More Details Appear About Ongoing Crisis In Lugansk People’s Republic In Eastern Ukraine


More Details Appear About Ongoing Crisis In Lugansk People's Republic In Eastern Ukraine

Igor Kornet

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Igor Kornet has denied the rumors of his resignation, according to the Russian news agency Rosbalt. The minister noted that lately the media had been actively criticizing the ministry, as “a result of destructive actions of select officials.”

“These select individuals provided the Head of LPR with deliberately inauthentic information of alleged illegal activities by Ministry of Internal Affairs staff. This was caused by coming across undeniable proof that some high-ranking LPR officials were involved in criminal activities to the disadvantage of the republic and the Lugansk people,” said Kornet.

According to the minister, there is proof of collusion between head of the LPR TV and radio network Anastasiya Shurkayeva and the Ukrainian special services.

“The Chief of the Administration of the Head of LRP Irina Teytsman and Head of Government Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Evgeniy Seliverstov are confirmed to have been complicit in organizing the attempted takeover of LPR government in September of 2016,” Kornet added.

According to the minister, these individuals, being aware that the ministry was in possession of proof of their illegal activities, tried to “discredit the ministry and fire key personnel, who had taken part in uncovering their schemes.” Kornet said that all the information was transferred to Head of LPR Igor Plotnitsky, who decided to arrest and bring charges to all the participants in the schemes.

Kornet also said that LPR police had stopped Ukrainian saboteurs, who had tried to “enter the republic in order to commit several acts of terror and sabotage.” According to the minister, most of the saboteurs were detained, with the search for the rest still ongoing. He noted that currently LPR is “in full control of law enforcement“, with the Ministry of Internal Affairs “functioning as normal”.

Kornet’s remarks follow the reports of armed military uniformed unmarked personnel took over the Lugansk center, allegedly under Kornet’s orders, and refuse to leave despite Plotnitsky’s demands.

According to Rosbalt, there is an established opinion that the current tensions in the LPR are a result of some kind of standoff between Vladislav Surkov [a personal advisor of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin] and FSB Colonel General Sergei Beseda [FSB – the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation]. Rosbalt says that Surkov is working with the administrative apparatus of the LPR, while Beseda works with the security and military block of the republic.

A number of experts from the region assign responsibility for the creation of the corrupt clan administrative system of the LPR to Surkov. It looks the recent changes in the eastern Ukraine conflict has led to the situation when local new oligarchs have started attempts to get an access to the means and resources of the Kiev government and the West (through Kiev). At the same time, these local oligarchs cotninue sucking in Kremlin funds.