New JIT Briefing On MH17: Political Game Instead Of Real Investigation


New JIT Briefing On MH17: Political Game Instead Of Real Investigation

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On June 19th, the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) looking into the 2014 crash of the Malaysia Airlines-operated Boeing MH17 in Ukraine held a press conference.

The anniversary of the crash is nearing, so it was really no surprise that another conference took place, this time directly accusing Russia and the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) for the deaths of the people on board.

The entire press conference can be found here:

Most notably, the JIT announced names of the four suspects who are to be tried for murder:

  1. Igor Strelkov – 2nd Minister of Defense of the DPR, commander of the Slavyansk garrison;
  2. Sergey Dubinsky – founder and head of the DPR’s security service between 2014-2015;
  3. Oleg Pulatov – commander of one of Dubinsky’s reconnaissance subordinates;
  4. Leonid Kharchenko – commandant of Konstantinovka during the battle for the Slavic-Kramatorsk agglomeration, later headed the DPR Intelligence Directorate.

“These suspects are seen to have played an important role in the death of 298 innocent civilians”, said Dutch chief prosecutor Fred Westerbeke.

“Although they did not push the button themselves, we suspect them of close co-operation to get the [missile launcher] where it was, with the aim to shoot down an aeroplane.”

Investigators, he added, had “evidence showing that Russia provided the missile launcher”.

Essentially, there was nothing new, the same old accusations. The campaign is on-going, Russia and the DPR were found guilty by mainstream media and Western diplomats a long time ago and the JIT is currently attempting to construct the narrative surrounding the guilty, rather than prove it.

Another interesting fact that the JIT’s announcement was almost a complete repeat of “open-source investigate website” Bellingcat’s claims.

The US, expectedly, immediately jumped on the bandwagon with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Russia to ensure that all the indicted individuals face justice.

“The United States welcomes the announcement today regarding the indictment of four individuals for their role in the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17, 2014.  This is an important milestone in the search for the truth, and we remain confident in the professionalism and ability of the Dutch criminal justice system to prosecute those responsible in a manner that is fair and just.  We fully support the work of the Dutch authorities and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), an independent criminal investigation led by the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, and Ukraine.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement in response to the JIT briefing, categorically rejecting it.

“The statements made by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) at a news conference on June 19 about the alleged involvement of Russian servicemen in the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash were utterly regrettable. The Russian Federation once again finds itself the target of completely unfounded accusations intended to discredit it in the eyes of the international community.”

The JIT further accused Russia of refusing to fully cooperate, which is also contrary to the truth. All findings that Russia presented to the JIT in their various press conference since 2014 until now have been completely disregarded.

“Moreover, the JIT representatives accuse Russia of withholding full cooperation. We categorically deny such accusations. From the very first day of the tragedy, Russia has been vitally interested in finding the truth and willing to help the investigation in every respect. Russia actively cooperated with the Netherlands and presented all information it had on the MH17 crash. In the process, Russia’s relevant agencies carried out an enormous amount of unprecedented work: from declassifying information on Russian military equipment and conducting a meticulous experiment in collaboration with Almaz-Antei, to providing primary radar data and documents showing that the missile that downed the Malaysian Boeing belonged to Ukraine, as well as precision expert analysis proving that the video clips supporting the JIT’s conclusions were fabricated.

Moreover, Russia has suggested working together from the outset. Instead, international investigators excluded Russia from full participation in the JIT, reducing Russian efforts to a secondary role. Meanwhile, they made Ukraine a full participant in the JIT, giving it an opportunity to falsify evidence and completely evade responsibility for failing to close its air space.”

It is showing that even the Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad rejected on May 30 the JIT’s claims and accusations asking for any evidence at all to substantiate the claims just recently.

Once more, on June 20th he described the JIT’s conclusion a “political plot against Russia.”

We are very unhappy. From the very beginning, it became a political issue on how to accuse Russia of the wrongdoing.

“Even before they examined the case, they have already claimed it (the shooting down of MH17) was done by Russia,” said Dr Mahathir to reporters at the Prime Minister’s Department Hari Raya celebration event here.

He said that the “findings” were quite unconvincing.

“As far as we are concerned, we want proof of guilt (that Russia did it). But so far, there is no proof, only hearsay.

This is a ridiculous thing. Someone shoots a gun and you are not able to see who, but you know who shot,” said Dr Mahathir.

Regardless, the very strained relationship between the JIT-provided suspects alleged in orchestrating the MH17 downing was and is no secret. The claims that Strelkov, Bezler and others were closely cooperating are rather absurd. They very obviously hardly ever had a consensus on issues of defense of Donetsk against the Ukrainian Army advance, but somehow made a very elaborate plan to use a Buk missile and down a civilian airplane, then attempt to blame it on Ukraine.

Rather, the narrative of the US and the British special services continues, blatantly, unapologetically. The black box transcript is yet to be released to the public and seen, currently the only “evidence” presented are claims and accusations of who was guilty, disregarding any evidence provided by Russia and attempting to “investigate” just enough to make it fit the narrative of who is supposed to be guilty, rather than who really is.

Also, is it really a coincidence that the JIT’s briefing took place on the day before Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Direct Line?



  • Dontlietome

    The DUTCH, well what else should we expect from these pot-smoking spineless, gutless sacks of shite. If there is a land in europe that is wholly owned and controlled by the zionists , its the Netherlands. You buy out and Cloggie cheaper than a 3rd world whore plying her wares on the graachten. The sad thing is, I know many Dutch folks and they will echo the same sentiments, many wish Hitler had never left………………… so you can only guess at their mind-set.

    • AM Hants

      Didn’t Ukraine hand over their gold, to the US, following events after Yanukovich stepped down? Allegedly, it was sent to the Dutch, owing to the US owing them gold, from I believe events around WWII, or something. They got the gold back, just after coming on board with MH17.

      What have the Dutch Royals and Azov Battalion got in common, allegedly? No wonder they are so good to Ukraine.

      • Dontlietome

        You are right to make such an association, the common denominator is of course oil, and Royal Dutch Shell were are the drilling and Fracking rights for the whole south of the Ukraine. I believe there is a map out there in the ether which shows how the concessions were being divided up.

        • AM Hants

          Do believe they tried fracking, but, found Ukraine over exagerated what they had, so they used the war in Donetsk to pull out.

          Wonder if they will go back in?

          There again, are Royal Dutch Shell, linked into the Council of Foreign Relations and will be heavily involved in the Israel to Europe Pipeline. Not forgetting Rothschild purchased Naftogaz, hoping some investor would come and replace the old pipelines, in time for the Israel to Europe pipelines to replace the Russian Gas. With Rothschild wanting Russian gas in the pipes, until that happens.

          Just went to see if I could find out anymore. Whether, Shell were coming back for the party.

          Shell calls ‘Force-Majeure’ on Ukraine project

          Sources familiar with the situation said Ukraine’s government received a “Notice of Withdrawal” from Shell on a project that they had hoped could raise up to $10bn of investment and further diversify gas imports away from Russia, Roman Olearchyk reports from Kiev.

          Shell said it “has been prevented from performing its commitments under Yuzivska [a production sharing agreement] for an extensive period of time due to Force-Majeure, i.e. circumstances beyond Shell’s control.” Due to the said events, project implementation conditions have been materially changed. Therefore, we have begun discussions with the Ukrainian government and our partner Nadra Yuzivska LLC on the way forward with the PSA, pursuant to its terms.
          read more

  • skinner15

    The JIT yesterday stated definitely that Russia refused to co-operate at any level.

    Two minutes later, when asked a question by a real reporter, they admitted that Russia had indeed sent representations to the JIT, providing radar data, BUK data, and data which showed that Ukraine owned the missile which shot down MH17.

    The MSM are a disgrace for not pinning those lying Dutch military officers, the same cowards who were sent to Bosnia, and sat like cowards while ethnic cleansing was done in front of them.

  • d’Artagnan

    It is no great secret that the Ukrainians shot down MH-17. Nothing do with Russia or even any Russian citizen. The inept Ukrainian military should be examined.

    • Dontlietome

      Don’t forget that MOSSAD/IDF were responsible for the planning and an Israeli F15 was airborne whose sole intention was to shoot down Pres. Putins IL96, but his plane was escorted by RuAF Su 35’s who had locked onto the Israeli F15, which had no choice but to return to its base in Azerbaijan.

  • verner

    tommyrot. but the entire thing has been concocted at langley and the useful dutch idiots just nod and say yes sir no sir what ever you say sir.

    • AM Hants

      The links to the Obama Administration to Ukraine, including Biden and how his son benefitted, from the actions of Kolomoisky. The oligarch, who just happened to be in charge of Ukraine aviation and air traffic control. Didn’t Biden, over-ride Kolomoisky’s ban from the US, once his little boy got the job, besides threatening anybody who wished to investigate Kolomoisky and Burisma Holdings?

      Wonder if the same links tie in with MH17 and not forgetting Christopher Steele, Pablo Miller, Sergei Skripal and the ‘Trump Dossier’?

      • Concrete Mike

        So your telling me Zelensky’s boss was also boss of ukro air traffic.control in 2014??

        Most interesting!

        So one could hypothesize that Zelensky’s election could serve as a smoke screen?

        • AM Hants


          The comedian and the oligarch
          Will a media, metal and aviation tycoon be the big winner of the Ukrainian election?…

          ‘…The 52-year-old oligarch, who has big stakes in media, metals and aviation companies in Ukraine — and whom the government has accused of embezzling over $5 billion from his Privatbank, the nation’s largest, before it was forcibly nationalized in 2016 — is an unlikely war hero. Kolomoisky denies the accusations of embezzlement and calls the nationalization “an illegal seizure of property without court order or compensation.”

          Appointed governor of his home state of Dnipropetrovsk in east Ukraine in March 2014, he was instrumental in turning back the tide of Russian aggression by spending more than $10 million to create the “Dnipro battalion” that successfully defended the region from a separatist insurgency… (mois – successful – cauldrons where many perished, not what I would call a success).

          …He scored further popularity points by entering into a public spat with Russian President Vladimir Putin, dismissing him a “schizophrenic dwarf.” Putin shot back, calling him a “unique crook” that had supposedly scammed Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich for billions of dollars.’

          I like this article, by William F Engdahl. Worth reading the whole article, but, this might interest you, if you have not seen it.

          The Downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17: Mahathir Opens a “Ukraine Political Pandora’s Box”

          ‘… The Kolomoisky Factor

          Notably, at the time of the MH17 downing, the Ukrainian governor of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast or region, was Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky, who is listed as the third richest man in Ukraine with an empire in oil, coal, metals and banking, was also reported to be directly linked via offshore entities to control of Burisma, the shady Ukrainian gas company that named the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden to its board.

          Kolomoisky, who is notorious for hiring thugs and neo-nazis to beat up business and other opponents in Ukraine, reportedly secured the lucrative Burisma post for Hunter Biden, despite Biden’s lack of any experience in Ukraine or in oil and gas, in return for Joe Biden lifting Kolomoisky’s US visa travel ban. Joe Biden was the Obama Administration point person in charge of the 2014 CIA-orchestrated Maidan Square coup and toppling of the elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

          Notably, the Mahathir remarks have drawn attention anew to the mysterious circumstances around the downing of Malaysian Air MH17 in 2014 and the potential role of Kolomoisky and others, in that. The role of corrupt Ukraine officials backed by the Obama Administration, is now under scrutiny.

          Notably, the new President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, is widely reported to be a protégé of Igor Kolomoisky. Zelensky became a national name as a comedian on a Ukraine TV station owned by Kolomoisky, and the latter reportedly provided funds and personnel to run the comedian’s victorious May 2019 election campaign in which he defeated incumbent Petro Poroshenko, a bitter foe of Kolomoisky. Following Zelensky’s election victory, Kolomoisky returned to Ukraine after exile in Switzerland following a bitter falling out with Petr Poroshenko in 2015.

          All these pieces of a very murky geopolitical puzzle underscore the dirty role that Ukraine and the Obama administration have played in demonizing Russia as well as the Trump Administration. Most recently, it appears that the US Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his staff, relied on a Ukrainian businessman named Konstantin Kilimnik, who worked for Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, as the key figure supposedly linked to Russian intelligence, as a key figure to make the case of Russian collusion or interference in the 2016 US elections.

          Far from a Putin agent, however, new evidence shows that Kilimnik, since at least 2013 was a confidential Ukrainian informant to the US State Department, according to US journalist John Solomon. Solomon cites FBI documents including State Department emails he has seen where Kilimnik is described as a “sensitive” intelligence source for the US State Department. The Mueller report left that embarrassing detail out for some reason. Kilimnik worked for Paul Manafort who before the 2014 Ukraine coup had served as a lobbyist for Ukrainian elected president Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of the Regions.

          Their shadowy acts in Ukraine may soon come to haunt key figures in Ukraine such as Kolomoisky, as well as people like Joe Biden and family. From the true authorship of the downing of MH17, which Dutch and other investigators believe was linked to Kolomoisky actors, to the Ukraine business dealings of Hunter Biden to the true facts of the Mueller “Russiagate” probe, all could well prove to be a far more revealing investigation for the US Justice Department than the obviously biased Mueller probe has been. Increasingly it is looking like the Ukraine and not Russia is the more likely source for interference in the 2016 US election, and not in the way we have been told by the establishment media such as CNN…’

          “Ukrgate” Sideswipes Joe Biden’s 2020 Election Hopes…

  • Toronto Tonto

    Russia is guilty and we will prove it , the paid deniers can SMC .

    • Concrete Mike

      You had 5 years to prove it, to close the case and you havent.

      This should be a home run with all the so called evidence there is supposed to be.

      So you with the strong accusations…prove it. You cant, thats why were still in this charade!

      So no i wont please you with fellacio, i dont have access to a microscope to find it anyways!

      • Toronto Tonto

        It takes a long time to gather the evidence when the guilty party hides and secures the crash site , the truth will come out , a nd the truth will also prevail in the polish crash that Russia still wont give back the wreckage to its owners and then putin will hang .

        • Concrete Mike

          You cant accuse someone from day 1 as being guilty and turn around and say it takes a long time to gsther evidence. Thats not how it works!!!

          You shut the fuck up while you gather evidence, otherwise your compromising the integrity of the investigation.

          You can come to a conclusion before investigating, thats call.confirmation bias!

          Fucking morron!!

  • Toronto Tonto

    Hopefully TONS more sanctions will follow , what do ya think guys/losers .

    • skinner15

      Sanctions, like the thousands of other sanctions since 2014!

      US sanctions have only increased cooperation between Russia, China and Iran. 60 years of sanctions have been applied to Cuba, N Korea, and they are still there laughing at the US giant, scared silly to attack a little island 90 miles from Miami.

      • Toronto Tonto

        I like cuba great place and lots of nice old cars everywhere .

        • skinner15

          You would find the same cars, in rural, backwater USA.

          I must have passed hundreds of 50’s era cars, while taking a train from Miami Central, to Washington once.
          I still can’t figure out how so many people live in the woods without roads or running water and electricity.

          • Toronto Tonto

            We have what they call wells and solar p o w e r you can google it . Washington and Oregon are beautiful .

          • Concrete Mike

            Solar power, washington and oregon?

            Might as well have tidal power in montanna while your at it!

            Stupid fuckwit dont even know how to read a map.

            No fucking clue about climate.

            Oregon is the cloudiest state in America, fuck sakes Twiliight knows more about USA than you do!!

          • skinner15

            There were no solar panels in those woods boy, no roads, just run down shacks and ancient cars.

            Washington and Oregon are not Florida, they are states where murderers go to hide out ffs. Or grow grass.

    • Sadri Salah

      That coming from a country that is partly responsbile of the massacre in Yemen. Canadian loser.

      • Concrete Mike

        No canadians support the saudi war effort, none whatsoever.

        Maybe the people working for general dynamics, but fuck em, they dont give a fuck when i get laid off why should i csre about then.

        Tonto is working for nato in estonia i bet !

        • Toronto Tonto

          How did you find out .

          • Concrete Mike

            Multiple reasons.

            I gave you 2 weeks full of toronto innuendos that someone in canada would get.


            I know canadian forces are based in estonia,could be latvia too,specifically an electonic intelligence unit.

            So i.may not know exactly where you are, but i know what you are.

            Whats a double double?

          • goingbrokes

            Excellent counterintel you are running!

          • Concrete Mike

            Hehe not bad eh? Now if only i could get paid for it!

            Beer acceptable payment. Anything but USD lol

      • Stephan Williams

        He’s no Canadian. He’s a lying jew hiding behind the Canadian flag.

    • AM Hants

      Russia did seriously well out of the last lot, did they not?

      Self dependent and the growth of a few of Russia’s declining industries, including the agricultural community.

      If more sanctions pushed through, what difference does it make, when Russia and China no longer trade in the $US. One of the other positives of the sanctions.

      • Toronto Tonto

        The wasteland was a dump before the sanctions , good luck and supply the 23 % of Russian households with toilets if you can .

        • AM Hants
          • Dontlietome

            This reply is soooooooooooooooooooo good ! The reality is that there must be 40-50 cities in the US all of which have gravitated into un-occupiable cess-pits, perhaps all of them ?

          • AM Hants

            Sad, how much the US spends on anything but it’s people and infrastructure. There is no excuse for it and so similar in the the so called civilised parts of the world.

          • Dontlietome

            I have been earlier watching Congree-woman Tulsi Gabbards ( Hawaii ) declaration to run for the POTUS slot in 2020. She has impressed me greatly with her earnest and honest opinion on the current US Foreign policy. I believe she would make a great Pres. of the USA, if she can get enough politicians to back her Anti Foreign Wars Policy. Her concept is that the USA and its populous can make it great again, whilst the money would stay at “Home” where it would be used to give nation-wide Medi-care, and restore drinkable water to many states where it is no longer potable. Consider that last sentence……………. a country as technologically advanced as the USA, and they lack drinkable fresh water because the infrastructure is so old, corroded and underfunded……………..and yet they can afford to prop Israel up to the tune of 4 billion a day ! I wanted Trump to win based on his promises, but he has turned the “Swamp” into a cess pit, but he still isn’t as bad as the Clitons or Obumma, (valgarity intended ). He hasn’t pushed any red buttons yet either, but God help us all if he allows Bolton and Pelosi to take the reins.

          • AM Hants

            Wouldn’t it be nice if the US came up with another party, with the likes of Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul. Guess that is a wish to far?

          • Dontlietome

            Me thinks that the Deep State would “JFK” her if she won, but considering the only form of voting is electronic, then she doesn’t stand a hope of making it thro’ to the semi’s, the DS would have all the voting machines rigged. She is like a breath of fresh air at the moment. She impressed me most when she flew out to meet Pres. Assad of Syria, and I believe that was a major turning point for her…………. a chance to “see” behind the curtain of lies with which she is confronted with everyday from the MSM and foreign intel org’s like NATO and MOSSAD.

          • AM Hants

            The only thing that concerned me about her, was the fact she signed up to the HR 1644 Act, which was a serious surprise. Other than that, she is a breath of fresh air.

            Over in the UK, we have two candidates that will be chosen to represent the Conservative Party, both, as dire as each other. The Trump-Clinton Love Child, who was the worst Foreign Secretary on Record, and pure AshkeNAZI Khazarian, war monger and also bone idle politician, Boris. Or the idiot, whose daddy was an Admiral and cannot do enough for the US, since Donald rolled into town, Jeremy Hunt. He just happens to be the latest ‘Foreign Secretary Dimwit’. Bearing in mind, the Foreign Office, also has control over the UK intelligence services. Round those two idiots up, one a ‘REMOANER’ and the other a ‘BREXIT Trojan Horse’, with the Campaign Manager of ‘Team Boris’ – ‘Tim But Dim’ Williamson, who told the Russians ‘to go home and shut up’. Three complete imbeciles, and no doubt whichever one takes over from May, the other one, plus ‘Dim but Tim’, will also have senior positions in the cabinet.

            Just when you believe things are settling down, up comes another’NWO’ dream team, who lust after more war.

        • Dontlietome

          Those 23% of households don’t NEED the Toilets you are thinking of, they have old-fashioned, but perfectly eco-friendly out-houses, which have sufficed for many centuries……………and they won’t be looking to change them any time soon.

          • skinner15

            He obviously never seen Lars the Dane making survival videos on YouTube. lol

          • Dontlietome

            Is the tap water in Toronto drinkable/potable ? If it is, then poor old Tonto is under the influence of Fluoride overload………………… he’s fucked for goooooooooooooooood !

  • AM Hants

    Questions that need answering first.

    Why was there no autopsy report on the pilots of the MH17?
    Why was there no forensic report, on the shrapnel fragments in the entry and exit holes, which would have proved the DNA of the missile/missiles. Including whether ground to air, air to air or a mixture of both.
    Why did Ukraine allow civilian planes to enter a war zone, despite repeated concerns, even addressed a couple of days before 17 July 2014?
    Why is the Prime Minister of Malaysia, concerned that Russia is being blamed, without evidence or checking all facts? When it could easily have been Ukraine, in his own words?
    Why did Kolomoisky, who was the oligarch in charge of aviation and air traffic control, and also gave the Vice President of America’s son a position in one of his energy companies, apologise, for taking down the wrong plane? Who were they expecting, with similar colouring, similar radar image and returning from a successful BRICS summit? Remember, Prime Minister Modi, coming back from the same summit, was just behind the MH17?

    Kolomoysky: Sorry about the MH17 – but it is a trifle – ENG SUBS…

    Why did they alter flight paths?

    Why did the order the pilot to drop height, so the flight came within the ceiling zone of an upgraded SU25?

    Why did they ignore the witness, who stated three Su25s took off from an Ukraine military base, one laden with air to air missiles. The latter jet returned, the other two were taken out, without the missiles. The pilot, who has since committed suicide, stated he took down the wrong plane?

    Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17. It was Not a ‘Buk’ Surface to Air Missile…

    Breaking: ‘Silenced’? Ukrainian Military Pilot Accused of Attack on Boeing MH17 Found Dead…

    Why did the female air traffic control officer, who was responsible for the MH17, go on holiday, the following day, never to return and never questioned by the investigation committees?

    The Downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17: Mahathir Opens a “Ukraine Political Pandora’s Box”…
    (brilliant article by William F Engdahl)

    Why did NATO and the US never release their satelite and radar intelligence, considering the US satelite was actioned at the time of incident, and NATO was carrying out an exercise, which finished on the day, in the Black Sea, using Aegis Systems and air communications?

    Why did Ukraine allow the flight, to enter their airspace knowing their primary radar was not working on the day?

    Why did the BBC delete the video, where witness statements, mentioned the military jets, shadowing the MH17?

    Deleted BBC Russia MH17 report about ‘Ukrainian military jets’ (Eng Subs)…

    Why did the investigation, ignore the evidence, presented in a court of law, over in Europe, where the manufacturers of the BUK systems, were fighting the EU, with regards sanctions and providing evidence. Bearing in mind, they produced the BUKS for the Soviet Union, Russia and Ukraine, together with the missiles?

    Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey delivers MH17 report…

    Why did Ukraine, show the missile (in good condition), complete with serial numbers, then the investigation refused to acknowledge the passport of the missile, which Russia provided? Showing it was a 1986 Soviet Missile, which was sent to Ukraine, not Russia?

    JIT MH17 press meeting MH17, May 24,2018…

    Passport of the missile, Ukraine presented on 24 May 2018:

    Additional details on the manufacturning serial number 8868720 8 produced on 24 May 2018

    MH17 Missile Log

    Why did Ukraine refuse to allow the nation owning the plane, be involved in the investigation and why did Ukraine demand everything remainded classified?

    Why did the UK take the Black Boxes for the MH17, to analyse, but, nearly 5 years later, there has been no report on what the Black Boxes provided?

    So many questions, so few answers, but, just after the Prime Minister of Malaysia starts asking questions, not believing the spin, they suddenly announce they wish to prosecute 4 people. Will never make it to court, but, will court media headlines, owing to the fact, courts rely on facts.

    How does MH17 fit in with Skripal and Russia Gate, besides the same crowd being involved?

    • Dontlietome

      Wow…………..sterling work, I hope other commentators are reading your work fully…………

      • AM Hants

        Thank you. So many questions, with so few answers.

        Hope the questions get copied and passed around.

    • R_Russell

      There is, in fact, an autopsy report on the crew of MH-17 and you know this to be true.

      My question has to do with why you continue, all these years, to seemingly pose questions on items you’ve had answers to all this time.

      Here’s a question I’ve posed to you for nearly five (5) years now without an answer. How is it even possible that FSB Colonel Igor Girkin took credit for destroying a Ukrainian AN-26 at the exact time and location of MH-17 but, oddly enough, no AN-26 wreckage was ever located?

      • Concrete Mike

        Where was this credit taken? Was this picked uo through electronic measures??

        If thats the evidence your betting the farm for,its pretty weak.

        Russia released the serial.number of the missiles, that was Ukrainian stock.

        Thats real evidence!
        Not easily comprimised internet evidence!

        I live in the real world.

    • Concrete Mike

      Well done !

      Keep asking the correct questions!!
      I love seeing the orcs squirm.

      • AM Hants

        Ditto and hope eventually they are forced to report the truth behind it all.

  • AM Hants

    ‘It was to blame Russia from the beginning’: Malaysia PM fires back at MH17 probe…

  • goingbrokes

    This JIT scam is so dumb. They have worked so hard over the years to deprive the public of good information which would enable us to make up our own minds. They have disregarded Russian evidence from the outset. US has not released satellite data to prove something. They lied about the lack of access to the crash site in the beginning, and the internet has been cleaned of many photos and other “evidence” that was available at some point. How can these people look in the mirror? Scum of the earth. JIT is the definition of a kangaroo court.

    • goingbrokes

      One thing they are good at though, investigating joints and smoking them. ;)

  • R_Russell

    Unimpressive. Russia’s response, the constant denials, the constant disassembling, the constant disinformation and misinformation is wholly unimpressive.

    If all the evidence and all the information which the DSB and JIT has uncovered to date had pointed toward Ukraine this site and it’s commenters would be jumping up and down discussing the executions of Ukrainian officials.

    Bottom line: As was reported by Russian media in the first hour, FSB Colonel Igor Girkin announced the destruction of a Ukrainian AN-26 transport aircraft at the precise time and in the precise location MH-17 was falling from the sky. Only after the crash site was reached and identified as civilian airliner MH-17 did Russian media and the DPR do an about face and begin pointing toward Ukraine.

    • Concrete Mike

      That all you got media reports??

      The same media repots that said saddam had WMD.

      Russia released the serial.number on the missiles.

      Beat that!

      • R_Russell

        Let me see if I understand you correctly. Someone wrote a series of hand written numbers and dates in a ledger and the Russian government presents that to the world and you believe that’s conclusive evidence? As I wrote previously, unimpressive.

        As MH-17 was still falling from the sky (see Russian media report above) FSB Colonel Igor Girkin was crediting his men for destroying a Ukrainian AN-26 at the precise time and location MH-17 was struck from the sky. That no AN-26 wreckage was found but, rather, MH-17, exactly where Girkin reported in real time, is difficult evidence to overcome.

        • skinner15

          You could always date the ledger by scientific means, whereas you just rely on a recording of voices you and other Nazis probably cobbled together.

          The Nazi must be the most stupid person ever, imagine attacking the US, Britain and the Soviets, all together!

          • R_Russell

            Me and other Nazis?

            Grow up, kid.

          • skinner15

            Yeah, that’s right Adolf.

            Keep on imagining its a child you are talking to, you ducking perv.

          • R_Russell

            When I see a child stomping their feet and calling everyone who disagrees with them names I call them out.

            Have some self respect and, for goodness sake, stand up like an adult and offer an adult point of view.

          • skinner15

            What’s with this girly shyte, “I call them out”? You are online, if you were next to me, you would say jack sheet.

            Why point out facts to a troll who works for Nazis?

          • R_Russell

            Sincerely, kid, try and summon a modicum of respect for yourself. When it comes down to it, how you treat those with whom you disagree is what being a respected adult is mostly about. Otherwise the average person, even other children, will be repulsed.

            If I had been next to you I would have simply agreed with you. Yes, the ledger can be dated. I believe it should be. You then would insist I’m a Nazi, or some odd goblin you conjured in your head, and the entire room would cease hearing you.

            Self respect.

          • skinner15

            If you had a respectful argument, then you would have a respectful debate.

            You avow that a tape recording made by the coup forces of Kiev, to be the truth, when any ashmole could cobble that together. Kids can do that ffs.

            The Russians offered actual, physical proof, of a ledger from the legal authorities of the day, the Soviet Union. The paper can be tested ffs, never mind say completely normal that the Soviet Union sent weapons to all its different republics and territories.
            Only a Nazi would pretend that Ukrainian air-defence units in Western Ukraine were not armed with BUK missiles.

            I have no respect for Nazis who parrot lies.

        • Dontlietome

          You clearly made this up…………you’d get a job at any pulp-fiction outlet. Do you know how many Satellites, OTH Radars and other methods for seeing what is in the sky there were on that day watching that airspace ??????????? Dozens, the truth is known by many, but shared with no-one on either side…………….and YOU think you have the answer ?????????? Engage brain before operating keyboard.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Braindead trolls are paid to think and lie like putin the mass murderer .

      • R_Russell

        I wouldn’t say brain-dead. I would describe many here and elsewhere on the Internet as motivated to constantly change the subject, obfuscate, repeatedly ask questions that have long ago been answered and, yes, outright lie as well.