Military Situation In Transnistria On May 8, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Transnistria On May 8, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • On May 5, an unidentified UAV dropped two explosive devices in the area of the former airfield near the village of Voronkovo.
  • On May 6, another UAV dropped two explosive devices in the same area. The attack was repeated about an hour later. The UAVs reportedly flew from the territory of Ukraine
  • On May 3, a quadcopter carrying explosives was intercepted over the TV and radio center in the village of Mayak.
  • On May 5, shooting was reported in the area the Kuchurgan checkpoint on the border between Ukraine and the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.


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why Russia did not take the region west of Odessa, this would have totally blocked equipment from Romania, being linked to Transnistria and the island of the snake could have been defended too, Odessa would then have been encircled from the north


Need to take Nikolaev and Odessa first. It can be the 3rd stage of the operation after destroying the Don group of Kiev regime.


Earlier today, May 6, 2022, was reported by Russian-speaking news outlets about a motorcade rally made by the Russian-Jewish community living in Israel in support of Russian Federation within the Scope of the Belligerent State in Ukraine despite all this month’s controversies involving Sergey Lavrov’s speech and the Jewish State’s alleged support for Ukraine or even support for groups with National Socialist leanings

According to the Russian embassy in Israel, about 600 Israelis and Russian-speaking citizens were in the convoy. It will travel throughout the country – from northern Metula to southern Eilat, flying the Russian Federation Flag and the Flag of Victory of Soviet Union’s Red Army.

It is important to note that Israel is home to at least 1.2 million Jews whose origins and ancestry come from Russia.

Chris Gr

Icarus Tanovic and James Kira will be rolling on their beds.

Florian Geyer

War is not a video game.
Have patience Erina and you will be rewarded with a Russian Alliance victory over the dark and rancid forces of NATO.


Playing Both Sides: jews Wave Russian and Ukrainian Flags While Dancing

Chris Gr

I don’t see why it is bad for any Jew to support either side. However, the Ukrainian, Bosnian and Vardaskan sides are the worst to my eyes.


You’re right war is not a video game – you cannot take a break or take your time casually strolling thru as if time is on your side. In a real war, time increases the cost of money and lives. But of course, the current inept leadership in Russia doesn’t understand that.


73 days and still meagre progress has been made. 3.8 million citizens of Russia have since left Russia and the looming economic turmoil intended to affect every country worldwide is coordinated in tandem with the UN and WEF. This war and the Corona nonsense is used to raise oil and food prices, while China continues its own Covid lockdown and creates its own supply shortages by raising restrictions on the volume of shipping that can dock in their harbours. This caused food riots in China designed to increase food shortages, all orchestrated by design.

Chris Gr

Unfortunately, this is the truth. The leaders of the whole world don’t care about us. We are living in a kakistocracy.

Hanged Moskal

Because they didn’t hire you as military adviser


The amphibious landing operation failed, so did the limited airborne operation. they have not committed enough forces for the invasion to achieve a rapid victory.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jack

Talk to me in 20 years about not achieving rapid success. Like when the US spent 20 years in Afghanistan and utterly failed then tucked tail and ran while a dozen marines were slaughtered. The US response was to conducted a drone that strike killed a family including children in their car. I think Russia has had more success in the last couple of months than the US had achieved in 20 years in Afghanistan. Signed, A US VET

Last edited 1 year ago by gfy

Romania also borders Ukraine in the North though.

Muhammad your Prophet

The Putin cockroaches can’t even hold Crimea and Donetsk together. If Putin the terrorist cockroach wants to open another front west of Ukraine be my guest. It’s just another act of desperation since all the supply lines of the Ukranian forces remain virtually intact. No matter how many railways or airports they try to destroy.


That’s just an absurd statement.


Shut up Turkic scum stuff your profit up your ass


What if Tomorrow Ukraine will attack Transnistra.?
What a strategic game changer and desaster for Putin.


Disaster for Ukropisstain… it would commit Russia to taking Odessa and liberating Russian passport holders…

You are just as stoopid as the EU morons who are gutting their own economy at Washington’s bidding while Russians whistle all the way to the Bank as they deposit massive ruble inflows :-p

Reality is biting you in the d!ck little Ukro-stooge :=P