Nikol “The Basement” Desperately Claims Russia’s Peacekeepers Were Encircled By Azerbaijan

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Nikol "The Basement" Desperately Claims Russia's Peacekeepers Were Encircled By Azerbaijan

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On December 15th, the Russian Ministry of Defense provided an updated on the peacekeepers’ activity in Nagorno-Karabakh.

At 23 observation posts, peacekeepers are conducting round-the-clock monitoring of the situation – no ceasefire violations have been recorded.

The assistance hotline received 485 calls for the entire period of work.

Continuous supply of electricity to 24 settlements with a population of over 10,000 was ensured.

174.97 hectares of territory, 49.1 km of roads, 405 houses were cleared of unexploded ordnance, 4,826 explosive objects were found and rendered harmless.

A video showed the Uran-6 mine-clearing robot in action.

The servicemen of the Russian peacekeeping continent in Nagorno-Karabakh delivered humanitarian kits with food and essential items to Mardakert city.

Food kits and basic necessities were given to refugees who returned to their homes and other residents of the village in need.

Several hundred families have received humanitarian kits, which include food and basic necessities.

With the assistance of Russian peacekeepers, vital infrastructure is being restored in areas affected by the fighting.

Completed repair work to restore power lines on the western outskirts of Shushi. A continuous supply of electricity was ensured to 24 settlements in which more than 10 thousand people live.

Specialists of the medical units of the Russian Ministry of Defence in Stepanakert and Mardakert continue to provide medical assistance to the population.

What this means is that Russian military medics are approached by local residents suffering from chronic diseases, who, during the aggravation of the conflict, were deprived of the opportunity to receive qualified medical care and the necessary medicines.

In total, Russian military doctors provided medical assistance to 529 citizens, including 63 children.

A video has been spread on the Internet of a group of Armenian servicemen being taken out of the blockade from the area of Hin Tagher-Khtsaberd villages in the Hadrut region.

The operation was carried out due to the active steps of the Russian peacekeeping contingent carrying out a peacekeeping mission in the Artsakh Republic, with the direct mediation of the contingent commander, Lieutenant General Rustam Muradov.

Nikol "The Basement" Desperately Claims Russia's Peacekeepers Were Encircled By Azerbaijan

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Nikol Pashinyan gave an interview to the Armenian radio Azatutyun.

He made some interesting statements:

  • After the incidents in Khtsaberd and Khin Taher, peacekeepers appeared there, but the situation did not change. Baku’s actions are aimed at withdrawing the Russian peacekeepers from Karabakh.
  • Azerbaijan has not yet signed a document on the approval of the mandate of the Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh. According to him, at least as of December 15, Baku has not yet signed this document.
  • Pashinyan did not rule out that Azerbaijan is pursuing the goal of achieving the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers and continuing the war.

“But now, it is impossible to achieve this,” he claimed.

  • The situation in Khtsaberd and Khin Taher is very tense. There are units of the Artsakh Defense Army, Russian peacekeepers, Azerbaijani troops and, according to Armenian intelligence, the Turkish military. According to Armenian information, Russian peacekeepers are also surrounded. There is a problem of communication. Peacekeepers also have such problems.

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied any claims by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that Russian peacekeepers were encircled by the Azerbaijani army.

This relates to the area of Hin Tagher-Khtsaberd villages in the Hadrut region, which Azerbaijan’s forces pushed, but left when the Russian peacekeepers came in.

Pashinyan also said that he would not allow the people to lose their election power, and as such he would not resign, nor call for early electiosn.

“The forces demanding my resignation also demanded my resignation in December 2019. In fact, nothing has changed for them during this time,” meaning that mismanaging the entire war, losing it, and then blaming it on absolutely everybody else, and doing so while attempting to lead a country through Facebook hasn’t changed anything.

Pashinyan also commented on the point of view that after defeat he will not be able to negotiate with Aliyev:

“President of Azerbaijan decides the fate of power in Armenia? Maybe the President of Azerbaijan will say who will be the next candidate for prime minister? Maybe the opposition candidate for prime minister has been agreed with Aliyev? Maybe he will say with whom it will be convenient for him to negotiate?”

Additionally, a special group of Turkish military personnel consisting of 136 people arrived in Azerbaijan to assist the Azerbaijani army in demining from improvised explosive devices in the temporarily occupied territories of Artsakh.

Azerbaijan has made almost no statements, but is instead releasing videos of the various villages in the regions it was given.


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