Map Update: Turkey-led Forces Engage SDF in Northern Syria. 1 Turkish Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded

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Map Update: Turkey-led Forces Engage SDF in Northern Syria. 1 Turkish Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded

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Turkish-backed militants have been continuing to engage the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Syria. Clashes are reported in the surrounding areas of Ayn Al-Bayda and Yusuf Beik.

Separately, the Turkey-led forces have conducted a series of operations, expanding along the Syrian-Turkish border. On August 27, they captured Tal al Sha`ir and Haymar.

According to Turkish media outlets, at least 1 Turkish soldier were killed and 2 more wounded in clashes with the SDF. A Turkish battle tank was also hit by a missile during the clashes.

Map Update: Turkey-led Forces Engage SDF in Northern Syria. 1 Turkish Soldier Killed, 2 Wounded

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It is to latte for Kurds to switch side with Russia-Assad?

Robert Guttierez

That ship has sailed. They screwed the pooch when they refused to join Russia and went to the US instead. It also didn’t help when they started attacking the Syrian side. They felt invincible because they had America backing them up…only to get back stabbed.


The US helped them by the Siege if Kobane, that’s why they keeped be allied with them.

Vinzenz Stemberg

You would think after the second time Saddam got to test his new weapons on them they might learn better on that account.
Most times a country encounters some ‘brave honourable warrior’ type, it’s actually very easy to stop thinking of them as people, but “assets” as you already know ahead of time they’ll agree to anything you say. They’ve gotta learn to say no one day.

Heiko Demonus

Kurds should have worked with Russians and the Syrian government because they have exactly the same enemys in Syria. But they set on the wrong horse … .

Alex M

Assad backstabbed the Kurds by promising to “liberate every inch” of Syria. How can you ally yourself with someone who wants to invade you after their first targets are finished?

Jens Holm

To groteske for me. Kurds didnt start anything and invaded Syria.


I think the kurds would rather fight Turkish backed rebels alone than asking for help from Syrian government, their policy is weird but has worked and is working now dispite all the world government is against them. Whoever backs the Kurds now or in future are lucky, because kurds are brave fighters, you give them some weapon and tell them go fight for kurdish state, they will fight to death.

Gabriel Hollows

I have no sympathy for the kurdish communist traitors who betrayed Assad. They should have begged Putin for mercy when they could, now that their use has expired they’re being discarded by the US.

Enjoy getting shot to pieces by the Turks. Assad must be laughing hysterically at the sight of his enemies killing each other.

Lasse Riise

Originally, Socialism was a core component of Baathism. For decades, nobody else but Communist Soviets would speak to Assad. The Communists kept Assad in power ever since. But, bribed mouthpieces are faar too ignorant to know the history behind the current situation. Worshippers of tyrrants are the most disgusting lowlife there is to pester the air with their poisonous breath.

Jens Holm


Jens Holm


They are no communist either. No hope for leaving the hospital soon.