Military Situation In Iraq On June 18, 2020 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Iraq On June 18, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Iraq:

  • Turkish commandos have been developing their advance against the PKK in Haftanin district of Dohuk as part of Operation “Claw-Tiger”;
  • Turkish warplanes conducted airstrikes on Sidekan district in Bashur;
  • The Turkish Defense Ministry announced that artillery, rocket launchers and warplanes hit over 500 PKK targets during the first 36 hours of Operation “Claw-Tiger”;
  • The Iranian Army and IRGC artillery struck the PKK and PJAK positions in the Haji Omaran area;
  • PM of Iraq al-Kadhimi met with Iranian Central Bank governor in Baghdad;
  • Unknown gunmen launched rocket on Baghdad Green Zone from the Al-Rashid area;
  • Usbat Al-Thaireen released a video showcasing its recent attacks on Camp Taji and other US facilities in Iraq.



  • Ronald

    Iraqi Army might need to head north to prevent the establishment of Turkish “observation posts”.

  • sam_koll

    While America rips itself apart, Turkey & Iran joined
    forces, under Russian tutelage.Now the PKK…

    Libya, Egypt, Israel next

  • Johan

    Ally Usa rechaped as a traitor under Trump and finished as the lapdog of Hitler would be Erdogan in surge for “Lebensraum”. L’histiore se répète, and so does the historical faults. Finaly we will get rid of Trumps, Erdgans and cowards like the European dwarf leaders but in between a lot of people suffer because of those irrational ego’s.