Now U.S. Threatens To Punish Syria For Any Attack On Idlib

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Now U.S. Threatens To Punish Syria For Any Attack On Idlib

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On September 12th, in an interview with Fox News, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley claimed that US and its allies, most members of the UN Security Council, would “address” an attack on civilians in Syria’s Idlib province, not just a chemical attack.

She said that any attack that hits civilians in Idlib would be “dealt with” by the US and allies, as Washington seeks to stop Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, backed by Russia, from retaking Idlib, which is the last remaining militant stronghold in the country.

Haley also warned Russia and Iran of using chemical weapons. “What we told, you know, the Syrians, the Russians and the Iranians was, well, twice — we have warned you not to use chemical weapons; twice you have used it, and twice President Trump has acted,” Haley said. “Don’t test us again. Because I think the odds are very much against them.” She was referring to the two previous alleged uses of chemical weapons by the Syrian government in April 2017 and more recently in April 2018, which prompted US and allied airstrikes on Syria.

She also recalled that the issue of the Syrian government troops allegedly preparing a chemical weapons attack on civilians was discussed at three meetings of the UN Security Council, where most of its members ostensibly cautioned Russia against conducting any such attack in Syria.

During a UN Security Council meeting on September 11th, Nikki Haley accused the Russian Federation and Iran of using “outright lies” to distort the conversation. She commented on the military escalation of over 100 air strikes being carried out on Idlib. According to her the airstrikes targeted hospitals and other medical facilities. She also mentioned “double-tap” attacks on White Helmets. Most likely regarding the video released by the White Helmets which shows members of the group attempting to rescue civilians and being targeted by airstrikes themselves.

The White Helmets group presents itself as a humanitarian civil defense organization that has allegedly saved tens of thousands of lives, both Moscow and Damascus insist that the group had ties with terrorists and extremists. Russia has accused the White Helmets of staging a chemical attack in Idlib in order to provoke a Western military intervention in Syria. The group has already filmed at least nine videos intended to serve as evidence of claims that Damascus has used chlorine against civilians in Idlib, the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria said on September 12th.

She also claimed that Syria, Russia and Iran are not interested in a political solution to Idlib, they have shown “only the actions of cowards interested in military conquest.” She also declared that the US is long past taking Iran and Russia’s word, adding that the United States strongly opposes any escalation of the violence in Idlib and that every other Council member should feel the same.

She further said that Russia and Iran are violating the de-escalation zone and show a disregard of civilian lives, calling it “absurd” to think that “the world will pay for the reconstruction as the Russian Federation pummels Idlib ahead of a military assault.”

She emphasized that Russia has the power to stop a catastrophe in Idlib. She also warned any assault there will be regarded as a reckless escalation of the conflict, with “dire consequences for which the world will hold the Russian Federation and Iran responsible.”

On early September 13th, Fox News also cited the Pentagon, which said that Russia “will bear responsibility for the resulting humanitarian crisis in Syria if the Moscow-backed Syrian military attacks the northern city of Idlib.” Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesman, said the US and its allies are concerned about the deadly consequences if Syrian President Bashar Assad, with support from Russia and Iran, launches an offensive against Idlib.

Her remarks came several days after she warned Russia and Iran of “dire consequences” if they continue airstrikes against militant-held areas in Syria’s Idlib. She also blamed Damascus and Moscow of claiming that civilians are terrorists and then attacking them, without providing any evidence to back up her claims. She also once more warned against the use of chemical weapons. “I also want to reiterate what I said last week to the Assad regime and anyone else contemplating the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The United States followed through when we said that we would respond to the use of chemical weapons. We stand by this warning,” she noted.

Earlier, Maj. Gen. Alexei Tsygankov, head of the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, said that “a large shipment of toxic substances, accompanied by eight representatives of the White Helmets, was delivered from the village of Afs to the settlement of Saraqib, to a warehouse used by the militants from the Ahrar al-Sham group to store weapons and fuel supplies.”

“A part of this shipment in unmarked plastic barrels was later transported to another militant base in the southern part of Idlib province in order to stage a false-flag chemical attack and subsequently accuse the government forces of the use of toxic agents against civilians,” he emphasized.

Damascus has also denied any use of chemical weapons. As cited by Sputnik, Syrian President Bashar Assad, for his part, stressed that Damascus had gotten rid of its chemical weapons stockpiles under the supervision of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).  This has been confirmed by the OPCW.

The US, however, appear to be preparing for a response to an attack, as RT reported on September 13th that the US Navy destroyer USS Bulkeley DDG84 has arrived in the Mediterranean Sea. According to the outlet the US may have 200 Tomahawk missiles ready for an airstrike response to an attack. Several days earlier, the attack submarine USS Newport News (SSN-750) also arrived in the Mediterranean.

Around the same time as the arrival of the USS Newport News submarine, Russia conducted massive naval maneuvers off the Syrian coast, culminating in marine landing drills and missile launches.

Tensions continue rising over the situation in Idlib, with US and Turkey trying to stop an impeding attack by Assad forces. So far there appears to be no solution that appeases every party.

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Promitheas Apollonious

This moron must be watching herself in the mirror and describing it. typical jew sub-human

Empire's Frontiers

An impressive feat, because most vampires don’t have reflections.



Actually, she is on drugs. That’s why she is screaming so much.

AM Hants

Explains so much, including the dead eyes.

Hisham Saber

She sold her soul to Jews/Zionism

As have 99% of U.S. politicians.


ive never seen a drug addict behave that insanely or badly a late stage crystal meth addict would do a much better job than her


How US and UK regimes keep the other countries’ currency values down. Which is a political matter.

The currency value is directly related to purchasing power e.g. what you can buy by one US Dollar. How much are the salaries or wages etc. If the currency value is down then you will pay a lot but if the value is high then you will pay less. So first inside their own country they should have to keep the value of their own currency up.

Promitheas Apollonious

Breaking: Syrian Army unleashes big assault across Hama-Idlib axis




Ah, one source, no one else seems to validate this news. Would be huge if true, so…,

Promitheas Apollonious

base on what we receiving from our sources maybe is not.


Or true and they want to keep a low peofile.


Stupid even to doubt.
There is no way Syrian Army is afraid of US threats as US has no forces to counter Syrian forces.

Cruise are totally useless against mobile targets and planes cannot fly overhead ….

The only wishful thinkings are US thinking any country would EVER allow their country to be stolen with big mouths.


If it’s stupid to be skeptical of anything and everything, then I am the stupidest mother fucker you’ll ever met and ain’t in no hurry to change either.


Strategically Turkey is very close to Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan instead of US. The Turkey and US relations are not durable due to their own concerns.

Similarly the Turkey and Israel relations are also not durable due to illegal state of Israel, slaughtering of Palestinians and occupation of Palestinian country. Now Turkey could decide to respect their neighbours and remain with them or to leave them all and permanently join US. I think the Turkey genius nation will not let the Turkish government to leave strategic partners because allies can be replaced but neighbours cannot.

West had divided Turkey. Therefore, Erdogan should not repeat the same mistake of their ancestors. US, UK, Israel and ISIS have no allies because they suck their allies.

The relations of Turkey with US and Israel will expose whole region to new threats from US and Israel and therefore, will create instability in the whole region which Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan would not like to happen. Each country has their own privacy which they don’t wanna share with others.


Turkey has in fact very ambiguous relationships with the US & Israel.
For example alike the US, Turkey has helped terrorists and wants to contain SAA assault on Idlib.
Concerning Israel don’t forget Erdogan is a cryptojew and can’t really oppose to Israel. Kemal also was, and great part of nowadays Turkish “elite”.


Note this. Erdogan cannot be true ally of US and Israel. Why? Because he will loose all contracts with Russia. Now Erdogan every month sign new agreements with Russia. He also looking for to become Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
SCO member.


Mmmmh… Believe me : Erdogan is very keen is stabbing everybody from behind. Beware


Ain’t that the truth!


And she’s looking to run for president. Well this ought to buff up those credentials. Looks like tea parties for her and Samantha Power for the forseeable future.


…and I thought we were already as screwed as we could get. Thanks for depressing me even more.


There’s no end to it. 24/7 insanity!


MF NH Let Russia, Syria And their allies to finish the job there in Syria. We have no time to watch this chaos for ever in the region. Go home if you cannot help.

Empire's Frontiers

As with any sock puppet, the puppeteer puts his fingers in the nose.


hope she said her kole nidre prayer


everybody is againt russia and assad and they are delaying them from freeing idlib…even their allies turks… just duckling ignore them mr puting and unleash hell….sent the carpet bombers already!


The Turks are nobodies allies. They are opportunistic vultures. Everyone else is sticking to the script.

Trustin Judeau

USA as usual acting as the bullies they are.Anyway I doubt this will stop the Idlib offensive.Idlib should be liberated – the area is controlled by jihadist groups

Nigel Maund

Yep here we go again with the old script of “Chemical False Flag Attack” followed by MSM bogus footage of injured and dead Syrian civilian actors and US, UK and EU indignation followed by the orchestrated attack on the SAA and Syrian Government positions, installations and assets. Boy is it getting boring and tiresome. I wonder when Russia will hot back hard and inflict some serious losses on these nutcases.

Hisham Saber

Lets not forget that China too has Special Forces and logistics personnel imbedded with the Syrian Arab Army around Idlib. This has been confirmed by the Chinese Defense Ministry. Russian Special Forces, logistics people there too. They all plan on taking part in the coming offensive.

So the U.S. and co. need to be very, very careful on their next moves. Things could turn very ugly for U.S., British, French Special Forces and their many small bases in both Syria and Iraq.

northerntruthseeker .

WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this sudden threat by the criminals in the US? They cannot get their nice little “chemical weapons” bullshit going, so now they are upping the stakes to this!

I hope the world sees what is happening here… The US does not want to see their fraud “terrorists” and “rebels” wiped out in Idlib, for they want their destruction of Syria project to still be in effect…


The world sees and knows exactly what is going on. There is no one country or government that does not know the truth. They all have special services that know what is real or not. Even the US senator that visited Assad admitted that the US knew that the UK had sent specialists to Syria with chlorine. So it is all a known truth. The whole BS response is due to the arm twisting of the US/Israel and the pressure they bring to bear…truth or knowledge has nothing to do with it…just as with 9/11, it’s a known truth who did what, but the facade is all important to the success of the ‘mission’. Russia has basically outed them and their machinations, but it falls on corrupted deaf ears the world over, which shows the depth of coercion. Only the destruction of the US and/or Israel and their agents will make a difference. Even Putin has to deal with these infil-traitors.


I agree entirely what I’m thinking is there any country that (A) isn’t part of lets call them the western block of nations or any country that (B) isn’t facing immement war to make them join the western block of nations I’m just needing somewhere to escape to

Empire's Frontiers

In the event that any wider war were opened, the Americans would run out of willing manpower very quickly.

And the notion would spread like wildfire among the frightened peasants, ‘why go fight foreigners and face the destruction of mechanized war, when killing everyone in Washington might end this war much faster?’

Don Machiavelli

You can’t bet on that mister. But manpower is not important anymore this is modern warfare and big scale war would be impossible for many reasons. Syria has to stay strong and do it’s best to liberate every square kilometer of it’s territory.

Empire's Frontiers

I think the only way the Americans can interfere with that is to open a wider war.
That is if the Russians will indeed strike an American target.

If the Russians strike an American target attacking Syria, what is the next American move, in your view?

Don Machiavelli

Russia attacking Americans, well, that won’t happen (sorry for the late answer). Americans attacking Russia, that won’t happen either.

Russia can make moves now, something which she could not for little over two decades since break up of Soviet Union. So, to answer your question, if Russia make a move and it includes American casualties diplomacy will prevail over military actions.
If Russia makes some gain (lets say they ‘mistakenly’ attack At Tanf area) and SAA removes Americans from there, then the Americans will go out of Syria in relative calmness.
After all we’ve seen that Russia has strong deterrence (remember Crimea?). Alto Russia has full rights over Crimea which was gave as brotherhood gift to Ukraine in 1950s as i remember.


yes I think your right as the military seems to be shitting itself I think the trouble is is that while the average army guy might have his rifle all the heavy weapons are controlled by some guy on a computer and you can be sure that the guy on the computer is not one of the good guys so if the military started resisting their government not only would the government know about an attack on them in advance thanks to the survaliance grid they would be able to get some drones organised and remove the threat
sorry guys I’m starting to think were all fucked

Don Machiavelli

I share the same belief. World government and world police is a reality, almost, already.

John Mason

Haley makes no sense at all, she makes the assumption that if Syria attacks the terrorists and any civilians get killed then the US will attack Syria where many civilians will get killed. Someone do the world a favour and gag that gutter trash.


The problem here is, that any high ranking politician can relatively easy serve as an uneducated bartender but low educated bartender (Haley) is a disgrace as a high ranking politician.
America, shame on you, that you let your country to be represented by people like Bolton, Haley (and Trump). Pick forks and torches and do something about it.

John Mason

Agree whole heartily, unfortunately they are the cream of the crop which doesn’t go down too well for the remainder of the population.


the trouble with our power structures is that the people who want to be high ranking politicians are usually the very people who should not be in any position of power


lol …….. Hey Mason. I think she would easily chew through the gag. :P


Remember that from the point of view of USA-Israel-NATO, there are not terrorists in Syria but ISIS, all the other are called opposition civilian, that is, attacking terrorists in Idlib is the same of attacking civilian. We have to remember that UK-USA are really very concerned about civil causalities, for example in DRESDEN German city during the WWII, the bombing of Nagasaki and Hirochima, and so on.


And Fallujah, Mosul, and Raqqah.

I want to read the US field manuals that instruct on HOW to minimize or avoid civilian casualties. I want to know specific techniques and read about when it is acceptable to disregard civilian casualties and who has authority to approve disregarding.


It is the US and it’s allies who are violating international law, not Russia. Haley is a ziocon, habitual liar and disinfo peddler. Just like the evil Jews and their collaborators that she is fronting for.

Wolfgang Wolf

last movements of an dying asshole country )))) (i talk about the US……)


Well, she’s just getting all the warnings out of the way because I’m sure whatever FUKUS has planned is going to happen regardless. Just like the liberation of Idlib is going to move forward regardless. I just hope it’s just another “symbolic” but useless cruise missile strike.

Manuel Flores Escobar

She told the same during Dara offensive….the problem is that USA launched 166 cruise missile vs Syria with minimal damage thanks to Pantsir and Buk system….one example is that USA launched 188 cruise missile vs Libya and all air bases and air defense bases in Tripoli, Misrata and Sirte were destroyed!..of course they didnt have mobile Pantsir, Buk m2 and new pechora…defense system!…so therefore threats of US is blowing in the wind…


Lying is becoming a diplomatic tool.

Hisham Saber

The U.N. is a Zionist talk-shop. Its where Jewish interests are peddled and shoved down the worlds throat.

Rawshan Iajdani

Idlib is gone!! Turkey should annex that part.


It’s already annexed, they need to get their shit kicked back in.

Hisham Saber

The Turks should give 25% of Turkey to the Kurds.


I can’t even read Haley’s tripe any more. It just sickens me that we would have such a person to represent us. Her obvious lies told most unconvincingly, right to peoples faces, absolutely makes my gut wretch. Trump really out did himself with this Israeli harlot. The US is feared because of the size of it’s military…but is absolutely laughed at because of the complete asses we have to represent us. Psychopathic liars all, from the top down.

Tommy Jensen

Told you guys after 2 years with Trump, you guys would be longing after the good old days with Obomba and Samantha, and I were right again again again.

When I read what Samantha Power said in 2008 she was not that bad as the Nikki arsehole Trump now is fooling around with.
Quote: Power was forced to resign from Obama’s presidential campaign for calling Hillary Clinton a “monster” in 2008. Dream team.


The single best thing Obama did was back away from his red line though he was stupid to draw it in the first place and just as much a disaster for secretly moving Libyan arms to Syria as Trump is for continuing the war. The real “dream team” you don’t want to mention is Obongo and Hillary. They left Ukraine and the M.E. in flames.

Thanks for your ridiculous but entertaining opinion.


No aircraft carriers present in theater, so odd photo to illustrate threat for this article.

Psychopaths often give normal folks this feeling when they lie. They lie so outrageously that one gets this helpless sinking feeling. It’s an attack on the senses, an assault on logic. You barely knows where to start to defend and perhaps there is the key.

The latest thing with the Skirpals is so telling. Months to identify suspects and the best they got are two tourists who immediately present themselves for interviews. While the two victims, allegedly alive remain unavailable to the press, who incredulously, see that, as somehow not suspicious.

The chemical attack false flags White Helmet productions are treated by the nicklet as foregone established facts. The evidence presented by the Syrians and Russians, live, actual people with names and addresses, after the last video, dismissed out of hand. This is another key.

Take a page from their book. Ignore it. Don’t even try to explain or defend, it’s a lost cause. Present the evidence, act morally, righteously, deliberately and in the end all the fake videos playing continuously on a billion TV sets will not bring a guilty finding in a proper court of law.

Brad Isherwood

Has Assad or Putin fired ballistic missiles at 2000 US troops who steal 1/3rd of Syria?


We’ll. ….that’s what total defeat looks like then.
Except back in Russia where Putin goon security smash skulls of over 50 Russian pensioners.
I don’t think having the Rat Communist Politico back would do anything for Russia.
Except they did back Vietnam and shot down 5000 US aircrafts in the war.

Putin and Lavrov with the Midget Medvedev. .
It’s all good if your Oligarch.

Tommy Jensen

They say Medvedev did a proff job. I believe them.


Nikki Haley has sold her soul. She will say any lie repeat any untruth that her Israeli Masters tell her to. Her day at judgment is going to be bad.


Halley is a psychotic warmongering criminal that deserves to be committed to a mental institution. She propaganda mouthpiece for the anti-Christ Israeli government.


All true. And the same was true about the psychopathic war criminal who preceded her as UN Ambassador, Samantha Power.

Jeezus H. Christ. How did Trump make such a brainless decision to appoint Haley, when he had been forewarned by Tulsi Gabbard not to listen to, or appoint bloody neocons!

AM Hants

US and its allies, most members of the UN Security Council, – only the Nato member states, who fund ‘The White Helmets’.

US has not declared war on Russia or Syria. Why is that, when so desperate for war?
US has no UN authority.
US has no invite from the sovereign nation to come and invade.

Does the US assume international law does not apply to the US, when they commit war crimes?

Marvin Joel Zavala López

Spang the witch!