Military Situation In Avdeevka On March 20, 2023 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Avdeevka On March 20, 2023 (Map Update)

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  • The Russian Army crossed the Avdeevka railway and entered the village of Stepovoe;
  • Clashes between Russian forces and the AFU continue in Kamyanka;
  • The Russian Army captured several Ukrainian positions and gained a stronghold north of Opytne.


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10% for the Big Guy on all weapons sent to Ukraine

For securing the Donetsk Republic of the Russian Federation, Avdeevka is as important and strategic as Artemovsk. And it is almost completely surrounded by the allied forces.


I heard this same crap about Bakhmut for eight months now. Culmination followed by retreat is the inevitable result of the failed Russian offensive

10% for the Big Guy on all weapons sent to Ukraine

Just shut up Jens

A strongpoint for both.

Lance Ripplinger

Donetsk has been under constant shelling by the terrorist AFU. Hopefully these gains around Donetsk by the Russian Army will lead to finding, and eliminating the artillery that keeps shelling the city, and killing the civilians.

jens holm

Compared what the Rusticans does the other way its nothing.

And You are right. The Ukra artillery hide well and are mainly accurate.

But You forget the distance as well as its defended. More is comming.

And dont craptalk as “Donestk”. Donestk is big and a hideout for many troops and their supply. Its also true the Ukras are no bullitwasters and hit civilians by purpose as Rusticas do. .

Michel LeBlanc

Shelling donetsk civilians for 9 years is not nothing asshole.

Shooting tochka u with cluster munitions at downtown doetsk aint nothing either.

Yall are suffering serious cognitive dissonance.


Chad, Clyde, Cromwell, et Al,

I know you can only resort to ad hominem attacks because your “belief system” is not compatible with open minded inquiry. You will fit unfavorable facts to your belief system no matter how tortured your explanations become.

Simple truth: Russia was on a trajectory to prosperity but that was totally, and apparently permanently, derailed by Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine. His decision was informed by some romantic vision of Greater Russia. But his mistake was colossal. The system under which Russia operates will not allow clear sighted self criticism. Hence no one will tell Putin the truth.

History will reveal this truth even to you ultimately.


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