Nagorno-Karabakh – Long Way Towards Stabilization (Map, Videos)

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Nagorno-Karabakh - Long Way Towards Stabilization (Map, Videos)

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The Russian peacekeeping force in Nagorno-Karabakh continues its efforts to demine the region and secure the return of civilians to their homes. However, the situation in the area remains complicated as Armenian-Azerbaijani tensions are still high.

A brief overview of the recent developments in Nagono-Karabakh:

  • On November 28, a group of Azerbaijani diplomats and representatives of international organizations visited Agdam city;
  • On November 28, 4 people were killed, when their vehicle exploded on two anti-tank mines in Fuzuli District;
  • Since November 14, 21,083 displaced persons have returned to their homes in Karabakh with the assistance of Russian peacekeepers;
  • As of November 29, Russia said that a total total, 14.67 ha of territory and 5.5 km of roads, 81 buildings were cleared from mines and IEDs, and 416 explosive objects were found and destroyed.

Russian military medics are in Stepanakert:

A school in Stepanakert:


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