No Safe Place For Turkey: Soldier Killed In Attack On Turkish Convoy In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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No Safe Place For Turkey: Soldier Killed In Attack On Turkish Convoy In Syria's Greater Idlib


On May 10th, a rocket attack targeted a convoy of Turkish forces on the road between Kafr Lusin and Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Syrian-Turkish border in northern Idlib.

A column included seven military vehicles of Turkish forces. One soldier was killed and four others were injured as a result of the IED attack, according to Turkey’s National Defense Ministry. The victim was identified as Lieutenant Osman Alp.

“In the Operation Spring Shield zone, one of our hero fellow soldiers was martyred and four of our heroic fellow soldiers were injured in the rocket attack on our supply convoy on May 10, 2021,” the ministry said on Twitter.

No Safe Place For Turkey: Soldier Killed In Attack On Turkish Convoy In Syria's Greater Idlib

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Saryat Ansar Abu Baker As-Siddiq, a militant group believed to be linked to al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attack. The group claimed that the attack was a revenge for the death of a girl, who had gotten under the wheels of a Turkish armored vehicle a day before in Nairab, Idlib province.

The group has been active in Greater Idlib since November of 2020, and it is targeting Turkish forces on a regular basis. The last its attack took place on March 13th. Another Turkish convoy was hit with an IED in the southwestern outskirt of Idlib.

On May 8th, a convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces came under attack in the eastern countryside of Idlib, after  what heavy clashes erupted.


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Servet Köseoğlu

Since when al-Qaeda hates Turks?

white male

poorly trained invader in coffin……next please

John Tosh

Who will save Nigeria from the Central Intelligence Agency?
The so called security situation in Nigeria is similar to Syria…. the CIA is using the same tactics in Nigeria.
The only difference is the Chief of Staff to the Nigerian president is a Central Intelligence Agent. The CIA poisoned the last Chief of staff so that they can install “Professor” Ibrahim Gambari…. this agent has caused so many problems for the president of Nigeria yet the president of Nigeria does not know this.
The Chief of Staff, Professor Ibrahim Gambari is a CIA agent in government… he needs to talk to his CIA handler to find out why his home was attacked.

jens holm

Thats a highly biased lie of the worst.

The ones with big influence in Nigeria are the oilcompanies and transporters for them added devastating corrupt locals.


Ottomans go back to tour country


Syria for syriens,ottomans ans kurds in turkey