Munity At Large SDF Jail Hosting Foreign ISIS Terrorists

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Munity At Large SDF Jail Hosting Foreign ISIS Terrorists

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On January 30, prisoners started a munity at a large jail run by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the town of al-Shaddadi in southern al-Hasakah.

The jail, which is known as Cam al-Bulgar, is located east of al-Shaddadi. The jail hosts at last 5,000 inmates, many of which are foreign ISIS terrorists.

A spokesman for the Syrian Tribes and Clans Council, Sheikh Mudar al-Asaad, told the pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi that the prisoners started the mutiny in response to the jail’s poor living conditions, including the lack of heating and a shortage in food and water.

“Prisoners feel resentful because of the long years of detention without courts, and because some of them were kept in prison despite being acquittal,” the Sheikh said.

Al-Assad went on to claim that some of the prisoners were recently executed by the SDF. The US-backed group claims that it has abolished the capital punishment.

Currently, the SDF security forces, Asayish, are working to end the mutiny in Cam al-Bulgar with support from the US-led coalition. Attack helicopters of the coalition have been spotted flying over the jail.

The US-led coalition maintains a base south of al-Shaddadi, a few kilometers to the west of Cam al-Bulgar jail. Several attack helicopters are deployed there.

The mutiny will likely end within a few hours. However, it will not be the last one. The failure of the SDF judiciary system is deemed to produce more troubles. In spite of this, the US continues to support the system.


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