Obama’s administration is giving up on training militants

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Training centres in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE are shutting down. It is obvious that the US program of training “moderate rebels” failed. In one year they trained 60 people, whereas four or five of them are still fighting. It is also obvious that there are no “moderate” rebels in Syria, but rather various terrorists. So Russia started bombing terrorists, but this was considered as something wrong and unacceptable in the media. We can see that as time passes, US propaganda lies are becoming more and more contradicting.

Obama's administration is giving up on training militants
This article originally appeared at advance.hr translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront

According to latest info, Obama’s administration will shut down the Ministry’s of defence program for financing Syrian rebels. We remind you that this program is worth 500 million dollars.

Information was confirmed today for the first time by American minister of defence, Ashton Carter, stressing how he’s “not satisfied with the results of the program.”

At the same time, one official from Pentagon said in interview for The New York Times, how the recruitment of the so called moderate rebels on the territory of Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates is ending.

Only the centre in Turkey will remain functional where there will be recruitment of selected leaders of opositional groups, but this centre will be significantly smaller.

We should remind you that senior US military general said last month how only “four or five” rebels US trained are still fighting in Syria.

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