No Escape: Large-Scale Missile Strike Hits Oil Traffickers In Northern Syria (Videos, Photos)

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Late on March 14, a large-scale strike with missiles and heavy rockets hit oil traffickers in Turkish-occupied areas in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo.

The strike targeted the following areas:

  • The al-Himran crossing, which is located near the town of Jarabulus on the border with Turkey. The crossing is used to smuggle oil illegally produced by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from fields in northeastern Syria to Turkish-occupied areas. A large illegal fuel market is located there.
  • The village of Tarhin north of the town of al-Bab. A network of makeshift oil refineries and storage tanks as well as a fleet of fuel tankers are located there.

After the strike, Syrian opposition sources reported intense Turkish artillery strikes on Kuweires Air Base, where Syrian government forces are deployed. No losses were reported, however.

Several tactical ballistic missiles and heavy artillery rockets were reportedly used in the large-scale strikes on oil smugglers, which was not the first of its kind. Exactly ten days ago, a similar large-scale strike targeted oil trafficker’s facilities near al-Himran and Tarhin. Four people were killed and more than 40 others were injured. The strike also destroyed more than 200 fuel tankers.

The new missile and rocket strike on al-Himran and Tarhin was most certainly carried out by the Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces.

More information about the strike and its results will likely become public in the coming days. The strike is a part of campaign to hinder the organized theft of Syrian oil by the SDF and Turkish-backed militants.


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