Nasrallah Pronounced Dead By MSM Amid Deepest Crisis In Lebanese History

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Lebanon is in crisis, both political and economic, and this promises to deteriorate further.

According to the World Bank, the country’s economic collapse is likely to rank among the world’s worst financial crises since the mid-19th century.

The complete meltdown of Lebanon’s economy during the past 18 months is widely blamed on corruption and mismanagement by the country’s hereditary political elite.

Israel as a “good neighbor” uses every chance it is given to attempt and deepen the crisis.

On June 1st, reports began flooding the media of Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah’s death.

The group is a staple of stability with its many helpful, albeit populist efforts. Of course, it is also one of Israel’s mortal enemies.

Nasrallah allegedly succumbed to COVID-19 complications, or was in a coma. These reports flooded the MSM, and especially Israeli outlets for longer than a day when they were debunked.

Lebanese Al Joumhouria newspaper reported that rumors of Nasrallah’s demise were hugely exaggerated. He simply has pneumonia and seasonal allergies.

Prior to the reports of his death, Hezbollah deputy secretary-general Naim Qassem said the secretary-general needed several days of rest and supervision, but instead wished to appear for his May 25th address, because missing it would cause people to worry.

The situation in Lebanon would have likely turned much worse if Hezbollah’s leader had passed. It would make it easier for Tel Aviv and its allies to pressure the country into submission.

During the 11-day hostilities in the Gaza Strip when Israel Defense Forces carried out an asymmetrical bombardment of Palestinian armed groups and civilians alike, several rockets were launched from Lebanese territory.

As such, the US deemed Hezbollah a threat to stability in Lebanon, mostly because it doesn’t support Tel Aviv’s policy.

The US has provided support for more than 15 years to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), but the increasing influence of the terrorist-designated Hezbollah in Lebanese politics has strained the partnership.

The financial and political crisis in Lebanon has seen the value of the local currency plunge, wiping out people’s savings and salaries.

The crash has placed increasing pressure on members of the LAF. As such the chance to exert even more pressure and attempt to undermine Hezbollah’s influence shouldn’t be missed.

Starting from May 31st, political calls and meetings intensified in Lebanon in what was described as possibly “the last attempt” to salvage the process of forming a new government. There appears to be little progress, as a massive blackout looms in the country.

And help is only coming with extremely strict and heavy demands tied to it.

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Arch Bungle

It would be unfortunate if this old hero is not dead yet.

Nasrallah stands in the way of younger leaders who will have no mercy on ‘israel’.

His love of peace prevents the final cleansing war that will wipe ‘israel’ from the map.

May he die in peace and make way for new warriors.


Covid-19 is a great cover for a Mossad assasination. I bet you that was the case in Iran when so many senior Iranian government officials died from it last year.


like how many brah? how many?

S Balu

You being Indian Dalit boy with simple mind and defecating in streets of BOMBAY

jens holm

Covid mainly hit old ones. Most of the 2% dying by no clever treatment are old ones.

I know about Covid. Your assumption for Mossad is not like that. If they do, they take of military and economic facilities.

Iran anytime also – as the rest of the world – weaker having only old men in the seats. I would suggest Israel by that prefare them alive :) + :(

jens holm

Some dont like facts about covid. You dont. That dosnt make it intpo a fact, that covid also hit old people in Iran.

Maybee God is on their side because they reach heaven faster:(


This is among the stupidest comments I have read on SF. and that is saying something.


Remember how Kim Jong Un was “killed” a couple of years ago?

jens holm

There are many example during time. Wrong people are often killed and many Leaders actualy has one or two copies taking the risky not hitten partds of the job.


all your heroes.
I would love for you to live in South Beirut or Pyong for more than a day in a hotel. You would not make it.


Don’t trust Sout-front, is a Russian propagandist

Rodney Loder

Lebanon is collateral damage resulting from the US losing the Yemen war with their proxies Saudi Arabia / UAE proving to be inadequate , consequently as an act of spite the US pulled the plug on Lebanon’s economy financially.

Also the great trauma caused by the explosion of chemicals stored in Lebanons port city Beirut just over a year ago, – which was the result of corruption in the factions of Lebanon’s non-Government excluding Hezbollah which came through the tragedy in great shape, – seemed to indicate that Allah (swt) was sending a message that Lebanons future in His (swt) opinion should be more so with Russia, China and Iran economically and politically.

I speak on behal Allah (swt) and have got direct contact with Heaven, all praise be to Allah the Creator.

jens holm

USA and the rest of us has plugged nothing in Lebanon.

Sober facts most likely is Hesbollah by using so many men for warfare producing nothing are the biggest contributors.

They kindly even was assited very well by the invasion by Assads.

Your version for corruption and that nitrate is far out. Corrupters would have sold that stuff and made money and no minus. That non accident was made by incompetent harbour administration.

If it was Denmark, the nitrate was sold right away to pay for that rotten ship and its crew.

You not even speak for Yourself. This is not even about religion at all even its said many more muslims then christians are fatalists.

Maybee You are some mullah, which none will pay – or what.

jens holm

Ypuar Alla must be from allabama…


Can you ask Allah (since you know him so well) about upping your meds?

L du Plessis

Anything coming through MSM is a cooked lie, because they worship the father of lies.👹


Why do you people think Nasrallah is immortal? He is a secretive terrorist leader. He could be dead for months before his people find a successor, consolidate power and eliminate rivals, and then announce it. You hate the Jews so much you think he cannot get sick and die.
You are delusional and awful.