Ongoing Destruction of Canonical Orthodox Church in Balkans


Ongoing Destruction of Canonical Orthodox Church in Balkans


The Montenegrin Orthodox Church (MOC), largerly backed up by the current pro-Western government, is conducting a campaign against the country Serbian Orthodox Church, which comprises the majority of the population in Montenegro as well as Serbia, and the Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The MOC was created by Antonije Abramovic, a defrocked monk of the Serbian Orthodox Church, in 1993. Abramovic declared himself as the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the head of MOC. Abramovic claimed that his entity successes to the autocephalous Montenegrin Church, which operated until the unification of the two Serb countries Kingdom of Serbia and Kingdom of Montenegro, later to join the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918. The current head of the MOC is Miras Dedeic (Metropolitan Mihailo).

The MOC has relations with several non-canonical, unrecognized Orthodox Churches: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate, the Bulgarian Alternative Orthodox Church, and its Italian-based branch, the Orthodox Church in Italy. Canonic Orthodox theological circles see the MOC as a schismatic group and a political fabrication.

In May, the MOC said that it had asked the Patriarchate of Constantinople to grant it an autocephaly like the one provided to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate. Nonetheless, there has been no official decision on this issue by Constantinople.

The interesting fact is that the Montenegro schismatics declare interests similar to those of their Ukrainian colleagues. Claiming that the MOC is the sole legitimate representative of Orthodox Christianity in Montenegro, they seek to seize all Orthodox Christian property in Montenegro that is in the possession of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Time to time, MOC members and supporters tried to seize some of these structures. However, so far, they have failed.

In the framework of this campaign, the MOC is working to convince the government to adept a law seizing all structures and property of the Serbian Orthodox Church and to transfer them to “legal owner”. This activity is supported by an active media campaign by the MOC and its representatives. The MOC is actively contacting various pro-Western funds and influence groups in order to get their support in defeating the canonical Orthodox Christianity in the country.

Nonetheless, the Montenegro schiismatics appeared to be split themselves. The head of the the MOC’s Podgoritsa-Duklianska Diocese Lajovic (Lav) was expelled from the MOC after the conflict with Miras Dedeic. According to local experts, this conflict erupted because Lev Lajovic was openly seeking to become a new head of the MOC.

The problem is that Miras Dedeic withdrew from the MOC with all his supporters and even some controlled churches. He joined another non-canonical entity – the Orthodox Church in Italy – and became its representative in Montenegro as archimandrite Vladimir.

As in the case of Ukraine, the Washington establishment and the European bureaucracy are using the local schismatics and their attempts to gain additional financial resources as a tool to strengthen and expand own political and economic over the region. The religions factor is employed to split the religious community and neutralize the opposition of the canonical church to the “neo-liberal” project promoted by the Euro-Atlantic elites. By now, these efforts have achieved limited results only. The overwhelming majority (over 70%) of Montenegro’s Orthodox Christians stay with the Serbian Orthodox Church.

These developments in Montenegro are close to the situation with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate. Both these entities pursue own business and political interests formally justifying them with religious factor and openly working with foreign powers.

The bad news for sponsors of Ukrainian and Montenegro schismatics are that both the MOC and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate wallow in internal conflicts, which undermine their influence even within the existing small support base. Some link this with the psychological traits and general behavior of people forming new, non-canonical churches. This leads to their inability to develop these “churches” systematically and conduct normal church activities. Instead, they use the newly created entities ad a tool of business and political power struggle. Their “church activities” often look like a slapstick comedy show. The expansion of these non-canonical, Western-backed Orthodox-styled projects would lead to the discreditation of the church institutions and even the Orthodox Church.


  • iosongasingsing

    Poison of the Jews zionists who have already imposed Christian Zionism in the US and in Brazil against Catholicism, are at work in Eastern Europe against the Orthodox Church, in the Middle East for years, they arm ISIS that massacred Christians everywhere.

    • d’Artagnan

      That is the global Jew agenda for 2100 years, so what’s new? Create mayhem, conflict and sectarianism.

      • iosongasingsing

        There is again that after Hitler and the Second World War, all this has been forgotten and the world today is no at peace again.

      • Saso Mange

        that was done already in 1990’s and Greater Serbia aspirations induced breakup of beautiful south Slavic state of Yugoslavia!
        I believe you guys also support Greater Israel too ;)

      • Sean

        They were behaving this way ever since Abraham founded the tribe, various aspects of their religion and the biblical stories that accompany them are borrowed from various pagan religions throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

    • Nassim7

      The Jews infultrated the Catholic Church centuries ago. That is what the Inquisition was largely about. They were trying to find out who were the pretend Christians in the Church. It is no secret that the “Society of Jesus” – the Jesuits – were largely Jews pretending to be Christian.

      The current Catholic Church has been thoroughly compromised. If the Pope shows any sympathy towards the Christians suffering at the hands of the Zionists in Syria, he would be exposed and thereby punished. Why do you think the Popes are rotating at such a pace?

      • d’Artagnan

        True, the Zionist repression of both Cathodic and Greek Orthodox in Palestine is no different than their brutality towards the compromised sold out Sunni Muslims. The Vatican is corrupt to the core and no differ net than Zionists in hypocrisy. It is no coincidence that the greatest Palestinian freedom fighter was the late great Dr. George Habash of the PFLP, Greek Orthodox. In Ukraine both the Jews and Catholics are allied to Zionism, same in Poland and Hungary. Ukraine now even has a Jew clown as a puppet “president” is a tool of Zio-Nazis (Ashkenazi).

        • iosongasingsing

          Pope Francis speaks of Jerusalem and the Holy Land with two independent states (in the Vatican there are the embassy of Palestine and that of Israel). Nothing to do with the Zionist evangelists, blasphemous who recognize Trump as a Prophet of the Jews and point to the rebuilding of the Third Temple on the Mosque of Omar.

      • Decatur Guy

        Oh, the irony.
        Jews pretending to be (ancient Israelis) jews pretending to be Christians.
        Oh, the irony!

        • Sean

          Whether or not they’re true bloodline jews is irrelevant when they all believe and practice the same thing; or in the case of secular and atheistic jews, they tend to maintain a strong cohesiveness with their fellow jews. While instances of the Chutzpah where jews successfully spray paint swastikas on the front doors of their homes, the front sign outside a holocaust museum or some other public place, or by making phony bomb threats to blow up synagogues helps to strengthen their in-group cohesion.

          On the other hand, their coordinated efforts to divide the goyim (us) so we cannot form a united front against their tyranny has been most effective since the introduction of cultural marxism (liberalism).

    • goingbrokes

      Christian zionism in the Orthodox Church – I think you hit the nail on the head.

    • Saso Mange

      Do not be so narrow minded. This is about who owns Church property. About money and greed which has no place in Church at all! It’s contrary to values of Christianity.

      Before independence in Montenegro, regarding Church, every property of Church in Montenegro was own by Chruch in Belgrade. Since independence it was obvious that Montenegro will also want to have independent Church and restore sovereignty over property of Montenegro and it’s people, not to pay tax to Belgrade. Zionists have nothing to do with this nor is Serbia or Montenegro on their top list since they own every regional country after 1990’s! Are you aware of that or do you believe that your friend Serbia is independent? Why is Vucic in bed with NATO and EU? Because they own Balkans, no one is independent there. Use your head man.

  • d’Artagnan

    Historically, Serbian and Armenian Orthodoxy is closely linked to Russia and now the Zionist agenda is to discredit and destabilize even the Orthodox religion by splitting into into a same type of deadly fissures as they have done by promoting Wahhabi headchopper version in the Sunni world and sowed sectarian conflict. Ukraine is playing the role of Saudi Arabia, in promoting the US and Zionist agenda of spreading religious sectarianism. The Jews simply can not let the Orthodox live in peace or practice their religion, the same way they have been bloodletting the Muslim world hiding behind the brainwashed US evangelicals and their association with Zionism. If you look at the world map today, 99.9% of all conflicts, terrorism, economic plunder, human trafficking, organ harvesting, weapons peddling and religious intolerance all comes back to the evil Jew agenda of global destabilization. It is horrendous but true and people of good will need to wake up.

  • Rob

    Iran is not responsible for wars in the world. It is Washington and their proxy regimes that responsible for all wars in the world.

  • Vitex

    Just another attempt to defile the goyyim.

  • seawolf

    Religion is the opium of the people !!!

    • iosongasingsing

      Man does not live without God and Jews who are not stupid, first know that he does not exist. What exists is the religion they invented as drugs and domination.

  • Saso Mange

    Your bias towards Serbs is astonishing. You fail to mention what Serbian Church did to Montenegro.
    Montenegro has right to independent church and not that their property is owned by Belgrade!

    This puts bad light on everything else which you write and while you are good, for most part on other subject this shit will keep discrediting you until you became worthless. Russian people are great, they know a lot about who fucks this world but if you will blindly support Serbian narrative, stories from their tabloids which even Serbs see as shit… You will became worthless.
    Montenegro is great country with great people who admitted their mistakes from 1990’s and are now great neighbors and respected country! They have none open issue with anyone in the region! Think about that SF, this is like 5th time i find so much BS in your Serb propaganda.
    This is about money and property and Serbia wants Serbian church to keep owning property of Montenegro Church, would you allow for Greece, for example, to own Russian Church’s property in Russia? Give it a thought people, hit your head and try to think no one attacks Church here.