Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic On May 16, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Donetsk People’s Republic On May 16, 2021 (Map Update)

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1. UAF in Gladosovo shelled DPR positions in Dolomitnoe with grenade launchers
2. UAF in Pervomaiskoe shelled DPR positions in Lozovskoy with mortars
3. UAF in Opytnoe shelled DPR positions in Veseloe with 82-mm artillery
4. UAF in Pesky shelled DPR positions in Lozovskoy with 120-mm artillery
5. UAF in Starognatovka shelled DPR positions in Petrovskoe with grenade launchers and mortars
6. UAF in Bogdanovka shelled DPR positions in Novolaspa with 120-mm artillery
7. AF in Shyrokino shelled DPR positions in Bezimennoe with 120-mm artillery
8. UAF in Marinka shelled DPR positions in Aleksandrovka with grenade launchers
9. DPR forces in Bezimennoe shelled UAF in Vodyane with 120-mm artillery
10. DPR forces in Bezimenne shelled UAF positions in Shyrokino with 82-mm artillery
11. DPR forces in Donetsk shelled UAF in Pesky with 120-mm artillery
12. DPR forces in Shirokaya balka shelled UAF positions in Novgorodskoe with 120-mm and 82-mm artillery
13. DPR forces Novolaspa targeted UAF positions in Starognatovka with grenade launchers
14. DPR forces in Aleksandrovka shelled DPR positions in Marinka with grenade launchers

  • UAF shelling resulted in the damaging of 4 civilian buildings


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AM Hants

Just found this article, as the horrific memories of Odessa Trade Union Building Massacre, 2 May 2014 come flooding back. RIP and never forgotten.

Over in the UN:

UNSC Arria Formula: Drivers of conflict in Ukraine

AM Hants

Just listening to the UN response, specifically Estonia and France. Seriously unbelievable. Estonia blaming Odessa on Russia, as they support the Nazis in Ukraine. France, the aggression in the speaker and again blaming Russia for everything. What is the point of the UN?