Mexican Army To Take Part In Internal Security Operations, Since Cartels Act Without Impunity

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Mexican Army To Take Part In Internal Security Operations, Since Cartels Act Without Impunity

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In Mexico, the situation of how “under control” the cartels are is becoming and more apparent.

A member of the country’s National Guard was found executed, alongside a woman in the back of a car in Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua.

The “CDN” (which stands for “Cartel del Noreste,” or “Cartel of the Northeast,”) also appear to be doing as they please, with a video showing their members, assisted by authorities threaten and abuse individuals whose faces are covered.

The Attorney General of Michoacán, confirmed the attack and murder of the director of Public Security of Zamora, César Iván Marín Jaimes and the deputy director of the corporation.

Public officials and security forces are being abducted and killed, or simply killed all around Mexico and there appears to be little standing in the cartel’s way.

The authorities in some regions, such as in Reynosa are attempting to fight back, with providing footage of massive arsenals aimed at fighting against the cartels.

The situation is such that when Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected, he vowed to take the Mexican army off the streets, and that military forces wouldn’t be used in public security operations.

However, more than a year later, in May 2020, the President issued an order that would last for five years allowing the armed forces to take part in internal security operations.

The presidential decree doesn’t set out any conditions of these military activities, and what specifically the army could do, where and when.

The situation with the cartels is such that the president has essentially opened the way for potential human rights abuses by the military in order to attempt to at least partially rein in the cartels whose operations and influence appear to constantly be spreading.


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