Military Situation In Afghanistan On August 22, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Afghanistan On August 22, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • On August 20, popular forces captured Khenjan, Deh Salah, Pul-e Hisar, Andarab in Baghlan province
  • On August 22, Taliban recaptured Khenjan in Baghlan province
  • On August 21, clashes between popular forces and Taliabn were reported in Behsud area


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Well I’d say the taliban are pretty much in control.. Like it or not, this is the reality, as Pres. Putin observed.


Go Go a Civil war favours the US Operation Enduring Freedom Coalition, however the jaws of the “Iron Law of Oligarchy” can be broken again and again!


Afghanistan is obviously in line to be integrated into the Eurasian group of nations free from american, british, zionist control.

Better days await the people, as the rome based proxy pigs are forced out of the country.


It’s no propagandist accident the forces opposing the Taliban are calling themselves Populist Front that will suit the western media nicely!

Fog of War

The ISIS presence is along the Pakistani border. Makes one wonder.

Alberto Bohon.

Northern Alliance Zionists be must destroyed!


20 years ago, the Afghan government banned production of opium and narcotics. We sent our military to overthrow that government and restart the poppy fields to produce those products. Now, the Taliban has banned those products again:
You want me to feel sorry for those who are trapped behind ‘enemy lines’? Those who restarted the opium/narcotics trade???
This is what CNN and the rest of the MSM is fighting for. I don’t think any of the MSM are the good guys or those who are ‘trapped behind enemy lines’. Sorry, I’m not buying it!

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