Military Situation In Yemen On August 20, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Yemen On August 20, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah) reported 113 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah in the past 24 hours;
  • On August 20, Amaliqa forces attacked positions of the Islah Party near Ayaz and Alam base;
  • Tariq Salam, governor of Aden in Yemen’s rescue government announced that Sana’a has achieved a great political victory, which will have repercussions in the entire Yemen scene in the next stages;
  • On August 18, the UAE drones struck positions of the Islah Party in Shabwa province two times.;
  • On August 17, the STC took control of Wadiya crossing from the Islah Party.


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Victoria NullEnd

Hungarian Emigrant Government

Before the start of the war in Yemen, we were alerted to the discovery of huge oil reserves in the provinces adjacent to the Saudi border. Even then, we wondered whether a strengthened Saudi Arabia would pounce on this huge amount of oil, which is larger than Saudi Arabia’s total oil reserves. Well, the Saudi imperialist war against Yemen soon began. Since then, see the map, the Houthis defending Yemen’s independence (the purple part on the map) have controlled less than a third of the country. The US and the Russians have been in the process of annexing Yemen for the last 2 years. A fairly large area of Yemen has been taken over by ISIS, the terrorist organisation AL QAIDA (dark brown part). At one time ISIS was founded by the Jewish monster, US Senator McCain, with the help of MOSAD, and the Saudis.
So it is clear for all to see which robber imperialist countries will own the oil reserves in Yemen!