New Video Shows Road Accident Between Russian, US Forces In Northeastern Syria

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New Video Shows Road Accident Between Russian, US Forces In Northeastern Syria

Screen grab from the road accident video.

On June 30, the Reverse Side of the Medal channel on Telegram shared footage from a recent road accident between US forces and Russian Military Police vehicles in Syria’s northeastern region.

The video shows a US International MaxxPro MRAB [Mine Resistant Ambush Protected] vehicle that had hit a Russian BTR-82a armored personnel carrier from the side. The accident was apparently minor as both vehicles appeared to be intact in the footage.

The Reverse Side of the Medal didn’t reveal when or specify in which part of northeastern Syria the road accident took place.

Such accidents are very common and they are usually the result of poor coordination between US and Russian forces operating in northeastern Syria.

Earlier this month, a unit of the Russian Military Police blocked a US military patrol which violated the deconfliction mechanism in northeastern Syria. The patrol approached the M4 highway in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah without giving a prior notice.

The situation in northeastern Syria is stable to some extent. However, the US constant attempts to expand its influence in the region are creating some security challenges.


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BTR-82A eats M1224-MaxxPro as a roadside snack!

Last edited 2 months ago by VaporTrail
Chess Master

In which Disney show?


Same power to weight ratio only BRT-82 is a ton and a half heavier and much smaller in all dimensions. 30mm auto cannon on the BRT-82 vs a 50 cal machine gun. BRT-82 is amphibious and can climb a 60 degree slope and traverse a 40 degree side slope while the MRAP has a “rollover problem” when it tries to go off road.

The MRAP is a taxi to be used against unarmed insurgents while the BRT-82 is an APC meant to roll with the tanks. Note the cupola where the gunner sits on the MRAP … it’s sticking 10 feet in the air which is convenient for mowing down barefoot kids armed with AK’s while the BRT-82 has a low profile and sloping armour that makes it a difficult target and can be deployed hull down behind a berm for better protection against heavy weapons

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America should be ashamed of its behavior, Jewish puppets.


With respect, but this is not the crime of America, but of the Jews’ US Tyranny. America is the country occupied by the Jews’ rogue US Tyranny wardog.

I’m not letting my fellow Americans off the hook for their complicity in the Jews’ US Tyranny’s wardog’s crimes, but most of them have been addled by the Jews’ propaganda and have no clue what is or isn’t reality. They’re sheeple, zombies really.

Don’t worry, our suffering is to get worse, much worse, as all Jew occupied countries come to know.

Oh, my poor, poor country.


do something about it fatty


Accident my arse.

Chess Master

It’s an invitation?


The Jews’ US Tyranny is getting desperate in their attempts to impose “Greater Israel” on the Syrian people.

Lone Ranger

BTR won.

AM Hants

Remind me, but, why are the US in Syria? Have they declared war on the nation? Have they voted to go to war with Syria? Have they UN approval or are they just gate crashing the party, hoping to take all the goodie bags, as usual?

L du Plessis

intl. law is US shitpaper.