Military Situation In Syria On February 9, 2018 (Map Update)

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Syrian government forces liberated the entire northeastern Hama pocket from ISIS following a series of security operations in the area. A part of the ISIS terrorists had been able to break the encirclement and withdraw to the province of Idlib where they captured the villages of Umm Khalakil, Luwaybidah and Musharifah from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allies.

Meanwhile, clashes continued between government forces and militants in Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta region. The situation also remained tense in the Euphrates Valley where the US-led coalition had recently struck positions of the Syrian Army.

Military Situation In Syria On February 9, 2018 (Map Update)

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yes diabolic plan from damas comme the 9 october! mdr!!

Wahid Algiers

Purge all colors in green, brown and yellow SAA!!! And you shut up french guy.


americans terrorists shut up scrabs gay!!

Jonathan Cohen


leon mc pilibin

Go to Hell,you zionist fake jew.


It won’t be long before the Syrians will be spolit for choice on where to liberate next. It wouldn’t do to have a big pocket in the north when they move south to slap the US and zionists directly.


Trump, Netanyahu, Erdogan and Salman is a team of t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-t-s group. They are so much wicked that they have divided the Syrian land into several parts. Trump says to Syrian nation that don’t come North, East and South and across Eupherati river in Syria because that is my land. Netanyahu says dont come close to Golan hights because that is my land and Erdogan says don’t come North and nothwest because that is my land. The Syrian nation are alive and they have then divided their country. LOL. Any way Trump have taken so precious land full of oil and gas fields.

You can call me Al

The oil fields have not had maintenance for 8 years, they are producing 5-10% of what they can IF THAT, forget them for now. Clear the West of the Euphrates, then head East taking out the rest of ISIS; then give the an ultimatum – fuck off or die. In my view and prayers, Turkey will go once the job is done, we are seeing the NWO Rev 1 in play here.


Nothing has changed. This war against Syria and Syrians will continue for decades.

Deo Cass

The Syrian government forces need to regain control over the vital M5 and M4 highways to ensure the survival of the Syrian state before the Turkish invaders take them. To do this the SAA needs to secure Saraqib which lies at the intersection of both highways. Regaining this imperative junction would interrupt the main supply route of the terrorists compelling them to negotiate with the government for a reconciliation agreement.


That should have happened in 2012, the way things are going, SAA would even take back Hatay province if they so wish.

You can call me Al

This is a game of chess, clearing those scum out of the pocket frees up hundreds if not thousands of troops.

A day or so of R&R, regroup, resupply and they are perfect to take Al-Mushrifah area + go Northwards slowly but surely. Remember also the new Russian jets are coming in (or are in) as well……

Let the Turks have a bit of fun as well.


It is now , it used to be in Syria , maybe 80 years ago .

You can call me Al

OK thanks.


Let us see whether or not Syria wants to do this important step.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



Green dash pocket is now smaller than original dash pocket


Next main target has to be Idlib city as it’s the perfect time to strike, now that the Turks are busy with the Kurds and are unlikely to interfere. ISIS aren’t doing much to seriously threaten the SAA in the Deir Ez Zor pocket, so leave them for now.

FSA/HTS terrorists in the south are mostly a tertiary threat and can wait till much later.