New Year’s Celebrations French Style: Burning At Least 60 Cars In Strasbourg Riot

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New Year's Celebrations French Style: Burning At Least 60 Cars In Strasbourg Riot

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On December 31st, rioters in Strasbourg, France, took to the streets on their annual “New Year’s Celebration” event.

They didn’t adhere to a 20:00 curfew, and also burned at least 60 cars, according to French daily Le Figaro.

“We are already at a certain number of burnt vehicles,” said the office of Josiane Chevalier, the prefect of the Bas-Rhin region, adding that several arrests had been made throughout the night.

Warning that there would be no “concession” to vandals, Chevalier said the city “cannot afford to have the same record as last year” and that the authorities had done everything in their power to curtail the car burnings.

Clearly authorities could do more.

Strasbourg is not the only city to have taken part in the annual New Year’s arson-fest, with a record 1,457 cars having been burned last year in France as a whole, according to media reports.

As such, it appears that France has a history of burning vehicles.

However, a situation such as this was hard to imagine approximately 10 years ago, currently the new pro-liberal agenda is facilitating actions such as these.

In Strasbourg, the measures did little to stop the rioters.

There were presumably hundreds of “activists” hitting the streets despite the curfew and sizable law enforcement presence, which included a police helicopter, filmed shining a searchlight on the city below. The ban on fireworks also appears to have been largely ignored, with bangs being heard throughout the night.

Any stricter measures would’ve been dubbed as “police brutality” lead to even more protests and such. The acceptance of radical elements, with claims of saving them and what not are presenting their consequences appear to be a gift that promises to keep on giving.


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