Nagorno-Karabakh Take 3: Is A New War Coming?

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The situation in Nagorno-Karabakh appears to be steadily and gradually nearing another escalation.

On May 31st, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense claimed that an Armenian UAV had been intercepted in the Kalbajar border region.

It was a Griphon-12 drone, which is a multifunctional Russian-made UAV, intended for civilian use.

It is aimed at conducting special reconnaissance work, observation and monitoring flights, as well as patrol operations.

Prior to the UAV incident, the Azerbaijani Minister of Defense Colonel General Zakir Hasanov held an official meeting with chief military commanders, with regard to Armenia’s alleged “provocations” in recent days.

The Defense Minister instructed the command of the military units stationed in the liberated territories to take decisive steps and urgent actions to suppress any enemy provocations.

Just days earlier, on May 28th, an Azerbaijani soldier was reportedly wounded by Armenian artillery shelling on the border with the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. His life was not in danger.

On the day before, six Armenian soldiers were captured, after allegedly trying to cross the border in the reigon of Gegarkunik.

The Armenian side claimed that its servicemen were arrested by the Azerbaijani army while carrying out repair works on a checkpoint and had little to do with crossing the border.

The most recent casualty in the standoff is a 32-year-old contract soldier who was killed as a result of a shootout with Azerbaijani military servicemen at the border near the village of Verin Shorzha.

It is highly likely that another confrontation is coming in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijan evidently has the upper hand, as it has the military capability to take over the entirety of the region, it could easily move troops into Stepanakert.

Russia appears unwilling to take a more assertive stance, with just a small number of peacekeepers carrying out their duties at checkpoints.

Meanwhile, on June 3, the 13th meeting of the Azerbaijani-Turkish High-Level Military Dialogue will start its work in Baku.

The meeting will discuss the current state of bilateral cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey in the security, military, military-technical, military-medical, military-educational, defense industry, and in other spheres.

New weapons sales, planned exercises and more are expected.

Turkey would also be more than willing to assist Azerbaijan in its potential renewed offensive.

In Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan remains in power, leading the country mostly through Facebook.

The early parliamentary elections will take place on June 20th, but without stable leadership in the country this provides a suitable chance for Baku to move forward.

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None of you

I hope we will destroy Azerbaijan and filthy Turkey.
We will take back the land lost to the filthy Government of Azerbaijan.
If Turkey wouldn’t intervened Azerbaijan wouldn’t stand a chance.
Turkey didn’t put turkish soldiers they bring in that Muslim scum of the world Alqaeda and other terror factions.

Raptar Driver

It looks like it’s really bad to be Russia’s ally?
No wonder it’s so easy to isolate and surround Russia with hostile forces.
And before you Putin weenies Start some nonsense I am extremely pro Russian, But clearly they’re having a leadership problem.


You are absolutely right. Even Putin’s massing of forces on the Ukranazi coup regime border did nothing but embolden the Ukranazis and their EUNATO owners because he then withdrew them and they promptly claimed a victory.

I would much prefer someone like Lukashenko as president of Russia. If the Union State ever happens, Luka would be my choice as leader of the merged entity.


The Russian leadership are exactly right to avoid unnecessary clashes.

America is led by an imposter president who is obviously in decline. Also America is bankrupt with massive budget deficits, currency debasement, inflation, and stock market and real estate bubbles.

On top of which it is obvious that America has embraced utter lunacy in cultural matters and still illegal aliens flood in.

American leaders and politicians think the world wants our “leadership.” And they act international law does apply to them.

Clearly it is correct to avoid unnecessary conflict and wait for America to collapse, falter, or retrench.

Raptar Driver

Biden is no imposter. He is a down right criminal. A usurper. Dung has more value.
Putin Is allowing The cancer to spread.
It will be much more difficult to deal with later.
He is a western asset.
Knowingly or not.


It’s cheating as hell with Azer, roast turkey and ISISreal vs Armeania.
It’s 3 rich countries vs 1 tiny poor country.


Remember back in 2020 the knee jerk pro Putin cult was saying that because of Putin’s “restraint” Russia had increased its influence in the area? Well, right now if Russia does *not* intervene,

1. Azerbaijan will take the rest of Nagorno Karabakh with barely a shot. Stepanakert is overlooked by Azeri artillery on Shusha and indefensible, and the rest of what remains of Nagorno Karabakh has been stripped of its defensible terrain.

2. Putin will have proved to anyone looking to ally with Russia that even if they give Russia bases, Russia will act according to its own wishes and ignore their hosts’ welfare. Just as Syria, where Russia has de facto legitimised Ottoman occupation, has discovered.

So, if Putin is still determined to exercise “restraint”, someone had better have a talk with him.

Ivan Freely

Hey Bill, Russia can’t respond until Armenia itself has been invaded. Armenia could have annexed NK a long time ago but didn’t. It’s Yerevan fault for their lack of foresight.

Abraham Lincoln

Russia can destroy the Azer, Armenian and Turkish miltaries in a few hours with its stand off weapons. They all know this and won’t do anything without Russia’s approval, just as Russia and Iran gave Azer the greenlight to kick Pushoveryan and Soros butt.

The Objective

You grossly exaggerates Russia’s capability.


Now would be a perfect time for another military coup in Ankara. The Turkish generals have to know by now that Erdogan will lead Turkey to ruin. You cannot make enemies out of all of your neighbors. That is an insane policy. It is the foreign policy of a mad man.


The Turks know that if they don’t finish the genocide of the Armenians now …..we will gather our strength ….build domestic drones and weaponry and kick their azzzz all the way back to Turkmenistan ! Do not mess with the Armenians !

Abraham Lincoln

With Soros in charge Armenia will soon cease to exist forever.


That’s a weak argument. Soros is just code word for losers who blame their inability to make right decisions. Pashinyan has no chance to be reelected if elections will happen on June 20.


These asiatic mongol turks gotta go back to the east torkestan of xinjiang. They don’t belong in the caucasus at all.