MSM Spy Hysteria Goes Wild. Now Chinese And Russian Spies Are ‘Listening’ Trump Calls

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MSM Spy Hysteria Goes Wild. Now Chinese And Russian Spies Are 'Listening' Trump Calls

IMAGE: Andy Wong/AP Images

Chinese and Russian spies are allegedly eavesdropping on US President Donald Trump’s phone calls, according to unnamed US officials cited by the NYT on October 24th.

According to the anonymous sources, this is due to Trump’s “casual” approach to e-security. Reportedly he uses his personal, unsecured iPhone for his conversation.

The Express reported that unnamed White House officials have revealed that they hope Trump does not discuss sensitive secrets over the phone while speaking to his close friends.

The NYT further reported that, despite having two official phones altered by the NSA, he ignores all warnings from his aides that his personal phone is not secure.

According to the unnamed intelligence officials, US intelligence agencies have warned Trump that Chinese spies are listening in on his conversations and are allegedly exploiting the acquired information to navigate the trade war between China and US, among other tensions.

The Chinese presumably plan to use the information to leverage policies from Trump that are aligned to their interests.

Chinese officials rely on Chinese businessmen and others with ties to Beijing to feed arguments and viewpoints to Trump’s friends in an effort to influence him, according to the unnamed US officials, cited by the NYT.

According to the unnamed intelligence officials, two of Trump’s close friends that China plans to use to influence him are Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of private equity firm Blackstone Group, and former casino mogul Steve Wynn.

When asked to comment, a representative for Schwarzman said the Blackstone CEO “has been happy to serve as an intermediary on certain critical matters between the two countries at the request of both heads of state.” Wynn offered no comment.

The unnamed intelligence officials spoke under the condition of anonymity and claimed that they are not disclosing details to undermine Trump. They are simply frustrated with what they viewed as his casual approach to electronic security.

The officials said US spy agencies had learned China and Russia were allegedly eavesdropping on Trump’s phone calls from sources inside foreign governments. The spies even allegedly intercepted communications between foreign officials.

Also, cellphone surveillance in the Washington area has been a concern since March. The Department of Homeland Security said in a letter to several senators that it had observed activity in Washington consistent with mobile subscriber identity catchers.

An unnamed FCC commissioner said at a meeting that the issue was serious, and the surveillance tools could be used by criminals or foreign actors.

In June, the Washington Post also reported of a federal study that found signs of sophisticated cellphone spying near the White House and other sensitive locations in 2017.

The narrative of cybersecurity and spying is gaining momentum in MSM. The hysteria appears to be increasing, despite there being no proof or evidence provided for any rumor or claim against Russia and China so far. So far, the only purpose this hysteria serves is further increasing tensions between the US and Russia and China.

On October 23rd, the US Cyber Command began its first cyberoperation against alleged Russian attempts at spreading misinformation and propaganda. The operation included suspected Russian trolls being messaged that the US knows who they are and what they’re doing.

The only other “public” cyberoperation by US Cyber Command happened against ISIS and was unsuccessful. At the same time, multiple other US propaganda and psychological operations, which are obviously ongoing and achieving successes around the world, have almost never been covered by the MSM.

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Why is this news? Wasn’t the US under Saint Obama hacking and eavesdropping into Angela Merkel’s phones and emails? With the aid of the British? Or is this only an issue when the wheels get turned on the Americans and it then becomes unacceptable?

Promitheas Apollonious

Ok what else did they put also invisible cameras and also video all Trumpet is doing at the privacy of his toilet? Have any one told them how ridiculous they sound, just because now the shoe is on the other foot no need for them to panic. Their destruction will not be fast, unless they provoke it to happen fast, but very slow and painful.


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