On Urgent Search For New War: Pompeo Alleges Iran New ‘Home Base’ Of Al-Qaeda

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On Urgent Search For New War: Pompeo Alleges Iran New 'Home Base' Of Al-Qaeda


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Despite the recent lack of love from Israel (Mr. Netanyahu is preparing to become the best friend of Biden), the outgoing administration of President Donald Trump continues to make all what is possible to sacrifice some American blood to the altar of interests of Tel Aviv.

On January 12, still Secretary of State Mike Pompeo alleged that Iran has become a new “home base” for Al-Qaeda worse than Afghanistan. In a speech a week before leaving office, Pompeo also supported speculations that Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command was allegedly killed last year in Tehran, although he did not say that Israel carried it out.

“Al-Qaeda has a new home base. It is the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Pompeo said in a speech at the National Press Club. “I would say Iran is indeed the new Afghanistan –- as the key geographic hub for Al-Qaeda — but it’s actually worse.”

“Unlike in Afghanistan, when Al-Qaeda was hiding in the mountains, Al-Qaeda today is operating under the hard shell of the Iranian regime’s protection.”

Pompeo urged more international pressure, calling the alleged alliance a “massive force for evil all over the world.” The Secretary of State emphasized that the United States had fewer options in dealing with the group now it was “burrowed inside” that country.


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Meanwhile, Facebook briefly banned the account of Iran’s state-run Press TV (about 4 million followers) saying that the international English news network is not eligible to use the social media platform. According to Press TV, the notification by Facebook said the decision was “final” adding that it could not provide additional information for “safety and security reasons.” Facebook, however, reversed the decision hours later in response to an appeal filed by Press TV. The page of the Iranian state-run media remains active as of now. Apparently, there are particular contradictions within Facebook regarding the stance towards Iranian media. At the same time, Big Tech had no concenrs when social media giants were deplatforming acting President Donald Trump and his supporters. Therefore, Facebook & Co hate Trump even more than Iran.

On Urgent Search For New War: Pompeo Alleges Iran New 'Home Base' Of Al-Qaeda

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Together with the recent claims to designate Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement (the Houthis) a terrorist group and other aggressive moves of the US and Israel (like the assassination of a top nuclear scientist near Tehran), the claims about Iran’s alleged links with al-Qaeda are a logical part of the policy of the Trump administration. The White House has been doing all what it can to justify its aggressive approach against the Middle Eastern country.

On Urgent Search For New War: Pompeo Alleges Iran New 'Home Base' Of Al-Qaeda

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At the same time, Iran, a Shiite state, is ideologically opposed both to Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Contrary to the Untied States and its ‘international coalition against ISIS’, Iranian forces have been fighting these terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq since the very start of their rise there. Often, in this fight, Iranian and Iranian-backed forces were fighting the terrorists directly supported by the US and its allies. Years after the collapse of al-Qaeda and ISIS hopes on establishing a terrorist state in Syria and Iraq, Washington still insists that Iranian forces supported the Assad regime in its ‘bloody war against opposition’. In these claims, the White House ignores that this ‘opposition’ in Syria in its majority is just al-Qaeda-linked militants.

Nonetheless, this does not stop the Trump administration from searching for a pretext to justify its military and economic aggression against Iran.


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