No Calm In The Black Sea: New Incident Involves Ukrainian Fishing Vessel And Russian Warships

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No Calm In The Black Sea: New Incident Involves Ukrainian Fishing Vessel And Russian Warships

Source: RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

Reports about the provocations of NATO warships in the Black Sea have not yet left the headlines of the media, but Kiev has once again found a reason to accuse Russia of violations of maritime laws in southern waters.

On July 3, a private Ukrainian fishing vessel with four people on board crashed in the north-western Black Sea area and send a distress signal.

According to the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation, a rocket boat Ivanovets of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was sent to help the Ukrainian crew. Also, the ship Bezuprechny of the FSB Border Service was ready to provide assistance.

“The Ivanovets missile boat of the Black Sea Fleet, performing tasks in the Black Sea, was sent to the area of the Ukrainian fishing vessel OD-2592 (crew – 4 people, home port – Ochakov), whose crew requested assistance at 01:27 on July 3, 2021,” the message says.

The distress signal was received via an international communication channel. According to the captain of the Ukrainian fishing vessel, the ship’s engine failed, it was de-energized.

“An emergency situation with a civilian vessel was reported to the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, which informed the Ukrainian authorities about receiving a distress signal from the vessel OD-2592,” the Russian center added.

As stated later by Russian Center Rosmorrechflot, the shipowner sent a tug from Odessa to help the ship.

There were no risks for the crew.

The Ukrainian side has another vision on the incident. It was not without the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

According to the top intelligence officers of Ukraine, the information spread by the Russian side about the readiness to provide assistance to the Ukrainian fishing vessel, is “another fake” and Russian ships ignored the SOS signal.

According to the Ukrainian Intelligence, the vessel was reportedly towed by the Marine Guard Ship of the state tax service of Ukraine to the home port of Ochakov. At the same time, Russian ships did not approach the Ukrainian vessel, despite receiving an SOS signal.

Too many “accidents” have recently happened near and in Russian territorial waters. No matter did the Russian ships approach the Ukrainian vessel or not, Kiev would not lose a chance to contribute to the image of “cruel Russians” anyway.

In other case, the headlines of global media would cry that “Russian warships harassed Ukrainian fishing boat that was peacefully navigating in international waters.”


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The ukronazi imbeciles have a zionist comedian for a president, installed by a zionist oligarch.

Who would take these fools seriously, from the top down? Is Russia suddenly responsible for the ukropian fishing industry?


Don’t laugh too much at those rusty russian ships guys ^^

Lone Ranger

Rusty Ukronazi ships*
Fixed adolf…

AM Hants

Projecting? Thought it was Azov Engineering, who provided the rusty ships, in the Black Sea, that fly under the Ukraine flag?


So Ukrainians are complaining that Russians didn’t help them?

Lone Ranger

CIA run ukropnazi trolls are crying and raging 🤗


You would think by now they were all cried out.


Remember: The Ukraine, a not Jew nation, is ruled by Jews. “Got Nuland Cookies.”

mike l hutchings

Biden can’t cover his ass fast enough…if it takes a war, war it will be, if this is more bullshit, bullshit it will be

L du Plessis

Ukraine Gov has bern bewitched by Nato 😤