Mysterious Explosion Kills Five In Syria’s Idlib (Photos)

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Mysterious Explosion Kills Five In Syria's Idlib (Photos)

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On March 11, a large explosion rocked the western outskirts of Idlib city in northwestern Syria, where many terrorist groups are present.

Several opposition sources, including the White Helmets, claimed that the explosion was caused by explosives stored at a quarry located near Idlib’s Central Prison. Nevertheless, pro-government sources said an ammunition depot blew up in the militant-held area.

Five people were killed and another one was wounded in the explosion. While opposition sources said the casualties were quarry workers, pro-government sources said they were militants.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights acknowledged that the area where explosion took place is infested with militants’ positions and headquarters.

Militants in northwestern Syria build most of their main facilities underground. Last month, Russian forces uncovered and destroyed a network of underground tunnels that militants had equipped for the use as a field hospital in southern Idlib.

The new explosion highlights the state of lawlessness prevailing over the region of Greater Idlib. A ceasefire brokered more than a year ago by Russia and Turkey is barely holding up.


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