Military Situation In Syria On September 3, 2019 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Syria On September 3, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • The US continues to supply Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria with weapons and equipment despite the ‘safe zone’ agreement with Turkey;
  • The Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources announced that the country had signed 3 contracts with Russian companies in the oil and gas field;
  • A fire was reported in the Sadaqa refugee camp in al-Bal village;
  • Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) cells shelled positions of Turkish-backed militants near Azaz and Mari;
  • A supposed car bomb explosion was reported in Khuwayn al-Kabir.



  • Zionism = EVIL

    Hezbollah releases detailed video of its excellent intel on Zionist scum

    As shown in the video, a “Wolf” armored vehicle of Israel is hit by two
    Kornet ATGMs with interval of 3 secs and the second missile actually
    finishes it up.

    According to Hezbollah’s intelligence, 8 IDF members were inside the
    vehicle at the time of the attack and in despite of Israeli army and
    media silence, definitely most were killed in the attack.

    Due to Hezbollah’s complete intelligence of Avivim base, certainly the
    time that passengers were mounted inside the vehicle is taped by
    Hezbollah, thus, the claim of Israeli media that the vehicle was empty
    at the time of attack is mere a lie! Hezbollah does not need to lie

    • gustavo

      Evidences just send to the waste basket any political declaration, nothing to worry about.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Sayyed Nasrallah: Israel’s UAVs are Hezbollah’s next target

        A very satisfied and self-assured Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in a bellicose speech Monday night declared that the Zionist drones that were operating in Lebanese skies were the next target. “It will happen. I won’t say when and how, but it will happen,” he said. Nasrallah went on to deride the IDF, which, he said, had evacuated all its positions and camps along the border. “Not a single Zionist soldier was to be seen along the entire border, and no earthmoving equipment,” he said. Forward commands were pulled back,and bases deserted, like the one at Avivim. Sayyed Nasrallah praised the Hezbollah’s audacious attack (of Sunday) which, he said, was in itself an achievement as it caught the Zionist unprepared.

    • RichardD
  • Feudalism Victory

    Not a word about the american airstrike in Idlib? Weird….

    • You can call me Al

      That is on another article …..

  • dutchnational

    The safe zone agreement does not say anything about anything. So the US stays within the parameters. As long as the SDF continues the fight against IS, and it does by counterinsurgency, the US will provide the SDF with arms. Given the dubious position of some PMU’s along the Euphrates, it might even be that artillery will be provided to SDF. Insider SDF minded tweeters are already talking of an separate artillery unit within SDF as well as the training of helicopter crews.

    So the US does nothingvwrong here in supplying SDF with military but mostly reconstruction material. Russia should consider doing the same so reconstruction of their depopulated part of DeZ can finally start.