Moldova Bulging At The Seams: Chisinau Sends Heavy Weapons To Gagauzia

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Moldova Bulging At The Seams: Chisinau Sends Heavy Weapons To Gagauzia

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On September 12, citizens of Moldova shared numerous videos showing heavy weapons heading to Gagauzia. Eyewitnesses shared videos showing a column of artillery pieces on its way to the south of Moldova from the capital, Chisinau.

The authorities have not yet commented on the movement of artillery, and the Ministry of Defense did not declare any planned exercises in the region.

Some locals suggest that the reinforcements are a protective measure of Chisinau, undertaken amid the ongoing military operations on the territory of Ukraine. The situation on the front line in the southern regions of Ukraine escalated at the end of August, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on the offensive in the direction of Kherson. However, the military actions have not yet approached the Moldovan border.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova Anatoly Nosaty confirmed that there is no danger of Moldova’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, since Russia’s plans do not include an invasion of the republic, and the official signals coming from Moscow are of a peaceful nature. However, the head of the defense department stated that if the situation changes dramatically, the armed forces will not be able to withstand a high-intensity war, and it is not necessary to count on partners from Romania.



More likely, the military transfer is aimed at putting more pressure on authorities of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia (ATUG) from Chisinau.

In summer, protesters took to the streets in Gagauzia, as well as in the other regions in Moldova, demanding the resignation of the government, accusing it of being unable to cope with the crisis in the country. The pro-European authorities are also criticized for putting pressure on opposition representatives.

In turn, President Sandu accused the Gagauz people of separatism. On August 19, Moldova has introduced special forces units to Gagauzia to suppress mass protests under the pretext of exercises. The Moldovan Interior Ministry conducted several special forces exercises in the autonomy, which caused outrage of the local leadership.

On September 9, the authorities of the ATUG appealed to the leadership of Russia with a request for gas supplies at affordable prices. Viktor Petrov, chairman of the special negotiating commission of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia that the ATUG authorities informed the leadership of the Russian Federation about their problem and are waiting for a response.

“Winter is just around the corner, the population is desperate, we are asking for help,” Petrov said.

Petrov expressed regret that Moldovan President Maia Sandu and Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa did not try to discuss with the leadership of the Russian Federation the reduction of gas prices, which has increased more than five times this year in Moldova. He explained that residents of the autonomy will not be able to heat their homes with gas, which in October will rise in price to 29 leus per cubic meter (€ 1.5).

According to local reports, the military reinforcement took place on the eve of the new wave of large-scale protests planned on September 18. 

The National Army of Moldova has 6,500 military personnel with old Soviet equipment. The government of Moldova have recently approved a new defense strategy. It involves strengthening the military capacities and mobility of the National Army in order to meet NATO standards. This year, the EU allocated about € 40 million for these purposes, which will double the defense budget of the republic.


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Vlad from Romania

Any offensive attitude from Moldavian regime would be pure madness. I would sell all those weapons to scrap, and give the money to population, invest in permaculture and sustainable living. Who would invade Moldova, except from Ukrainians?!


This is the perfect moment for Moldova to finish once for all the 30 years old frozen conflict and expel the russian occupation force from their territory. Also this would open the door of NATO for Moldova. The things has to be clear once for all.


Probably the best idea yet. Peace and reconciliation with the bear right now would blunt any move by NATO to instigate yet another front. The two complete morons that replied to your comment are a great example of the strategic thinking in western NATO brainwashed EU. Likely they are just hasbara on loan.


So, if a bully enters your house, take your daughter in her room and rape it for a few years, you offer his also your wife and try to legalize the whole situation just because he is a bully.
Good thinking ;)

Emanuel de Brasil

Rússia, tome Odessa e tome a Moldávia!

John Tosh

The Dream of the Russian Bear by another Christian

The bear lay like it was dead. They thought it was dead and walked all over it

Soon the bear began to move yet they ignored it.

The bear stood up on its own hind legs and yet they ignored it

Soon the bear began to growl , they ridiculed it

The bear grew strong and angry and by each step it grew angrier and angrier. Yet they ridiculed it

The bear began to maul country after country until the USA is no more.

Last edited 8 months ago by John Tosh

Russia is not mauling anyone. In The DPR, they are being invaded and attacked by ukrainian forces and the ukrainian military are from outside the area. There are MANY more foreign forces in the Ukrainian military nowadays, increasingly so. For this reason, Russia is grinding the attacking forces, their weapons, their manpower, their supply lines.

John Tosh

Don’t get me wrong. I support Russia’s defense of its land from invading forces especially NATO which is encircling Russia.

Simply stated what the Christian saw in his vision.


Moldova has been choped up by Ukraine big time, just look at any history map abour Basarabia. The north (Hotin city and region) and the south east (north of the Danube), but sadly moldovian people are subject to western propaganda.
The only future of Moldova is to reunite to mother land Romania.


1.5 per cu.m? Is that a typo? Gas is usually priced per 000 cu.m