Official Traitors: Navalny’s Team Begs EU And US To Impose More Sanctions On Russia

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Official Traitors: Navalny's Team Begs EU And US To Impose More Sanctions On Russia

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Alexey Navalny’s team is giving reports to EU officials on how the opposition is attempting to stage protests, and why they’re failing.

This came from a video by Leonid Volkov, Alexey Navalny’s chief of staff for Alexei Navalny’s campaign for the 2018 presidential election and subsequently the campaign of the “voter strike”.

In a video he reports to the members of European Parliament about the reasons they stage protests, and how they want to make the situation similar to Belarus.

“We are, of course, focused on the Duma elections [General election] in September. It will be in 7 months, very soon. We are trying to rally our supporters for this tactical endeavor that will create at least many problems for United Russia, and possibly create a more competitive, fragmented parliament. It is very important

We are also resuming street action very soon. We have already announced street protests this coming weekend, February 14th.

What we never follow, as it actually happens, for example, in Belarus, we don’t ask people to respond to this police brutality. Landing doesn’t make much sense.

We use different strategies, more complex strategies. We use different forms of street protest to better organize them. Helping people feel that they are not alone.”

Meanwhile, EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said that the Russians are “merciless” to the European Parliament on February 9th.

“The current power structure in Russia, combining vested economic interests, military and political control, leave no opening for democratic rule of law,” he said.

Western leaders are demanding the release of the opposition figure, and several European nations back Borrell’s threat of additional sanctions on Moscow.

EU foreign ministers will debate possible sanctions against the Kremlin on February 22 at a meeting in Brussels.

The Kremlin has said it will not listen to Western criticism of Navalny’s sentencing and police action against his supporters.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Navalny’s allies were “agents of influence” of NATO and that they changed their mind about putting protests on pause after receiving instructions from the bloc’s members “on how to be ‘smarter’ about continuing the subversive work”.

Zakharova pointed to an online conference with EU, US and UK officials that Leonid Volkov, a Navalny ally based outside Russia, and another associate, Vladimir Ashurkov, both took part in.

Volkov said on Twitter that sanctions against individual Russian officials and tycoons were being discussed at the event.

Navalny and his team say that for the Kremlin to change its course, the West should introduce targeted sanctions against oligarchs close to President Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov indicated that the Kremlin backed legislation that would hold those calling for sanctions against Russia criminally liable.

“Obviously such an initiative will enjoy massive support,” Peskov told reporters.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that movements against Russia were being coordinated with allies.

He said that the Biden Administration will work with US Congress to take action with regard to the alleged poisoning of Alexey Navalny.

“It seems apparent that a chemical weapon was used to try to kill Mr. Navalny,” Blinken said. “That violates the Chemical Weapons Convention and other obligations that Russia has.”

Such a move would also violate US sanctions that Congress has imposed on Russia,” he added. “We’re reviewing that, we’re looking at that very carefully, and when we have the results, we’ll take action.”

Essentially, the Navalny team and its opposition are very evidently serving the interests of foreign actors, judging by their reports to EU and US officials.

The activities to destabilize Russia, as predicted are moving along, with sanctions, internal chaos and more in the works.


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