More Leaks On ‘Integrity Initiative’ Propaganda Project Reveal Coordinated Skripal Case Campaign

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More Leaks On 'Integrity Initiative' Propaganda Project Reveal Coordinated Skripal Case Campaign

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On January 4th, the Anonymous released its fourth batch of Integrity Initiative (II) documents. Notably, the documents reveal the part II played in monitoring and forming the media narratives after the alleged Russian poisoning of former-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Both Sputnik and RT provided overviews of what the documents revealed.

A file from “early 2015” is called “Russian Sanctions” and it’s written by Victor Madeira from the Institute of Statecraft (IfS) (the UK-state funded body that began the II project). It provides for “potential levers” to achieve Russian “behavior change,” “peace with Ukraine”, “return [of] Crimea”, “regime change” or “other?”. The suggested “levers” span almost every conceivable area, including “civil society”, “sports”, “finance” and “technology”.

The section “Intelligence,” contains suggestions to simultaneously expel “every RF intelligence officer and air/defense/naval attaché from as many countries as possible,” referencing Operation FOOT, which brought to the expulsion of more than 1,000 Soviet officials from the UK in 1971, “the largest expulsion of intelligence officials by any government in history.”

The “sports” lever suggests “advocating the view [Russia] is unworthy of hosting [sporting] events” — and the section marked “information” recommends the sanctioning of ‘Russian’ media “in West for not complying with regulators’ standards”.

In April 2018, Chris Donnelly, the director of the IfS was promoted to Honorary Colonel of the Specialist Group Military Intelligence. In October 2018, he met with General Sir Richard Barrons. Notes from the meeting are evidently unclear and make it hard to make out who said what, however there was clear concern that “if no catastrophe happens to wake people up and demand a response, then we need to find a way to get the core of government to realize the problem and take it out of the political space.”

“We will need to impose changes over the heads of vested interests. We did this in the 1930s. My conclusion is it is we who must either generate the debate or wait for something dreadful to happen to shock us into action. We must generate an independent debate outside government. We need to ask when and how do we start to put all this right? Do we have the national capabilities [and/or] capacities to fix it? If so, how do we improve our harnessing of resources to do it? We need this debate now. There is not a moment to be lost,” the notes said.

The operation related to the Skripal case is called “Operation Iris.” Several days after the Skripals were poisoned on March 4th, 2018, the IfS provided its services to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth office to “study social media activity in respect of the events that took place, how news spread, and evaluate how the incident is being perceived” in a number of countries.

Under Operation Iris, Harod’s confidential report compiled a list of “pro-Russian troll accounts,” all of which accused of “bombarding the audience with pro-Kremlin propaganda and disinformation relevant to the Skripal case.” The list contained Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa, and a gentleman from Kent who goes by Ian56 on Twitter.

With the UK government’s permission, the II hired the “global investigative solutions” firm Harod Associates to analyze social media activity related to Skripal.

The II conducted its own media monitoring. They were coordinated by an IfS “research fellow” Simon Bracey-Lane who produced regular ’roundups’ of media coverage overseas, based on insights submitted by individuals connected to the Initiative living in several countries.

One document dated March 11th, is a briefing on the Skripal situation since March 4th, containing key messages throughout.

It begins with the narrative: “Russia has carried out yet another brutal attack, this time with a deadly nerve agent, on someone living in Britain.”

“Use of the nerve agent posed a threat to innocent British subjects, affecting 21 people and seriously affecting a police officer. This is not the first time such an attack has been carried out in the UK…14 deaths are believed to be attributable to the Kremlin…Russia has poisoned its enemies abroad on other occasions, most notably then-candidate for the Presidency of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, in 2004. Russian political activist Vladimir Kara-Murza has been poisoned twice; and the journalist Anna Politkovskaya was also poisoned and later shot dead. Since Putin has been running Russia, the Kremlin has a history of poisoning its opponents in a gruesome way,” the “narrative” reads.

The file goes on to declare the British response has been “far too weak…it’s essential the government makes a much stronger response this time” — and then lists “possible, realistic, first actions”, including banning RT and Sputnik from operating in the UK, boycotting the 2018 World Cup, withdrawing the UK ambassador from Moscow and expelling the Russian ambassador to the UK, and refusing/revoking visas to leading Russians within Vladimir Putin’s “circle”, and their families.”

Following the poisoning incident, IfS’ Victor Madeira made numerous media appearances all of them regularly documented.

“Security consultant Dan Kaszeta also wrote a number of articles for the Integrity Initiative website about chemical weapons following the attack — including a July 14 article, How could Novichok have poisoned people four months after the Skripal attack?—  receiving 40 pence per word.

Former MP George Galloway noted that the documents, written long before the Salisbury events, also call for the arrest of RT and Sputnik contributors (such as himself), adding: “Makes you think…”

The IfS also had the contact details of Pablo Miller, Skripal’s MI6 recruiter, handler and neighbor in Salisbury.

“Anonymous claims the document is an invitee list for a meeting the Institute convened between a number of individuals and Syria’s highly controversial White Helmets group, but this is yet to be verified.”

Furthermore, the documents revealed the person behind the smear campaign on Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour’s leader: Chris Hernon, who received numerous invoices to tweet the information to his approximately 500 Twitter followers and contribute to the Foreign Office.


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You can call me Al

My poor Country has turned into a shyster. Very, very sad.


I am thinking the same Al.


Florian & Al, I am not trying to smash your rose tinted view of your homeland, Britain. I’m sure you both recognise that Britain once was the leader of the Empire, which it surrendered to the USA between the world wars. I will say no more…


All of western Europe has had its hands in the trough of exploitation/empire at one time or another. All of our governments are complicit in these crimes throughout history.


“All of western Europe”, not quite all. Only the Capitalist Class. When we look at the exploitation of the Far-East, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Americas and the internal exploitation of Europe, it was the capitalist class who did the exploiting. They were actively facilitated by the management committees that ruled on their behalf in Holland, Britain, France and all other areas where they were strong enough to seize control. The so called “Great Irish Liberator”, Daniel O”Connell, argued Inn the Houses of Parliament against the reduction of the working day for children from 16 hours to 10 and for women from 16hrs to 12 as this would limit the capacity of entrepreneurs to make decent profits. The problem as identified by the USA Republican President Herbert Hoover in 1931 was and remains: “The problem with Capitalism is capitalists, they’re too damn greedy”


I certainly do not have a Rose Tinted view of Perfidious Albion :)

Britain has done some good in the world but always for a price, whether that be goods or influence, or both.

I suppose that these days it is easy to find ‘historical and current narratives’ that do not always accord with actual events of the ground that can be verified by people on the ground with smart phones etc, in real time.

In Homeland Propaganda terms, Britain is still in the age the village priest or local warlord. The narratives that Britain spews out is childish at best but even that is accepted as truth by all too many dullards and charlatans from all walks of British life.


Your in good company. At least take solace in the fact that you knew what the truth was from the very start. This info just confirms what we already knew in our gut.
The saddest part for me are the friends and family who actually believe this garbage and the people who spew it.


This will end badly for the UK that will either become an ash pile or a Totalitarian State to rival the darkest periods of British history AM.


Just like the USA.

Jens Holm

And nowhere else off course. The rest smells better then a newcleaned behind of a baby.

Sometimes I read things as people has left their own country because they have not cleaned it and prefare to start all over a less poluted place.

Sorry, but thats how I feel …

AM Hants

Living in the UK, we elected the trash and never bothered to notice what was happening. Just hope the 1% satanists, get taken out, before they destroy the planet.


I must say that the gaggle of politicians we have now are mostly all lacking in integrity, common sense, honour,general and historical knowledge from all perspectives , real life and employment skills and so much more.

The political cess pit has always stunk and today it is overflowing again.

Tis time to pump the bastards out and spread the filth on some fields as fertiliser.

AM Hants

Professional politicians, with a degree in some form of social science. Highly schooled, but, lacking integrity, plus, intelligence. Narcistics flock to politics, including teenage narcistics.


If they can get into parliament the scumbags have an easy job with little real responsibility and the possibility of Non Exec Directorships and roles in Quangos of various colours and creeds.

AM Hants

I went to some political lunch, just the party, inviting an MP to attend, a few years ago. What shocked me, was you could not hold the MP to account. For some reason I got into trouble, when the idiot was going on and I asked why we provided aid to two nuclear deterrent nations with space programmes. International aid Budget/Foreign and Commonwealth Office/White Helmet Petty Cash Fund – sends UK tax payer’s money to both China and India? Now why would that be?

They go round, with no opposition, plus, never having to be accountable for anything.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I now fear that the overseas aid budget has become a slush fund for our corrupt politicians and LYING elite, possibly combined with regime change operations, as with the WH head-choppers in Syria.
It is time to bring an end to this “aid” racket.

AM Hants

The only budget, which keeps rising.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Yes, this is the only budget guaranteed to rise with the sweat of UK labour and its wealth, something that is not accorded to its health, education or defence. Why?
To fund the foreign clandestine “hobbies” of the NGO sector and our corrupt politicians?
Who audits this massive budget? The very same MPs, of course in the public accounts committee! How very convenient.
Meanwhile, in our streets, schools, hospitals, seas and trains….
aah, just read any depressing newspaper.
What a racket!!!

Jens Holm

There is no corruption in this. You might consider freqenting the nationalistic english dictionaries for it.

It also would be nice, if You added a poig into the flag gioven by Union Jack. It semes its too much for everybody. More like GB in 793.


u retard drop out of sight for good moron

AM Hants

So true.

Jens Holm

GB has no corruption compared to most other countries in the world. The major group in GB for that probatly are the EMMIGRANTS named Oligarks.

You can take poison and gas on that.

AM Hants

LOL, I live over here and you see the corruption everywhere, particularly, where ‘Common Purpose’ runs the show.


Those Common Purpose ‘graduates’ who are public servants breach ALL the Seven Principles of Public Life as set out by the Committee on Standards in Public Life.


Let me go through each of the Seven Principles of Public Life as set out on the Committee on Standards in Public Life website and explain how the principles are being breached. …

CP and Climategate
CP and Media Control
CP Police State
CP Civil Service
CP Bell Pottinger
CP Insider Dealing
CP Tax Abuse
Seven Principles
Who’s Who of CP

Not forgetting those involved in the 95% Nato member states/UK Government, plus, US State Department, funded ‘Integrity Initiative’. Now what were they set up to do, plus, who is involved?

Anonymous Exposes Clandestine UK Social Media Manipulation Campaign
UK officials continue to brazenly deliver their pompous speeches about the need to protect those very values to which the government itself poses the greatest challenge…

Jens Holm

I see no corruption in thos at all. Its about hiding legal stuff as well as hiding very dirty stuff.


drop out of sight no one wants you on these fields

Jens Holm

To me the main problem is in matters like that, where to find some neutral investigators. I see very few here too, but of course we are top ranked in establishments.

Jens Holm

I partly agree. KInd of putting extrra socks on your feet hoping You dont have to wash them.


Thank you. For the Evil rich to go to the limits that they do they must be feeling some extreme FEAR.
They should be scared by what they have sown. It won’t be one sided.

AM Hants

Keep hoping they keep piling on the pressure. The irony, using media propaganda, to covertly demonise Russia. Only to be taken down, by the ‘boomerang’ effect.

Jens Holm

Russia dont need to be demonized, they are doing fine themselves. We mainly just refer and bring pictures.

AM Hants

Then why is the West spending so much money on trying to upset Russia, if they can do it themselves?

Including attacking, without luck, Russian cyber defences?

Jens Holm

I mainly thonk dirty people dont feel fear. Else most of them would not do crimes and try to hide it.

Its a waste to come people into prison, if they hardly understand why as well.

Jens Holm

I dont think this is ignored. Most of that has been on the internet for the whole world for even years and You bring it as NEWS. Its not.

If You dont like whats written, You could reduce Your own many years into, that some also dirty hands are putting their fingers in the soup .

AM Hants

Really? Never see the UK MSM mention the actions and work of the ‘Integrity Initiative NGO’ or why the same crowd, who were also involved in spinning the Iraq War are involved. Funny, how they also fund the White Helmets?

US government spent over $500m on fake Al-Qaeda propaganda videos that tracked location of viewers
The Pentagon hired a UK-based PR firm to produce and disemminate videos during the Iraq War…



VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Why on Earth should I, as a UK taxpayer, pay for this Soviet propaganda from these FAKE NGOs and the government controlled BBC?
Big deal? Pay for your own lobotomy?
What happened to you to make you so servile, docile and spineless???

AM Hants

Holy Cricket, did not take much notice of the story below, till reading this part of the story. So how does it fit into ‘Integrity Initiative’? Owing to the speed of the Governments, to blame, then punish, with no facts, evidence, or conclusions. Job done, and they get the result that suits them, with nobody asking for clarification of the facts.

Fake News Reports Blamed Cuba, Russia And China Of ‘Sonic Attack’ On U.S. Diplomats – The Culprits Were Crickets

‘…Cuba fully cooperated with an FBI investigation into the mystery. Scientist dispelled the idea of a ‘sonic weapon’ attack. The medical evidence turned out to be dubious. Nevertheless anti-Cuban politicians in the U.S. successfully used the issue to pressure the White House to penalize the country. The Trump administration recalled 60% of its embassy personal in Havana and expelled Cuban diplomats from the embassy in Washington. It issued a travel warning for its citizens going to Cuba and stopped issuing visas for Cubans in Havana…’

Jens Holm

They are right doing this.. Many otrhers on all levels are reflecting like this. It has become too easy to hide evl and even good stuff and the internet media has to in the other hand be regulated and in the other have free speech.

It should not be an option for us, that less and less can be trusted.

My own proposal could be some delay for writing here could be usefull, beacause then more could be verified before we get it. In the other hand, I have no idea about how.

To much here is hardly oppinions and manipulations from professionals give us no chance to read oppinions ofothers and get out own.

Thios certainly is not only aboput the Bolsjoj theatrre in GB.