Media: Russian Marines Arrived Kuweires Military Airport, Syria

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SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence can’t confirm this information. However, such reports always indicate important shifts on the ground in Syria.
Media: Russian Marines Arrived Kuweires Military Airport, Syria
On January 22, Al-Masdar News reported that first batch of Russian military advisers arrived in newly liberated Kuweires Military Airport in Syria. The news outlet that covers Middle East conflicts also said that the Russian advisers came to overlook the Syrian Army’s military operations against the ISIS/Daesh/ISIL in the Aleppo Governorate’s eastern countryside.

“A little less than 50 Russian Marines were deployed to the Kuweires Military Airport on Thursday morning after a short stint in the Latakia Governorate that included trying and advising the new recruits from the National Defense Forces (NDF)”, a field source told to the Al-Masdar news. It is also reported in Al-Masdar that, Russian Marines brought their heavy weaponry including several high-tech missiles.

Al-Masdar also indicated that the Russian Marines have deployed to the east Aleppo front in order to eventually meet-up with the US supported Syrian Democratic Forces or SDF and the Kurdish YPG which are fighting ISIL/Daesh/ISIS near the strategic city of Menbeij.

There is nothing new in these claims. Russian  marines defend the Russian air base in Syria. However, there are speculations in Western media that  this force could be use for ground military operations against terrorists.

Some analysts believe such claims can be used to mislead the opponents in the field fighting.

Previously, Russian defense ministry stated that since the beginning of the Russian air assault on the terrorist positions in Syria, the country did not deploy boots on the ground to fight terrorists face to face.

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