Norway On The Way To Become Unfriendly Neighbor In Russia’s Eyes

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Written by Peter Korzun; Originally appeared at

Norway is executing a drastic change in its military policy, towards a far more aggressive posture. A total of 330 US Marines have been stationed for a trial period from January at the Vaernes military base east of Trondheim. The deployment marks the first time since World War II that foreign troops have been allowed to station in Norway. Last year, the Norwegian Parliament approved a one-year trial period for the US military presence, including two six-month rotations. Now it is planned to double the Marines presence in the country from 330 to 650 soldiers. Norway and the United States are now discussing the usefulness of continuing this agreement beyond 2017.

Norway On The Way To Become Unfriendly Neighbor In Russia's Eyes

The airport in Nord-Trøndelag can become a major military air base. The US Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway, already stores large amounts of military equipment in caves. The caves currently hold enough to equip a fighting force of 4,600 Marines. The US military plans to enlarge the stockpile allowing it to store enough weapons and equipment for a Marine Expeditionary Brigade (up to 16, 000 servicemen). Planners are completing an analysis of the current gear cache that should wrap up in the next 12 months.

There are other plans to increase US military presence in the country. Last summer, a study group from the US Navy visited both Andøya and Evenes airports in northern Norway to see if they could host American P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft.

According to Washington-based Center for Strategic and international Studies (CSIS) report, «The former Royal Norwegian Navy base at Olavsvern is ideal for supporting submarine operations in the extreme North Atlantic and Arctic Seas». The paper says it may be possible for Norway to nationalize and reopen a portion of the facility to support the rotational presence of US submarines. Olavsvern is NATO’s closest naval base to the Kola Peninsula. The paper notes that the United States needs to leverage its bilateral relationships with Norway in order to develop and deploy a new generation of undersea sensing capabilities.

The construction of sophisticated new radar system known as Globus 3 in Vardø has started. Formally, the radar’s mission is to track space debris but it’s an open secret that the site is an element of the US-led NATO ballistic missile defense (BMD).

The radar located in Svalbard (the Arctic) can also be used by US military for missile defense purposes. The site has been frequently visited by US officials and politicians. This radar is installed in violation of the 1925 treaty which states that Svalbard has a demilitarized status.

Norway used to be skeptical toward the BMD plans. In 2002, Norway condemned the US decision to pull out from the ABM Treaty. Jens Stoltenberg, the current NATO General Secretary, was skeptical about the system at a summit in Moscow in 2007. But Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced the decision to join the NATO missile defense in 2015 – the same year Norwegian ships participated with radar sensors in an allied BMD exercise.

The joint American-Norwegian radar project is an openly hostile move, which has become an irritant to negatively affect the Russian-Norwegian bilateral relationship. The missile shield will alter the strategic balance—giving Washington and NATO the ability to launch a first nuclear strike on Russia and prevent it from launching a counter-strike. Besides, the radar will be used for intelligence collection being stationed just 40 miles from the Russian Kola Peninsula where strategic submarines and other military assets are based.

According to Professor Theodore Postol, a professor at Massachusetts Technological Institute and a well-known scholar, Norway «would be dragged into a conflict between the great powers… The radar in Vardø is of the type GBR-P, formerly deployed on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific. It was formerly intended to be the most important radar in the US missile shield, to be deployed in the Czech Republic».

«Norway has to understand that after becoming an outpost of NATO, it will have to face head-on Russia and Russian military might», Teimuraz Ramishvili, Russian ambassador to Oslo, told Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK. «Therefore, there will be no peaceful Arctic anymore». Formally, the radar’s mission is to track space debris but it’s an open secret that the site is part of US global ballistic missile defense (BMD) system, making Norway a prime target for attack in the event of a conflict.

Norway plans to have over 50 US-produced F-35 stealth warplanes in 2019. It will give it the capability to strike deep into the Russian territory. It underscores the fact that Norway would rapidly be drawn into any war that NATO launched against Russia. Indeed, the preparations unquestionably make Norway a target for Russian military action.

The US military presence represents a shift from the peacetime policy of prohibiting the posting of foreign troops in Norway. Before joining NATO in 1949, Norway pledged not to allow deployment of foreign military on its soil «as long as it is not under attack or threat of attack.» No Norwegian government has said it is threatened by Russia. Quite to the contrary, just a few days ago Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that she doesn’t consider Russia to be a threat to Norway’s security in an interview with German DW. According to her, Oslo and Moscow have a «good partnership», especially in the Arctic. «We don’t believe that Russia is a direct threat to Norway, but we believe that Russia has become more unpredictable in its policies», the PM noted. Hardly so, Russia is very much predictable because it has no alternative to taking measures in response.

The border between Russia and Norway has been peaceful for centuries. The two countries have always been good neighbors. It is all changing now. Foreign troops on Norwegian soil and the construction of the new radar are parts of unfriendly policy toward Russia, which believes that the provocative moves are unacceptable. Perhaps, it should be taken into account by Norwegian politicians as the country nears the parliamentary elections in the fall.

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Shit Head Norwegians didn’t learn the IIWW lesson well and need ro be invaded again. This time around England will be of no use, since it also descended into Third World Nation Status : No money, no work, no nothin for their Empoverished Corsairs !! Maybe Hollywood won’t be around in 200 years to do the Movies !! No “Heroes of Telemark II” !! Too Bad !!


The UK was of no use to Norway in 1940 as the British forces got thrashed by the Germans, they also invaded and violated Norwegian neutrality. It just happened to coincide with a German invasion.

Jens Holm

Yes, the brittish as well as the french help were totally improviced. Some ships couldnt even land troops and heavy material because they came with big ships to small harbours.

And those troops also were secind or thirds class sompared to the german ones.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Yes, and actually the French and English invaded first. Also, the English did an illegal troop deployment into Norwegian waters first, which caused Germany to rush into Norway before the UK and France controlled the whole country and establish Norway as a huge military base of the colonizers of England and France to use against Central Europeans.
The dictators of Norway are the cousins of the dictators of England, as the real English family was wiped out by Norwegian invaded long ago and replaced with a new foreign family.
So the dictator family of Norway ran away abandoning the Norwegian people running to be with there rich cousins in London.
Luckily, the Germans treated the general population very well, aside from English sponsors of terror attacks inside of Norway who blew things up just as today ISIS blows things up in Syria.

Miguel Redondo

I imagine a russian military base in Nova Scotia , what would be the reaction?


Same as the Cuban missile crisis

Jens Holm

Yes, but in Norway its 1800 kilomter. Thats the only difference.


No doubt, Russia will be blame for hacking in Norway’s up coming general elections.

Real Anti-Racist Action

There is nothing to hack, Norway is under unelected dictators who are “Royals” just as in Saudi Arabia and Jordan and the UK. Everything else is just a show so the UN can pretend that they are a democracy.


Muhahaha, the “vikings” are pumping up their balls, huh.
Nope, as long the Imperial banana republic is driving everything, the stupid “Norse” will of course hang on, since their head is trusted to far up the wankees ass you can get it, with no shame, they act like they are “tough”, yup, in an land where southerners dont go outside their doors because of 20 wolfs in the entire region of southern Norway.
This “vikings”, hehe, fight Russians.

This was the laugh of the day, thanks.


Ostap Bender

Countries are “afraid” of Russia, but they gladly surrender their sovereignty to the US and give them land and bases from which they can operate. And they put themselves as a potential targets for the retaliatory strike by Russian Aerospace forces (after Americans will shoot down Russian aeroplane, sink a Russian ship, kill Russian soldiers and launch missile attack, those countries and American installations will be first on the list for the retaliatory strike by Russia).
Russian forces are inside its borders, Russia has 2 military bases in foreign countries vs 880+ American ones, US infantry and mechanized brigades are deployed on its borders, land version of AEGIS systems built in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland and Russians are warmongers???
Only thing I do not support is fighting in Donbass area, but Crimea was always Russian, until Nikita Khrushchev (an Ukrainian born president of USSR gave Crimean peninsula to Ukraine as an autonomous region, and Ukraine never implemented it as a part of Ukraine, it had a status of autonomous region, they voted to join Russia, like we in Croatia voted to go our separate ways from other nations in Yugoslavia but western intelligence agencies who orchestrated meltdown of Yugoslavia wanted a war).
Hypocrisy and double standards first comes to mind when I listen to western MSM. American hegemony since USSR dissolved, and them playing world police, judge and executor needs to stop. Who are they to moralize and impose their values all over the world???
It is impossible to enforce democracy in Muslim countries, they have tribal mentality, man is the leader of the family, tribal leader leader of the tribe, and democracy wont work there. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria have been “Balkanized” like Yugoslavia and basically destroyed as countries.
ISIS is on Russia borders and they need to fight them in Syria, ISIS is 5000+ kilometers from eastern shore of America, and they are demonizing Russia because they support Assad??? Assad can go (and probably will), but the government must be stable, Americans helped Taliban’s against Russia and it backfired big time, they destroyed Iraq and facilitated environment for creation of Sunni ISIS, they didn’t do nothing about it for years until Russia saw the threat to its south west borders and acted with only logical partner in the region. Americans are supporting Kurds, and turning back to one of its oldest allies Turkey. That will backfire sooner than later…


Rubbish. The Norwegians were forced to do this, as was the US after the Russians reopened and re militarized their 27 air bases on the Kola peninsula. did you think they would do this and no one would notice and nothing would happen?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Funny thing is, rich Norwegians living in London and rich Jews living in NY financed the Red Marxist Revolution in Russia which got 45-million Russians and Ukrainians killed and ten’s of millions more Europeans killed.
Every-time the White Russians nearly won defending there country, Norwegians living in London would send more ten’s of millions of dollars to make sure Atheist-Marxist defeated the ethnic-Russians.
Seems to me Norwegians are out to pull their same genocidal trick against Russians and eastern-Europeans again.
As a free Nation devoted to Jesus and teaching about the Bible in all schools, Russia must defend all Monotheist from Atheist-UK and Polytheist fake-Christians of Norway.


If only Russia was actually a nation devoted to god and Jesus, I’d be much more of a fan. I still view them as godless communists.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Then that is a sad state for the world. The UK is openly Atheist and only believes Monkeys are our ancestors. Norwegians lives are filled with Paganism at every tirn and images carved. The claim Lutheran who taught that most of the books of the bible were metafores and not actually true.
The US is godless Communism version 3.0.
France has been atheist since the French Revolution (except for a few years when Germany went in their and reinstated that you could publicly witness and profess your faith)
Europe is Pagan, UK Atheist, US Canada and Israel are working overtime for Lucifer. China is also Atheist.
I guess that only leaves us with Iran, Armenia, Syria and Lebanon left in the world that are actually Monotheist.


A word to you, friend: of all the tools Satan and dark forces have at his disposal, be it Rage, Hate, Jealousy, Anger, Lust, Arrogance, Greed, Pride, or Sadism, of them all, none are as powerful as Despair. We can’t despair, and must recognize him and his works for what they are. Remember that.

And don’t forget, like my Daddy used to say, the Devil is a Fucking Scumbag.


So Norway gets 50 F-35’s? That means the Norwegian air force will outnumber the Dutch air force.


Once they are delivered and integrated, assuming say two thirds are in an operative cycle and a third are in scheduled maintenance – that means 33 available. Aside of the ticket purchase price, at US $42,169 operating costs per flight hour, and maybe 120 hours of flight per year, for next 20 years – that’s $100,000,000 in flight costs per air-frame. Oh, wow there goes the whole budget.

Jens Holm

No, its not. You might compare with some lowlife BNP countries.


Wow, you really responded with some hard data there didn’t you?


A few F-35’s on their own are garbage, Norway make the worst choice possible. For the same price they could have brought dozens more Gripen-E’s from their neighbor Sweden. 80 or so easy to operate Gripen-E’s would be far more effective than 50 F-35 hangar-queens that will constantly suffer from availability issues.

The F-35 buy was purely political, to suck-up to Washington and NATO. No doubt encouraged to do so by that globalist POS Stoltenberg.

Jens Holm

Well, You have to compare other things too and they dont “get” those F35. Those are also replacements for mainly their many F16`s, so their airdefence dont grow.


Idiotic policy. Why abandon historic friendly relations and political neutrality or thereabouts for militarised stance? Why make yourself a target? These people really have forgotten that Russia doesn’t start wars, it finishes them. Politics of fear (=stupidity) are everywhere.

Jens Holm

You must be reached hard by a stone writing like that. Russins blowing themselves up being the biggest dwards in the world against Norway 5,5 mio and 650 american soldiers 1800 km away from their border.

DJ Double D

As I said before: Too much coldness in international relations is costing Russia a fortune. No new country wants to be their ally because of the fear that they won’t be adequately protected if the need arises. The current allies are leaving them under western influence. Economically they are weak. Militarily, they are not showing strong guts to fully defend when the need arises.


Sadly there is much truth in this. Sometimes it seems that Putin cares more about what the NATO press writes about him than does Trump, which is futile because Putin will be vilified no matter what. A KGB man of all people should appreciate that international relations are not decided by right and wrong, but by power. And of course the ability to print dollars out of thin air is a big part of that.

Surely it was a difficult call, but I think Russia should have taken out the Romanian missile facility, preferably during the opening ceremony. At some point, these insects must be made to feel that “no means no”. When are you going to draw a line otherwise?


These moves may be immoral but are they really irrational. You can call Putin a baby killer and right next day, Lavrov will be back at your doorstep begging for “partnership”. You step out of line against Washington, and look what happened to Erdogan in the coup attempt, or to Duterte in the Marawi incident. Independence is a luxury affordable only to the strong and Russia is not quite strong enough, certainly in its economy.


I guess those troops and future missiles need to be there to protect Europe from Iran too. :’)
Anyway Russia should just let them waste their money there and ignore them.

Kim Jong

5 russian Kalibr missiles and there are no more military bases in Norway. 10 Kalibr missiles and they are back in 1900 and eat herring and birch bark. Cocksuckers, never liked them. Now i know why.

Jens Holm

hahaha. They probatly will prefare pinguins from arktis for You.


Europeans are sleepwalking into catastrophic disaster if they get talked into being operational base for NATO to launch a full blown war with Russia on behalf of US uni-polar ambitions. Norway will end up molten glass for what? Current European leadership attitudes are looking reminiscent of Mussolini’s belated but complacent assumption to pitch in with Hitler’s aggression, to grab some spoils, because on paper, the 1940 model Wehrmacht military machine looked an un-loseable proposition to join up with. Wrong short term assumption and ultimately rather costly for Mussolini and the entire Italian Peninsula.

Jens Holm

Of course they are. It has been like that just after WW2 being to a socalled cold war after that.

Of course Nato is an operational base – and for good reasons.


Is there a reason you are pointlessly responding to my comments, when you literally have nothing to offer?


Why do they need the US pimps? Are they whores?

Men don’t need other men to protect them.

Jens Holm

Tell that to finland, estonia, latvia, estonia as well as all eastern europe and the ones in kaukasus and the others in asia.

tell them.

Jens Holm

The usual russian infantile diaper jumping. They stop, when the diaoer is so full, they cant jump anymore. Norway is a part of Nato and Trondhjem is 1800 km from the russian border.

Very good troops those americans. 650 can take russia. It might be by extra long snipers ands 2 meter long ammo.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is funny considering the fire fight between Russian and Norwegians in mid August 2012 in which more then 20 Russians were killed and 5 Finnish special forces and 5 Norwegian special forces and 5 British SAS were wounded but survived when UK helicopters belonging to other British SAS flew in a day later and opened fire on the remaining Russians. 1 Russian was captured and tortured by Mi6 stationed out of Hammerfest Norway.
SAS have been crossing the border prior to this for years planing listening devices on both sides of the border. Also running agents into Russia, and flying a Predator UAV drone that had been so heavily modified that it was invisible to the naked eye and was using some new experimental engines as well.
Norway is allied to the Atheist-UK-Empire unconditionally.
Russia is the last Christian nation on the earth, and for this the UK/Norwegian alliance seeks to commit a mass genocide against Christians. Just as the UK funded the Red Revolution in the homes and millions of Russians being killed and Christianity being banned in Russia and World War 2 being started.

Norway also has both an offensive missile and anti-Missile program being developed by retired RAF vice admiral Rook Kroft who was also retired from the SAS. He is highly racist against Russians and is a supporter of the coming Mark of the Beast.
He also runs an observatory in norther Norway.
His father Kroft was responsible for aerial genocide against Koreans during the Korean war to liberate themselves. They are generation genociders of other nations. (The Bible says each tribe has their own lands, buy bombing Koreans it was a self decoration of war against God, His policies, and the Written Word of God) Korean for Koreans, Ireland for ethnic-Irish, Russia for Russians, Africa for Africa, Hawaii for Polynesians. This is God’s standing law. To violate this only serves to bring about Lucifer global European government upon the heads of all tribes of the world.
Further more, Mi6 has been helping Norway develop a missile that could carry a nuclear warhead if provided with one. It would also be able to carry conventional warheads as well.
Russia being a Nationalist Christian nation that teaching children about God is why Russia is the target of Atheist-UK and immoral-Norway.
When the SAS were flying the invisible UAV over Russian airspace they were mapping Russians nuclear arsenal in North West Russia. Mi6’s long term plan is to be able to render Russia’s counter strike in operable in the area, and to nuke Christian-Russia from Norway.

Just as the bible says, Lucifer’s global empire will be led by “The Eagle” its solders eyes will “Glow in the Dark” that is night vision. It will birth from the old “Roman Empire” that is the European Union and NATO, and will attack into the Middle East “From The North” that is NATO’s second largest army Turkey.
We are seeing a Turkish/Norwegian/UK alliance to control other people groups, cause they feel the have the right to set foot on someone else lands.

The whole war that is lining up is the Monotheist defending themselves from the Atheist/Polytheist alliance.
This Pitts Lebanon, Ireland, Iran, Greece, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Armenia, Spain
The UK-Empire, the USSA, Norway, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Poland, Ukraine Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others.

Once the Monotheist nations are defeated, nothing more will oppose the global Mark of the Beast which has already been developed by Mi6 in the UK and Norway.

Also, Liars will attempt what they call information warfare against these truth I have spoken.
But the bible calls informational warfare what it is, Lying.
Like the Christ Immanuel spoke the truth, like Paul the apostle spoke the truth, like George Washington spoke the truth, so do I.
Eventually all of this will be leaked by more and the records will be set straight.
Be wary of faults Christians “Lutherans” Martin Luther himself denied most of the books of the bible including Revelations. If he had been filled with the Holy Spirit, then he would have understood them.
Instead a demonic spirit spent all the time to remove verses and entire books of the bible away.
Good doctrine, the Puritans, Orthodox, independent-Baptist, Pentecostal, pre-Vatican-II reform Catholics must unite against these faults believers who worship university communist re-education institutes as the priorities in their lives.
Christ is counter-culture. Those who follow and prioritize university study, and moving to other peoples lands are the globalist oppressors.
Serving the global empire for money and university at the expense of poor people is not patriotism, it is Satanism.
Buying BMW’s and selling out your own sons and daughters is everything the Bible warned about.
Prioritizing a self serving life and status about things that hold to relevance, and tossing what the bible regards as more important, is to be devoid of wisdom and to have chosen a life of war against God’s loyal Monotheist.


Who else has Norway got to be afraid of? The Germans aren’t interested, right now, and the only other ‘offensive force’ is alrady in the country – the USMC. The Bear waits over the Circle – propagatorading the radical Lapps & weaponizing their reindeer.


Norwegian people are not

Unfriendly they love russian people, its only The Politician the Nato and EU whores who hate the christian Russia, they want too make ours country to a islamic muslim hell with transgender shit from EU.

Nigel Maund

Norway is a small and vulnerable country (in population terms). It is acutely aware of that vulnerabilty owing to the relative ease of Germany’s successful invasion in April 1940. However, it has fallen for the propaganda concerning Russia and for the US Deep State’s push to create yet another US base in Norway and antagonise Russia even more. The entire situation gets worse by the day and the US Deep State is hankering for war as their economic system implodes as a cover for their utterly evil, irresponsible policies perpetrated by their puppet administrations.