New Rocket Attack From Lebanon Shakes Israel (Video, Photos)

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New Rocket Attack From Lebanon Shakes Israel (Video, Photos)

An Iron Dome antimissile system is installed near the Israeli side of the border with Syria in the Golan Heights. IMAGE: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS

On May 19, a barrage of rockets was launched from the outskirts of the village of Seddiqine in South Lebanon at northern Israel.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) revealed that a total of four rockets were launched from Lebanon. Rocket sirens were heard in several parts of northern Israel, including the port city of Haifa.

According to the IDF, one of four rockets was intercepted by the Iron Dome system, while the rest fell in open areas without causing any losses.

The IDF responded to the rocket attack by shelling several areas in South Lebanon. According to Lebanese sources, at least 16 shells landed between Biyyadah Biyyadah. Israeli fighter jets and drones were spotted over the region.

“We are prepared for any scenario on any front,” the IDF said in a brief statement.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, yet. The attack was most likely carried out in support of Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip, which have been facing a large Israeli offensive for more than a week now. Around 210 people were killed in Israeli strikes on the enclave.

Today’s attack was not the first. On May 13, three rockets were fired from South Lebanon at Israel. All three landed off Israel’s shores. On May 17, six rockets were fired towards Israel. All of them failed to cross the Lebanese border.

All the attacks were launched from South Lebanon, a stronghold of Hezbollah. Nevertheless, Lebanese media sources claim that Palestinian fighters were behind all recent rocket attacks.


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Putin Fartsmeller

Oh no, dear leader Putin isn’t gonna be able to mediate between our Zioterrorist business partners and the Arabs if any Russian migrant in the Rothschild neocolony gets killed by those rockets. President Putin declared ISISrael a Russian-speaking cuntry after all.

Holocaust survivors/Great Patriotc war veterans and Arabs need to show restraint, or else our security, trade and partnership interests will be affected by this senseless bloodshed.

Last edited 2 months ago by Putin Fartsmeller
John J rambo

Bruh, noone but literally noone can survive after smelling Putin’s fart(contains highly toxic ingridients) so please change your nick for everyone’s sake.

Putin Fartsmeller

What do you mean Litvinenko and Skripal were attacked with dear leader’s farts? You AngloZionist propagandist; just another neonazi Ukrop under Biden and Soros LGBT payroll. We’re diplomatic here but that kind of michief is unacceptable.

Pakistani Fartsmeller

They were attacked with novichok from Boris Johnson buttocks there is plenty more for you and Sadiq Khan.


Yep!… Couldn’t have said it any better! When does the Russian Federation realize that it was in their best interest to replace Vlad after he turned his back and a blind eye on the thousands in the Donbass that were murdered in 2014 by the “Burisma Joe” coup?!…

Time to kick out some more Sberbank Rosneft disciples with a Rogozin or a Shoygu!

Flush Yourself

Stop farting from your mouth and go eat shit from Biden’s butthole you pathetic imbecile.

Trap has turned Gay (and is proud)

I like it when you talk dirty 😘😘😘


You seem to have a very unhealthy fixation with President Putin’s rear end – suspect you are unwittingly, via unconscious projection, outing yourself and your rear end fixation in a spectacularly public manner.
Therapy may help you bring the unconscious into consciousness – and help you accept your true interests and orientation.

Pro freedom

Russian and Chinese weapons don’t work well against superior Israeli American weapons.All rockets were intercepted.

concrete mike

Pro ass, cheering the opression of 2 million people so white eurl trash can steal their land.

You know those are home made unguided slow rockets, costs 500$ a pop.

Iron dome missiles are 100k$

Your a fucking idiot is what you are!


why russian and chinese?


Probably thinks he’s been attacked by communist an not True semites

Icarus Tanović

You’re extremely stupid, son.


$ launched, 2 intercepted = 50% success rate – JooP1gs can’t do mmath


China will lose to freedom loving nations

Last edited 2 months ago by Pro USA

why china?

Arch Bungle

What will they lose?
Which freedom loving nations?

Pro Freedom

Everyone who is against US/UK/Israel (true axis of evil)


There is no such thing as a freedom loving nation.

Pro Freedom

“freedom loving nations” are those who are fighting against the tyrannical, evil, Anglozionist empire USA


what is the point of launching 4 rockets and they dont hit anything????????


Cheap rockets, intercepted by fairly expensive ones. War of atrition…

John J rambo

What atrition silly boy..Israel ruling smoothly genociding and resupplied by infinite us tax payers..change your narrative already eh dumb german speaking clown.

Arch Bungle

About that “resupply” thing … It’s not going to be possible to resupply once Hamas imposes a no-fly zone and no shipping zone for cargoes incoming to israel.

They may have all the money but it’s useless if they can’t get supplies into israel.


you are mistaken the zionists will not be able to get their cities under control this easily neither will they be able to defeat palestinians so easily and genocide them as you suggest nor can they depend on the infinitive supply anymore this time is over in fact the zionists have cornered themselves badly and you are ignorant about it do you think pipelines blowing up factories blowing up airports being bombed is something a tiny entity like this can sustain

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat

do you even know the size of the entirety of palestine and i mean do you comprehend it really how small it is


You make money with the shoha since shut up your mouth


‘cos….Theres no business like Shoa business…..


Thousands of Dual Citizen FakeJooScum dying to leave Israel. Whats NuttyYahoo gonna do? – Iron Doom2? LoL the Zionist project is over. Go home to your European Shihole Ghetto before you die in palestine


you are right this is a war of attriton and against a small entity like this zionist one it will be much shorter than it was in the saudi example with yemen and already after a week a pipeline was blown up and equal damage was caused to what ansarullah could do over years so this is already quite different than in the past where the palestinians had only stones to throw and considering that not just palestine is in this war but the entire resistance and beyond it this war is not in favor of the zionists since they are totally outgunned and outnumbered

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat
Icarus Tanović

They srill landed in Israel, month or so ago, they’d go pretty crazy about rockets from Lebanon. Now they keep their dirty mouth shut. No one wants two fronts.


They already got TWO fronts – Hamas + Palestinian uprising in West bank, + INSIDE Israel. Hezbollah is 3rd front….then, a possible invasion by Shia PMU’s from Syria. Jordan will not be able to control its population, some of whom ALREADY crossed into Palestine to “help” out. We’re gonna have us a Turkey Shoot and dem Turkeys are FakeJoos

Arch Bungle

It’s a warning from Hezbollah: We can hit you from Lebanon if you keep pushing your luck. Don’t think we will remain uninvolved forever …


i get that but each day passes more and more palestinians are dying for nothing


FAR more Fake Joos will die when this thing is finally over – millions of them. No one will be allowed to remain – either they will leave or they will die. There is no alternative


Hezbollah considered getting involved in 2014 if they anticipated Hamas was to be “broken” by IDF – Why will they NOT consider it this time?

Icarus Tanović

It is like saying we are there, count on us.


Psychological warefare – Israel is a tiny, marginal, country that essentially survives due to its parasitic welfare dependence on US subsidized military hardware. For all their bellowing and bluster, all Israeli’s
are well aware of this, and are deeply paranoid about: a.) losing US taxpayer funded weaponry (hence intense and highly aggressive pro-Isreal lobbying in US politics), and b.) being overrun by the far more populous regional Arabs that surround them. Thus, the mere thought of war on two fronts deeply stresses Israeli’s – they just don’t have the sustainable manpower for war on multiple fronts – ie, fighting Hamas – and possibility of Hezbollah simultaneously. These rockets from Lebanon are a gentle reminder of that to Israeli public and politicians – and thus also a hint to curtail current war on Gaza.

Last edited 2 months ago by CantArgueWithThat

palestine will not stop to resist just like syria didnt stop to resist just like yemen didnt stop to resist its going on and the attempts of stopping this conflict are a waste of time this will not stop aslong as the zionist usurper entitiy exist they might blabber as if they are in power but they are surrounded and cornered and palestinians are not just fighting all over palestine but also global


beside all the problems and hardships thrown at us we will still win at the end so get used to the fact that your entire world will be turned around palestine will be entirely liberated and the zionist usurper entity will be eradicated

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat
Putin Fartsmeller

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Arch Bungle

Wrong site, dipshit.


He should go over to http://WWW.HOMOS4ZIOSTAN

Steve Standley

lol I love SouthFront Commentary. It’s the only place I can go to get hate from people with views similar to my own, besides the hate from the literally clown-like zionist and american stooges.

Pro Terrorists -> Zion yankees Wahhabi

My dude, SF fuked up with this new shit comment section where anyone can change their name and troll anyone.
You can’t block them nor can you have real communication anymore.

Also, @SF fix your shit, look at RT or PressTV comment section and steal it.

ahson is a dumb liberal

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yep. there are 1 or 2 dumb trolls who spam random bullshit all day long, it’s easy to remove them but I guess SF can’t afford moderators or they think trolls are useful to increase traffic

Bobby Twoshoes

That’s what real free speech looks like. It’s either that or force people to create an account which means building and maintaining an account system. If you want them to hire more devs and mods to do these expensive things then donate some money instead of complaining.

The Objective

another aimed-to-miss attack.


I don’t understand. If they are firing from Lebanon then why do they fall into the sea? Is their aim that bad? What am I missing here?

Bobby Twoshoes

Could be targeting a coastal facility though the goal of this kind of rocket fire is not so much to damage materiel as goad the Israelis into using the Iron Dome. One Iron Dome missile costs more than 100 times as much as the rockets they’re occasionally intercepting. In a protracted conflict it will become cost-prohibitive for the Israelis (impossible should the flow of US money slow down) and they will either run out of interceptors or have to ration their use, at that point the resistance can start using better missiles, confident that the Iron Dome will be significantly less effective.

deja vu

False Flag

ahson is a dumb liberal

sure why not let them even widen the conflict its not as if they handled so well until now hezbollah firing its arsenal sending its soldiers aswell as gaza being active and west bank is basically the end for the zionists already they cant handle multiple fronts with such intensity

Dick Von D'astard

Could be a two-front war and then a three-front one inside of Israel itself between those for Netanyahu and against him.