hate) I have overreacted.