Oil Traffickers In Northern Syria Suffered Catastrophic Losses In Recent Missile Strike (Photos, Videos)

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Oil Traffickers In Northern Syria Suffered Catastrophic Losses In Recent Missile Strike (Photos, Videos)

Illustrative image. Source: the internet

Oil traffickers in Turkish-occupied areas in northern Syria sustained catastrophic losses in the recent missile strike on Tarhin and al-Himran in Aleppo.

Syrian opposition source said that the strike, which took place late on March 5, destroyed more than 200 oil tankers as well as makeshift refineries and storage tanks.

According to the White Helmets, four people were killed in the strike. At least 42 others were injured, some of them are reportedly in a critical condition.

Footage from the targeted areas, a smuggling route and an fuel market in al-Himran and a hub for refining smuggled oil in Tarhin, showed complete destruction.

Oil traffickers in northern Aleppo deal in oil produced illegally by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from several fields in the northeastern region. This illegal trade helps to fund Turkish-backed militants as well as the SDF.

The strike on Tarhin and al-Himran was clearly carried out by the Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces. OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles were used in the strike. According to a number of sources, Iskander tactical ballistic missiles and BM-30 Smerch heavy rockets were also employed.

Oil trafficking operations in northern and northeastern Syria will likely slow down for weeks, if not months, as a result of the successful strike.


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johnny rotten

When it comes to stealing resources from the Syrian people, even the ancient rivalries between pro-Turkish terrorists and pro-American Kurdish terrorists disappear in an instant.


Isn’t that Satanyahoo on his knees.. Or his twin brother Edog? 😂


That is the turkish goat who bunged nazi/cia’s!


6 of 1,half dozen of the other..

Laurent Parodi

This is the kind of miracles money creates.


Iranian Fateh 110 being manufactured as Tashreen in Syria deployed near Idlib yesterday. Not good for oil theft business.


Porc Halal

which the jews control …


Money has no color. When it becomes your only creed,all other lines get blurred. Starting by integrity.


Frankly, the CIA and Erdogan family oil theft franchise in Syria has taken a big hit. The more effective means would be daily IED’s for all occupation forces convoys heading in or out of the illegally seized Syrian oilfields.

Laurent Parodi

Strike again.

Hasbara Hunter

Noice thing about these makeshift Refineries, Storage Tanks & Slow moving Pipelines on Wheels is that they are Sitting Ducks for some Good Ol’ Target-Practicing with spectacular SPFX…

A little Appetizer & One-Way ticket to Hell for these Oil-Stealing Moderate Headchopping AngloZioNazi Mercenaries….Ashes to Ashes

klove and light


Zionist Takfiri Bitch Barbecue

Laurent Parodi

“Moderate” oil traffickers destroyed by “moderate” iskanders and tochkas.


Destroying over 200 tankers, makeshift refineries and storage tanks is good, how about doing away with the thieves as well.

Servet-i Funun Literature

Park the trucks in the streets where civilians are living and do underground garages but people of that region get used to very easy money through black market to such an extent that they will perceive this as an insult(Yallah vallah we are boss,we cant do hard work).

Captain Freedom

I love the smell of burned stolen oil (and wahhabis) in the morning!


what does it smell like bacon marinated in Petrol? https://media0.giphy.com/media/dC9DTdqPmRnlS/giphy-downsized-medium.gif

Captain Freedom

Bacon? Heard there were a lot of 🦃’s

🦃 +🚀+🛢️=💥


Nice!!!!!! this should be done every week if it has to be,all those borrder crossings should be obliterated every day,just think what an attack ike tis would do to al Tanf.,thats what should happen without warning.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

C.W McCall – Convoy Lyrics (New Version)

Tommy Jensen

Is this happening right now?


χθες αργά

Mark from Wisconsin

If I couldn’t stop robbers from stealing my things, I guess the next best thing would be to wreck their truck so nobody gets them.

Simon Ndiritu

SAA is now taking the war to Erdogan’s Gate, which is really impressive. Anyone who doubted the efficacy of OTR-Tocka can now see. Islander must be several times deadly.


What a lovely sight.
Their oil depot is completely roasted !! :) :) :)

cechas vodobenikov

Turkish proxies trained by BLM coke dealers at san Quentin penitentiary school of accounting
crack arithmetic on display

Blas de Lezo

Zio-Wahhabi meat roasted extra crispy. Priceless.


Excellent job Syria/Russia. No money for Turk terrorists this month.

Cheryl Brandon

thief from thieves make god laugh.Good.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The newly developed Turkish Russian relationship is off to a shaky start isn’t it. smirk.
I can’t wait to see what the next attack does because this one was a beauty, and since all the attacks have been an escalation on the previous attack, it means if there is another attack it’s going to be totally awesome, and probably much more extensive than this one. Go Russia go, everyone loves pretty fireworks, well maybe not everyone, especially not Erdogan anymore. :]


what took the russians so long?

Peter Jennings

Just what are the Helmets doing assisting smugglers and terrorists?

I think the British gov’t owe their public an explanation.


Wherever there is a designated terrorist faction, or terrorist criminal syndicate operation, to be found in northern Syria – there is always a ‘White Helmet’ on hand, lending a ‘helping hand’ to the terror-criminal proceedings!