New Israeli Attack Targeted Syria’s Aleppo, Military Complex Allegedly Hit (Video, Photos)


Early on September 11, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit the northern Syrian governorate of Aleppo, where sensitive military facilities are located. 

A military source told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that Israeli warplanes had fired several missile “salvos” at the outskirt of Aleppo’s city center.

“Our air-defense means repelled the aggression, shooting down most hostile missiles,” the source told the state-run agency.

The SANA and Syria’s News TV released a video and several photos showing the interception of a number of missiles over Aleppo.

According to several opposition sources, the Israeli strikes targeted the al-Safirah defense factories, 21 km to the south of Aleppo city. The complex, where Syria stored some of its chemical weapons before the 2013 deal, is now developing and producing conventional ammunition for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

On the August 31, the Israeli military carried out a series of strikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus, and the country’s southern region. The strikes targeted Iranian positions as well as air-defense systems of the SAA.

The Israeli attacks on Syria are part of a campaign meant to pressure Iran into withdrawing its forces from Syria. The campaign has been a failure, so far.