Military Situation in Syria on December 2, 2016


The map depicts the military situation in Syria on December 2, 2016

Military Situation in Syria on December 2, 2016

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  • merkigum

    This escapade shows firstly that, as if we did not know, that Erdogan only has tactics, no strategy.This will cause Turkeys policies to fail, the population of all concerned countries will suffer for it.

    Secondly, it shows who is in the driving seat and it is not Erdogan.

    Lastly, the rabble that is Euphrates Shield, fighting amongs themselves who gets the most profitable checkpoint to rip of passing trucks and civilians, that rabble is not fit and able to rule a country, the more so as they only have positions thanks to turkish armor, artillery and airattacks.

    if the aim was defeating Assad, as Erdogan slipped through his now openly ‘jihadist’ mouth, things change. Turks are not happy or supportive of the jihadist groups, They only tolerate Turkish and FSA cooperation because they have Turkmens in them and most importantly, Turkish army is there to defeat PKK and ISIS.

    if PKK and ISIS was just an excuse to go in and topple Assad, that is one of the biggest shames in the history of Turkey and a large portion of the Turkish public hates the very idea.

    Erdogan supporter imbeciles may rejoice at his words but I don’t and no one I know does.

    We have been very rudely disillusioned. We had hopes that despite Erdogan’s idiocy, the generals of the Turkish Army are still patriotic people and are after the security of the people of Turkey (Turks and Kurds). I still want to believe that, but apparently Erdogan’s power in the army is much higher than we thought.

    • Tom Tom

      Erdogan will rule just like Ataturk!

      Nah, just kiddin’.

      • Joseph Scott

        Kidding aside, Atarurk would have had Erdogan shot as a traitor.

  • sólyomszem

    I do not know, why do not take the green loch ness neck and head in Daraa, nearby as suweida? there are only some villages

    • Tom Tom

      don’t take the maps too seriously. Its more about certain routes to supplies, etc.

    • PZIVJ1943

      Green loch ness monster is asleep right now. Should take the little green blob being swallowed by red dragon up north! (Aleppo)