Massacre In Northeastern Syria: Father, Three Children Killed In Turkish Shelling (Photos)

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Massacre In Northeastern Syria: Father, Three Children Killed In Turkish Shelling (Photos)


Late on August 3, a civilian man and three of his children were killed as a result of Turkish shelling on the northern countryside of Raqqa in northeastern Syria.

54-year old Zidan Khalad al-Issa and his children, Ziad, Muna and Huda, were killed when Turkish shells hit their house which is located in the village of al-Safawiyah to the east of the town of Ain Issa. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) control the area.

A nurse in the Martyr Omar Alloush Hospital in Ain Issa told the Hawar News Agency that al-Issa’s wife and oldest daughter were critically wounded in the shelling. Both of them were transported to a hospital in Raqqa.

The Turkish military and its proxies invaded northeastern Syria in October of 2019. Within a few weeks, Turkish forces occupied a long strip of land between al-Hasakah and Raqqa.

Since then, Turkish forces have been shelling the areas remaining under the SDF control in the region. The US-backed group responds with attacks from time to time.

The shelling of al-Sfawiyah was a blatant violation of two separate de-escalation agreements Turkey signed with Russia and the US following its invasion of northeastern Syria. The deadly attack highlights the unstable situation in the region.


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