NATO Joins US-led Coalition Operating In Syria And Iraq

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NATO Joins US-led Coalition Operating In Syria And Iraq


NATO is joining the US-led coalition operating in Syria and Iraq, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday.

NATO leaders will adopt a new plan to step up the fight against terrorism, Stoltenberg told reporters at a news conference in Brussels. The plan will include NATO’s membership in the US-led coalition against ISIS.

“This will send a strong political message of NATO’s commitment to the fight against terrorism. And improve coordination within the coalition. But it does not mean that NATO will engage in combat operations,” the alliance’s secretary general said. “Today we will decide to expand our support to the coalition. With more AWACS flight-time, more information-sharing, and air-to-air refueling.”

NATO members will reportedly establish a new terrorism intelligence cell here at NATO HQ and appoint a coordinator to oversee efforts in the fight against terrorism.

According to Stoltenberg, the military black will not be engaged in direct fight on the ground.

However, he added that NATO may play a role in “training local forces” fighting ISIS.

“Training local forces is one of the best weapons in the fight against terrorism. We are already training Iraqi forces.”

It should be noted that the US ground operation in Syria also started as an effort to rain “local forces” in the war-torn country.

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Ram that pipeline in at all costs… Even if it means risking war with russia… freakin aholes…

Also as a side note: the kurds already have full nato/international support….

Stuart Thompson

Not entirely true, turkey is a nato member who doesn’t fully support the kurds, only certain factions within kurdish government institutions. I said right from the start of this conflict which was never a civil war.. “fully support the Syrian government forces and the kurds, and the entire war won’t of even lasted 2 years let alone 6 going 7 years”. I still believe this brutal conflict has been a show ground for global and regional superpowers to show off and sell new combat weapons systems, the pipe line is just to cover up the real issue of making money.. billions and billions of dollars, the pipeline was always going to be built anyway.


What are you smoking?
And how come ur not sharing???

Solomon Krupacek

Even if it means risking war with russia.

there is no risc

Henry O'Neill

ummm the Turks are trying to bomb the Kurds every day and Turkey is a NATO member. the Russians and U.S force have to patrol the Kurdish-Turkey border to make sure Turkey does not shell the Kurds


US, UK, Turkey and even Norway have troops on ground in Syria – so when wasn’t NATO in Syria?

John Mason

BS. Syria should deny their “help” and if necessary shoot them on sight if they step on Syrian territory.

Daniel Apaza

NATO is only on the way!!!


NATO is on the way, Arab Gays are happy today :)

paolo duchateau

Thank you Manchester …

paolo duchateau

Nato fighting against terrorism…

Solomon Krupacek



Is this a joke? Many European cities are more dangerous than Damascus. Many suburbs in Sweden, Belgium, France and Germany are already outside the control of the law and these Nato countries are having a hard time getting control or tracking the increasing pool of potential terrorists. Any Nato policy has historically only increased these types of self inflicted wounds.

Kristy Rain

Boy oh boy! NATO committing more forces to the ‘fight against terrorism’

Well, a fine job they’ve done protecting the territory of its members states LIL


This was the very purpose of Trump’s trip to the ME and to Brussels, to drag as many nations into the US-British-Israeli-Saudi conquering agenda of the Levant. The Manchester terrorist attack was perfectly timed for the occasion. Now on the pretext of wiping out ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the world over the next seven days will see a full-scale invasion of Syria led by these four most ruthless, dishonest, and greedy nations. The slaughter of hundreds of thousands and displacement of millions of Syrians, with the large scale destruction of cities and infrastructure by their terrorists surrogates aided by these four nations is not enough. After Syria they will continue to roll over the entire ME with Iran and its vast oil reserves next on their list. Once they attain those objectives they will use their oil and resource hegemony to further weaken Russia and the military aggression will continue with even more gusto.


Public Relations , only , NATO will Not put troops in Iraq or Syria . As in wimroffel’s comment


If they’re talking in Brussels today, then Eurocritters won’t be fighting in the desert within seven days. Sorry to say it of my own flesh and blood, but any of these animals crossing the Syrian border should not be going home. Almost as if Trump sends some sacrificial lambs from the lesser races because when he turns tail, he needs these bodies as an excuse to keep the neocons off his back.


All nations which want to protect their sovereignty, their right to self determination, their cultures, their resources and their borders must stand together to oppose the plundering of this insidious Western cabal with its fake globalist agenda and brutal destruction of people and nation wherever there is resistance. The destruction of Syria is an example of what will happen not only to other stable but vulnerable nations who resist, but is a sign and actual evidence of what has already happened to the citizens in the aggressive Western nations whose rights and cultures have been systematically devastated by fixed and manipulated political systems and by the cultural Marxism spawned and controlled by the anti-democratic and thoroughly corrupt banksters and corporate elites running things. The RESISTANCE within these nations to be effective must avoid terrorism as that method is plainly evil and is also the false-flag weapon of the evil elites. However, the entire world everywhere should be up in arms protesting against the murder, mayhem and plundering of Syria, and in support of its defence by sovereignty-conscious nations like Russia.


Some reports suggest that it is a meaningless gesture by NATO to Trump – during his visit to NATO headquarters. Yet another “win”.


My initial reaction too was outrage, and then “what a useless time to join the fight against terrorism!” I believe the real reason is revealed if you look at what they are actually doing. AWACS planes? To track the Russian and Syrian AF? No, I think the real reason is to track the Turkish AF, and ground forces. Just shows how f*&%ed up the situation has become – NATO forces having to guard against a NATO member. Someone is really worried that the Turks are going to take the fight to the Kurds and spoil the western plan for a Kurdish puppet State. The secondary benefit is that they will be able to track other units too, Syrian, Russian, PMU, ISUS. It will be very important to be able to pinpoint various units, particularly the various members of Gulf royal families that need airborne extraction before the final extermination begins. I bet the Saudis are paying for the AWACS flight time.