Militants Once Again Attack Government Forces In Eastern Qalamoun

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On March 28, militants operating in Eastern Qalamoun conducted another attack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces in the area.

According to pro-militant sources, the attack took place in the area of Muhassa area and at least one BMP armoured vehicle belonging to the SAA was destroyed.

On March 18, militants conducted a previous attack in the area. Then, they shot down a warplane belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force, reportedly destroyed at least one T-72 battle tank and killed few government troops.

Militants Once Again Attack Government Forces In Eastern Qalamoun

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Enjoy the action while it lasts, you moderates will be on the menu soon enough.

Wahid Algiers

After Eastern Ghouta this terrorist pocket will be squeezed like a citrus limon on the way up to Idlib. It is time to go to paradise you fucken traitors.


After Eastern Ghouta, the next target will be southern Damascus (Yarmouk Camp) and that won’t be hard as the SAA has surrounded the entire area and will be launching attacks from several front. After that, They will perhaps launch an operation in Eastern Qalamoun. Northern Homs pocket (Rastan pocket) is expected to be surrendered by militants in a agreement with Russia.


Yes, prepare for trouble on the Euphrates and Golan fronts.

Brooke Robinson

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David Pryce

Can’t believe how dumb these clowns ? are they witnessed the beating in East Ghouta
I’m sure it’s been used as a tactic so the rats in douma can try poison citizens with chlorine promting an attack


They are earning money, need to show some kind of activity.


It has very open spaces, they will be obliterated, they were left alone because it’s easy to take it back anytime. Like Al Tanf. If douma falls everything else will.


They have to do what they have to do. their families are already paid in full.


De-escalation? Kill em all!


We have to take in mind that these stupid terrorists are handled by USA-Israel-NATO via satellite cell phones. So, the question here is……what do USA-Israel-NATO pretend with this terrorists attack ? It looks like that they pretend to move SAA to north, and move SAA away from south ¿ what do you think ?
I hope SAA decide to move in the direction of Daar.


By all accounts the SAA is moving troops back to Darrar.

HighLord Gaz

Sounds like the Qalamoun maggots want the East Ghouta treatment… No problem, I’m sure the SAA and friends will be only too willing to help them out….

Brad Isherwood

The claimed downing of Syrian Su 24 is not tabular on this Wiki list
It may be that the video and claims were Propoganda stunt.

Eskandar Black

I would send a force there, chop that cucumber Qalamoun pocket into 2 halves. It would be interesting if SAA takes strategy as they did in Ghouta and hollows out the Qalamoun pockets from the inside.