Military Situation In Syria On September 7, 2019 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Syria On September 7, 2019 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments:



  • Rodger

    Denmark will send a medical team of 14 people, 0 fighting troops.

    • Ronald

      That is more like the Denmark we know.

    • klove and light

      spot on

  • ZP

    “Denmark You do as you are told or we’ll take, sorry buy Greenland from you…”

  • klove and light

    to all smart asses and Zionist pig Putin Lovers…explain this…..Putins Partner..erdogan who got the green light to invade and occupy afrin and Idlib by Putin….who got russian Special Forces PREOTECTING the invading turkish army in morek……syrias enemy number 1 ..Turkey got sold S-400……Turkey number 1 Sponsor of ALL jihadi Groups including ISIS……..99.9% of ALL jihadis came to syria through Turkey…..chemical products for false flag chemical attacks came from and through Turkey……astana Agreement between Turkey and Russia
    “”””””the number 1 priority is Syria’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial Integrity “”””””

    Breaking News Press TV with Pictures

    Turkey announces start of joint patrols with US military in Syria ‘safe zone’
    Sun Sep 8, 2019 09:06AM [Updated: Sun Sep 8, 2019 09:18AM ]

    This picture taken on September 8, 2019 shows Turkish and US armored vehicles taking part in their first joint patrol under a deal reached between Washington and Ankara, at the border with Syria near Akcakale, in Sanliurfa Province of Turkey. (By AFP)

    The United States and Turkey have begun joint patrols as part of a plan to create a “safe zone” in the Arab country’s northeast aimed at decreasing Ankara’s tensions with Washington-backed Kurdish militants there.
    Turkey’s Defense Ministry announced the start of the ground patrols on Sunday, saying the joint mission is being supported by unmanned aerial vehicles.
    “As a part of efforts to create a safe zone in the north of Syria to the east of the Euphrates, the Turkish and US military have started joint ground patrols using transport vehicles and drones to the south of Akcakale (a district of Turkey’s Sanliurfa Province), on the Syrian side,” the ministry said.
    Earlier, an AFP journalist said six Turkish armored vehicles had crossed into Syria to join US troops. Two helicopters overflew the area as the Turkish vehicles drove through an opening in the concrete wall erected between the countries, the agency added.
    The US and Turkey agreed on August 7 to set up the buffer zone to the east of the Euphrates River between the Turkish border and Syrian areas controlled by US-backed Kurdish militias, which Ankara views as terrorists affiliated with the homegrown Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group.

    PressTV-‘Turkey won’t let US delay Syria deal implementation’
    Turkey hails its deal with the US on a “safe zone” in northern Syria, urging its immediate implementation.
    The zone is also said to be aimed at settling around one million displaced Syrians.
    Washington’s support for the Kurdish militants in Syria has long been a source of tension between the two NATO allies. Turkey has launched two military operations in Syria against those militants and threatened a third if Washington fails to keep them away from the Turkish border.