Months After Mosul Liberation ISIS Still Operates In City

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Months After Mosul Liberation ISIS Still Operates In City

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Since the liberation of Mosul city from ISIS on July 20, 2017, many Iraqi activists have repeatedly warned that the massive destruction and the high number of civilian casualties caused by the battle inside the city might push some locals to the ISIS side. Now, only months after the city’s liberation from ISIS, these warnings have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed on January 6 that ISIS cells assassinated a local administrator of al-Intisar district and two service members of the Iraqi intelligence in al-Thalathin and Sumar districts in eastern Mosul.

Months After Mosul Liberation ISIS Still Operates In City

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Eastern Mosul was fully liberated by the Iraqi Army on January 24, 2017. Since then hundreds of thousands of civilians returned to their homes there, unlike the western part of Mosul that was completely damaged by the battles inside the city.

Over 8,000 Iraqi civilians were killed during the Mosul battle, mainly by airstrikes conducted by the US-led coalition, according to a report of the British newspaper Telegraph.

Many Iraqi activists called the Iraqi government to launch an awareness campaign against the terrorism in Mosul to prevent the terrorist group from using the battle effects to indocrinate more people. However, the Iraqi government has done little to counter the ISIS ideology in the war-torn city.

The terrorist group is still able to recruit locals and to restore its network preparing for another chance to raise in Iraq.

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Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This is where the Iraqi Government is dropping the ball and not laying the blame on the US/Coalition for the careless deaths which the US along with it’s allies knew full well would cause and create these issues. Time for the Government to allay fears they will remain a puppet regime to hide the crimes of the US/Coalition in the indiscriminate bombings carried out by these occupation forces.

There is an onus on the Iraqi public and people to not be tricked into being willing participants with these groups backed by the same occupation forces as this would reflect on how they themselves are becoming part of the cycle of violence the US wants to create in Iraq.

What this means is they will be forever locked in the war of never ending terrorism which creates the environment the US and it’s real partner allies want.So it is time both the Iraqi government and its people to end this cycle and create a strong and unified stance against those who want to destroy their country and lives of it’s people.

Jens Holm

Another good example, that Iraq nver should have been made. Some southern Shiits has taken the military control making ISIS out of order. But they never can run the business.

The contrasts are homemade by Bagdads as well. When people make some resistence its not ISIS as such, more like they dont want to be runned by foreigners. Kurds are same thing even they reasontly made a great mistake.

But I will allow me to defend the Bagdads some as well this time. Those are adviced to calm down and not to try to run Mosul and other – none at all – Shiit areas, and they do.

People actually living there being not ISIS should take over. Have they ? Are they allowed by Bagdad ?

I am afraid thing look like I have not hoped but kind of expected. Bagdads again has created some vakkuum being unloyal to all things there exept they now can take most of the oil to their pockets.

The best thing might be to make one or 2 more autonomes there and this time make some fair deals around the oil – and leave – exept being asked for some military assistance.

I will also add Barzani was stupid in their autonome. Bagdads cant run this part. Some more fair autonome making the Kurdish auronome some bigger, would make the rest easier to solve. I am still surpriced Barzanis broke the Constitution of Iraq and made sensible solutions impossible for years.