Map Update: Syrian Army’s Progress In Northwestern Hama


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continue developing their military operation against militants in northwestern Hama.

Map Update: Syrian Army's Progress In Northwestern Hama

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  • Concrete Mike

    In 24h, I predict that scum bag Whol will stay in his hole and not come back here again.

    But let us rejoice the we have a new friend, because his nose has “defected” ,for lack of a better term, and joined our cause.


    • Barba_Papa

      That guy always comes out of his hole. Usually when a new offensive starts to talk trash on how the US should bomb it to stop it. Or how the Jihadis will mount a massive counteroffensive that will drive it back. Then as usual neither happens, and he slinks back to his hole. Only to come out with the next offensive to start all over again.

      Much praise to his nose though. We couldn’t ask for a better counter troll.

  • jorge
  • John

    Here is what is impressive for me ……… notice the silence on this coming from the Occidental supporters of Nusra and friends. Nursa is getting it’s buns handed to it and hardly a peep from anybody, especially Turkey. This op seems to be going smoothly and with zero international resistance to it. Who knows where it is actually going. If the US was really intent on staying in Syria, why would it let the SAA and Co. clean these guys out. It would leave the playing field at their doorstep with the Kurds. Something huge is going on here in my book. Fascinating to watch how this lawnmower rolling through HTS, is doing it’s work so silently. I wish well to all.

    • goingbrokes

      Agreed. It was clear to me that the delay in starting in Idlib was because Putin and Assad were waiting for some condition to be in place. I’m not sure what it is/was, but the operation seems to be going very well.

  • cliff

    The Syrian government must besiege the observation post of the Turks.

  • Sinbad2

    The Syrians should keep going and take the whole north west corner, straighten the border, just kill off the Turks who live there, like they killed off the Arabs.