Nigerian Migrant Arrested for Stabbing Female ‘Refugee Helper’ to Death in Switzerland

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A Nigerian migrant was arrested in Switzerland after he murdered a 22-year-old asylum home worker in Germany.

Nigerian Migrant Arrested for Stabbing Female ‘Refugee Helper’ to Death in Switzerland

22-year-old Soopika P., murdered by a Nigerian migrant (Photo: Facebook)

On Tuesday, a 27-year-old Nigerian migrant was arrested at a train station in the city of Bern, Switzerland, after he murdered a 22-year-old asylum home worker in Ahaus, Germany, and fled to another country. The arrest was committed after a Europe-wide arrest warrant was issued for the murderer.

“Only yesterday, the prosecutor’s office ordered the European-wide call for arrest on the basis of the existing national arrest warrant. Today’s arrest of the suspect in Switzerland is a quick success,” the Swiss Blick newspaper quoted words of chief prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt.

“The prosecutor’s office in Münster has initiated the formal extradition request,” Botzenhardt noted. “The murder commission will not question the suspect until after his arrival in Germany.”

As police reported, the migrant’s victim was 22-year-old Soopika P., who was stabbed in the head, neck and upper body. The young woman had no chance to survive. Reportedly, most likely, the motive for the crime was sexual desire, as, according to the authorities, the murderer had repeatedly tried to get in contact with Soopika. According to one of the victim’s friends, the attraction was not mutual, as the girl had just broken up with her boyfriend and had no interest in a relationship.

As the German Bild newspaper reported, Soopika was well known and popular in Ahaus. “Many knew her, she was a really nice girl. Because her own family comes from India and she has very good English, she has been involved in refugee aid,” the newspaper quoted words of one of her friends.

The Soopika’s murder became the latest of a number of murders of women, who have worked with migrants. The most famous case occurred in Germany, where Maria Ledenburger, a volunteer, helping asylum seekers, was raped and killed by a 17-year-old Afghan migrant.

Last year, a similar murder took place in Sweden, where a Somali migrant stabbed to death Alexandra Mezher, a worker of an asylum centre, in a home for underage migrants. A similar incident happened in Austria last year, where an American, working as an au pair in Vienna, was strangled to death by a Gambian migrant in her apartment, after the girl let him to stay there in order to avoid deportation. The murderer fled from the country and also was detained in Switzerland.

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They are degenerates.

Dagwood Bumstead

Either support workers shouldn’t be visiting clients alone OR female support workers shouldn’t work with men. It’s a no brainer when working with backward cultures that don’t respect gender other than male.


send them all back home.


It is not that I think that on average immigrants commit more crimes and/or murders, and I’m sure that their circumstances of being in a strange country, having no network to get jobs, becoming victims of discrimination, explains why some of them turn to crime. But that still doesn’t negate the fact even if they on average commit the same number of crimes, those crimes would never have happened if they had not arrived in those countries.