Military Intervention In Libya And Turkey’s Grand Game In Eastern Mediterranean

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Military Intervention In Libya And Turkey's Grand Game In Eastern Mediterranean

During the past week, the situation significantly escalated in Libya, with Turkey expanding its military involvement in the conflict.

In late November, Turkey signed with the Government of National Accord (GNA), which controls only a small part of northern Libya, deals on security cooperation and maritime jurisdiction. By this move Ankara, the main backer of the GNA and pro-GNA militants, tried to legalize its economic zone claims in the eastern Mediterranean and thus legalize its controversial drilling activities in the region. At the same time, Turkey sees its involvement in the Libyan conflict as a tool of expansion of its own influence in the entire region.

The Turkish military already deployed Bayraktar TB2 combat drones to the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and is reportedly preparing to deploy troops in Libya. Turkish intelligence and advisers already operate in the war-torn country. So, the security deal with the GNA is just a formal move to legalize and expand the military presence.

The Turkish actions caused a strong negative reaction from its regional competitors like Greece, Egypt and the UAE.

On December 12, the Libyan National Army (LNA), backed by the UAE, Egypt and to some extent by Russia, resumed its advance on the GNA-held city of Tripoli. The LNA led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar controls most of Libya and so far has demonstrated itself as the only force that can restore the Libyan territorial integrity and statehood. It describes the Tripoli advance as an anti-terrorism operation because of the GNA’s open links with radical militant groups, including those affiliated with al-Qaeda.

Currently, LNA forces are storming the southern suburbs of Tripoli. If Ankara sends troops to support the existence of the GNA and secure its recent legal gains, the situation in Libya will escalate rapidly. Therefore, Turkey, Egypt and the UAE will find themselves in a state of the indirect military conflict in Northern Africa.

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Turkish biggest game in Mediterranean was always Turkish Delight and Kebab.
Specially Kebab because trying to take over a dominance from Italian pizza.
I don’t see any other important or lasting Turkish “game” in Mediterranean .
That doesn’t mean that they can’t try…

Hasbara Hunter

During Holland’s Golden Age them Turks made us rich…with Tulips…

vincent repins

The intervention of local militiamen in the war has haftar losing control of his troops and supply of armaments to the local militia has boosted moral of the people and more are realizing that haftar is a CIA asset working with Mossad to bring the Zionists agenda of the USA to Libya and that’s not what the people want

Hasbara Hunter

So the LNA represents the CIA?


Your kidding right?

Hasbara Hunter

For a documentary about Erdogan watch:
A gift from God by Jørgen Lorentzen

Because of age restriction it can only be watched from 22.00 to 06.00 CET

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Obama/Clinton faction CIA probably backing the GNA, Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda still, likely to side with Turkey and jihadists.

Icarus Tanović

To be frank, no one is clear here since death of Gaddafi. That’s it.


That’s true, but I support the LNA, because they have a proper army and are able to restore law and order. The GNA are just various miltitias fighting each other for money and they also have links to other Jihadi groups.

Icarus Tanović

You’re right, but how about LNA’s conections to UAE?How do you see that, that they are cooperating with Wahhabi pigs…
It is whole mess there in Libya…


I know LNA might not be good as well, but better than the GNA.

Rodney Loder

Not one mention of israel in support of Haftar, Sisi , MbS , UAE , all would represent israeli as loyal auxiliaries if the US could secure Libyan oil, LNA is blocked legally from exporting Libyan oil something that Russia supports so the entire take on Libya by SouthFront is entirely wrong. Because Brother Erdogan is a NATO member his intervention in Libya if it happens is a obvious win win for foreign powers except israel a complete game changer, and the only way to restore Libya sovereignty.

Let’s not be forgetting the poxy little homosexual swine Sid Loder usurped my intellectual property and used it (the Holy Ghost) to establish Israel in the first place only the Holy Precincts are important to my Salafist Brothers and Sisters if your not with us you become the enemy.

Mehmet Aslanak

Turkey would not send troops while Tripoli under attack. Mistrata would be a better choice since there is a large Turkish population there left from the Ottoman times.

Brother Ma

Both parties are traitorous dogs who brought down Gaddafi ,the only man to bring Libya together as a whole and give it the highest standard of living in Africa. A standard many Western countries like the USA wish to aspire to.

The fact that Haftar is not liked by Nato anymore is good enough for me, especially as he is anti -Turk. Go Haftar!

Brother Ma

They are not Turkish “claims” nor are the others ” regional competitors” They are outright despicable robberies from the rightful owners and this site should say so.I know Russia has allied itself with Turkey but that will prove a failure. Unreconstructed Turks ( not made secular and Western) are not compatible with Christianity ,Europe and certainly not the Orthodox Balkans.

I would much rather things go back to how they were and Russia would unleash some missiles onto those drones now in occupied Cyprus , and the spetnaz could pick off those Turco advisers and intelligence personnel in Libya.
Yes ,kill many birds with one stone. Help Libya ,the rightful owners Greece and Russia maintain its own interests whilst Turkey is knocked off its perch a little. Yes , that would be nice.

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Good opportunity to bleed the Turks here.